The Parliamentary register: or, History of the proceedings and debates of the House of commons of Ireland


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Seite 434 - Kefoludons which they had directed him to report to the Houfe, which he read in his Place, and afterwards delivered in at the Table, where the fame were read, and (with an Amendment to one of them) agreed unto by the Houfe, and are as follows.
Seite 279 - ... string, and up gets a repeating member; and if they were so dull that they could neither speak nor make orations (for they are different things) he might have them taught to dance, pedibus ire in sententiam.
Seite 134 - Committee had directed him to report to the Houfe ; which he read in his place, and afterwards delivered in at the table, where the fame were read, and agreed to by the Houfe, and are as followeth, viz.
Seite 220 - Castlereagh having moved the order of the day, for going into a committee of the whole House, on so much of the king's speech as regards a provision for the Queen, Mr.
Seite 401 - Ame" rica ; and for more elfectually preventing the " clandeftine running of goods in the faid colonies " and plantations;" might be read. And the fame being read accordingly; he moved, " That this houfe will, upon this day feven" night, refolve itfelf into a committee of the " whole houfe, to take into confideration the duty " of 3d. per pound weight upon tea, payable in all " his majefty's dominions in America, impofed by " the faid act ; and alfo the appropriation of the
Seite 12 - It is unneceflary for me to recommend the proteftant charterfchools to your protection, or to enumerate the happy effects which may be derived from your continued attention to the linen and other manufactures, to the agriculture, and to the fifheries of the kingdom, and to fuch meafures as may animate the induury, extend VOL.
Seite 431 - HOBART (according to order) reported from the Committee of the whole Houfe...
Seite 433 - Resolved nem. con., that an humble address be presented to his Grace the Lord Lieutenant, that he will lay before his Majesty the humble desire of...
Seite 279 - Good heaven! what a sight to see them feeding in public upon public viands, and talking of public subjects for the benefit of the public. It is a pity they are not immortal; but I hope they will flourish as a corporation, and that pensioners will beget pensioners to the end of the chapter.
Seite 278 - This polyglot of wealth, this museum of curiosities, the pension list, embraces every link in the human chain, every description of men, women, and children, from the exalted excellence of a Hawke or a Rodney, to the debased situation of the lady who humbleth herself that she may be exalted.

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