Works of the Camden Society, Edição 19

Camden Society, 1842 - 110 páginas

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Página 9 - Majesty, she beckoned me to come to her coach side ; she very speedily pulled off her glove and gave me her hand to kiss, and to be short, asked me to resort to her court, and to give her to wete (know) when I came there.
Página 10 - Feb. 26th, a very fayr calm warm day. so famous, and to show unto her some of the properties of it, which I did ; her Majestie being taken down from her horse by the Earle of Leicester, Master of the Horse, at the church wall of Mortlake, did see some of the properties of that glass, to her Majestie's great contentment and delight.
Página 12 - ... subscription shall receive a copy of every work published by the Society during the year, for each sum of One Pound subscribed, without any charge for the same; and that the number of copies printed in each year, shall be limited to the quantity required for the number actually subscribed for. VI. — That every member of the Society who shall intimate to the Council a desire to withdraw, or who shall not pay the subscription by the time appointed, shall cease to be a member of the Society ;...
Página 1 - SOCIETY, FOR THE PUBLICATION OF EARLY HISTORICAL AND LITERARY REMAINS. AT a General Meeting of the Camden Society held at the Freemasons' Tavern, Great Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, on Monday the 3rd of May, 1847, THE RIGHT HON.
Página 15 - Octavian Blewitt, Esq. Secretary to the Literary Fund Society. (c.) Rev. Philip Bliss, DCL, FSA Registrar of the Univ. of Oxford. Local Secretary at Oxford. Bindon Blood, Esq. FRSE, FSA Scot., MRIA Edinburgh. Edward Blore, Esq. DCL, FSA B. Blundell, Esq. Temple. Rev. Wm. Blunt, BA Under Master of Merchant-Taylors
Página 11 - Wensday, hora noctis 10, 1 1, the strange noyse in my chamber of knocking ; and the voyce, ten tymes repeted, somewhat like the shrich of an owle, but more longly drawn, and more softly, as it were in my chamber.
Página 38 - March 21 st, remember that on Passion Sunday, being the 21st of March by our accownt, all things was payd for to Mr. Thomas Hudson for wood and corne, abowt £14, at his howse when he was syk of the strangury. Allso to godman Bedell was payd £4 for billet, baven, and lose fagot the same day. Payd likewise to gudwife Wesder eight shillings for one monthes nursing of Madinia, and 4s.
Página 11 - V. That the President and Council shall, from amongst their own body, elect a Director, who shall act as Chairman of the Council, in the absence of the President, and also a Treasurer, and a Secretary. VI. That the Accompts of the Receipts and Expenditure of the Society shall be audited annually by three Auditors, to be elected at the General Meetings, and that the Report of the Auditors, with an Abstract of the Accompts, shall be published. VII. That the names of Members proposed to be elected as...
Página 27 - Henry Miller, Esq. FSA Samuel Mills, jun. Esq. Rev. Thomas Mills, Rector of Stutton, Suffolk. Rev. William Mills, DD Exeter. Rev. Henry Hart Milman, MA Prebendary of Westminster.

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