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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1906
Reports, Documents, and Journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

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Seite 36 - Such canal shall be of sufficient capacity and depth as shall afford convenient passage for vessels of the largest tonnage and greatest "draft now in use, and such as may be reasonably anticipated, and shall be supplied with all necessary locks and other appliances to meet the necessities of vessels passing through the same...
Seite v - Commission hereinafter authorized cause to be excavated, constructed, and completed, utilizing to that end as far as practicable the work heretofore done by the New Panama Canal Company, of France, and its predecessor company, a ship canal from the Caribbean Sea, to the Pacific Ocean. Such canal shall be of sufficient capacity and depth as shall afford convenient passage for vessels of the largest tonnage and greatest draught now in use, and such as may be reasonably anticipated...
Seite iv - SIR: I have the honor to forward herewith the report of the Board of Consulting Engineers for the Panama Canal...
Seite 37 - Canal are 569 by 56 feet, with a draft of 20 feet. It will be observed that in the case of each of the foregoing canals (except the Kaiser Wilhelm Canal) operations are in progress for the widening and deepening of the waterways, experience having shown that growth in the dimensions of ships has advanced far more rapidly than was conceived to be possible when the canals were projected, and therefore that their original dimensions were insufficient for the exigencies of modern traffic. There is, so...
Seite 10 - UJKHI it. Two of the prime considerations to be kept steadily in mind are: (1) The utmost practicable speed of construction. (2) Practical certainty that the plan proposed will be feasible; that it can be carried out with the minimum risk.
Seite 94 - I continue to read : is in large part of a comparatively fine character, consisting of sand and clay in varying portions and in various degrees of admixture, but the borings have also shown coarse sand and gravel with water flowing through It and out of some of the pipes used in making the examinations.
Seite 10 - I feel that one of the chief advantages of the Panama route is that ultimately a sea-level canal will be a possibility. But while paying due heed to the ideal perfectibility of the scheme from an engineer's standpoint, remember the need of having a plan which .shall provide for the immediate building of a canal on the safest terms and in the shortest possible time. If to build a sea-level canal will but slightly increase the risk, and will take but a little longer than a multilock higher-level canal,...
Seite 103 - Samoa, for the erection of the necessary buildings and structures thereon and for such other purposes as may, in the judgment of the President, be necessary to confirm the rights of the United States under Article...
Seite 7 - Netherlands, shall convene in the City of Washington, at the rooms Of the Isthmian Canal Commission, on the 1st day of September, 1905, for the purpose of considering the various plans proposed to and by the Isthmian Canal Commission for the construction of a canal across the Isthmus of Panama...
Seite iv - After being built it would be easier to enlarge the lock canal than the sea-level canal. Moreover, what has been actually demonstrated in making and operating the great lock canal, the Soo, a more important artery of traffic than the great sea- level canal, the Suez, goes to support the opinion of the minority of the Consulting Board of Engineers and of the majority of the Isthmian Canal Commission as to the superior safety, feasibility, and desirability of building a lock canal at Panama.

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