Robin Hood: A Collection of All the Ancient Poems, Songs and Ballads, Now Extant, Relative to that Celebrated English Outlaw, Volume 2

William Pickering, 1832

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Página 155 - Dost thou not mind, old woman," he said, " Since thou made me sup and dine ? By the truth of my body," quoth bold Robin Hood, " You could not tell it in better time.
Página 187 - Nor he could not get down. He then bethought him of his bugle-horn, Which hung low down to his knee ; He set his horn unto his mouth, And blew out weak blasts three. Then Little John, when hearing him, As he sat under the tree, ' I fear my master is near dead, He blows so wearily.
Página 154 - Now Robin Hood is to Nottingham gone, With a link a down, and a day, And there he met a silly old woman, Was weeping on the way. " What news ? what news ? thou silly old woman, What news hast thou for me ?" 10 Said she, There's three squires in Nottingham town, To-day ' are
Página 188 - Now nay, now nay," quoth Robin Hood, " That boon I'll not grant thee; I never hurt woman in all my life, Nor man in woman's company.
Página 49 - I have no money," then quoth the young man, "No ready gold nor fee, But I will swear upon a book Thy true servant for to be." "How many miles is it to thy true love? Come tell me without guile." "By the faith of my body," then said the young man, "It is but five little mile.
Página 188 - Lay me a green sod under my head, And another at my feet, And lay my bent bow by my side, Which was my music sweet, And make my grave of gravel and green, Which is most right and meet.
Página 156 - Then he put on the old man's hat, It stood full high on the crown : " The first bold bargain that I come at, It shall make thee come down.
Página 158 - I have a horn in my pocket, I got it from Robin Hood, And still when I set it to my mouth, For thee it blows little good.
Página 171 - Ho, ho, said Robin Hood, I know what you mean, Come, take your gold again ; Be friends with me, and I with thee, And so with every man. Now, master sheriff, you are paid, And since you are beginner, As well as you give me my due, For you ne'er paid for that dinner. But if ' that it ' should please the king, So much your house to grace, 160 To sup with you, for, to speak true, [I] know you ne'er was base.
Página 157 - I've a bag for meal, and a bag for malt, And a bag for barley and corn ; A bag for bread, and a bag for beef, And a bag for my little small horn.

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