Annual Report, Volume 5

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1919
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Página 263 - Issues or puts forth any certificate of deposit, draws any order or bill of exchange, makes any acceptance, assigns any note, bond, draft, bill of exchange, mortgage. Judgment, or decree...
Página 831 - Board made pursuant thereto, it shall be within the power of the board after hearing to require such bank to surrender its stock in the Federal reserve bank and to forfeit all rights and privileges of membership.
Página 408 - Currency shall be authorized and empowered to grant by special permit to national banks applying therefor, when not in contravention of State or local law, the right to act as trustee, executor, administrator, registrar of stocks and bonds, guardian of estates, assignee, receiver, committee of estates of lunatics, or in any other fiduciary capacity...
Página 832 - States and having an unimpaired capital sufficient to entitle it to become a national banking association under the provisions...
Página 769 - It must not be a note, draft, or bill of exchange the proceeds of which have been used or are to be used for permanent or fixed investments of any kind, such as land, buildings, or machinery, or for any other capital purpose ; 3.
Página 818 - ... paid-up and unimpaired capital stock and surplus, unless the bank is secured either by attached documents or by some other actual security growing out of the same transaction as the acceptance; and no bank shall accept such bills to an amount equal at any time in the aggregate to more than onehalf of its paid-up and unimpaired capital stock and surplus...
Página 38 - If the President shall so require any money or other property including . . . choses in action, and rights and claims of every character and description owing or belonging to or held for, by, on account of, or on behalf of, or for the benefit of, an enemy or ally of enemy...
Página 769 - ... notes, drafts, or bills covering merely investments or issued or drawn for the purpose of carrying or trading in stocks, bonds or other investment securities, except bonds and notes of the Government of the United States.
Página 263 - ... false entry in any book, report or statement of the association, with intent in either case to injure or defraud the association, or any other company, body politic or corporate, or any individual person, or to deceive any officer of...
Página 857 - Every corporation organized under the provisions of this section shall hold a meeting of its stockholders annually upon a date fixed in its by-laws, such meeting to be held at its home office in the United States. Every such corporation shall keep at its home office books containing the names of all stockholders thereof, and the names and addresses of the members of its board of directors, together with copies of all reports made by it to the Federal Reserve Board.

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