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II, Bryer, Printer, Bridgt-Street, Blackfriars, London.

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The Preface to Dr. Brookes's Natural History 79
Introduction to a new History of the World -.89
The Preface to the Roman History

97 The Preface to an History of England

103 The Preface to the History of the Earth, fc. 109 The Preface to the Beauties of English Poetry 119 The Preface to a Collection of Poems, fc. · 133

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page 139

N° I. Introduction

141 On a beautiful Youth struck blind by Lightning

146 Remarks on our Theatres

ib. The Story of Alcander and Septimius 150 A Letter from a Traveller

155 Account of Mr. Maupertuis

157 II. On Dress

160 Some Particularsrelative to Charles XII 165 Happiness dependant on Constitution 171 On our Theatres

175 III. On the use of Language

178 The History of Hypasia

184 On Justice and Generosity

189 Some particulars relative to Father Freijo 193 IV. Miscellaneous

195 A Flemish Tradition

200 The Sagacity of some Insects

203 The Characteristics of Greatness

209 Conclusion of a City Night-piece V. Upon Political Frugality

213 A Reverie

224 A Word or Two upon High Life below Stairs

230 l'pon Unfortunate Merit

232 VI. On Education

236 On the Instability of Ilorilly Grandeur 248 Some Account of the Academies of Italy 252

212 page 255

N° VII. Of Eloquence
Custom and Laws compared

264 On the Pride and Luxury of the Midilling Class of People

268 Sabinus and Olinda

270 The Sentiments of a Frenchman on the Temper of the English

273 III. On Deceit and falshood

277 An Account of the Augustan Age of Enijland

283 Of the Opera in England


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Preface to the ESSAYS

299 I. Description of various Clubs

302 II. Specimen of a Magazine in Miniature

- 311 III. Asem, an Eastern Tale ; or Vindication of

the Wisdom of PROVIDENCE in the moral
Government of the World

315 IV.Onthe English Clergy, and popular Preach

324 V. A Reverie at the Boar's Head Tavern, EastCheap

329 VI. Adventures of a Strolling Player

344 VII. Rules enjoined to be observed at a Russian Assembly

355 VIII. Biographical Memoir supposed to be written by the Ordinary of Newgate



IX. National Concord

page 360

- 434

X. Female Warriors

362 XI. National Prejudices

368 XII. Taste

372 XIII. Cultivation of Taste

381 XIV. Origin of Poetry

392 XV. Poetry distinguished from other writing 404 XVI. Metaphors

415 XVII. Hyperboles XVIII. Versification

438 XIX. Schools of Music, Objections thereto, and Answers

443 XX. Carolan the Irish Bard

449 XXI. On the Tenants of the Leasowes 452 XXII. Sentimental Comedy

457 XXIII. Scotch Marriages

461 XXIV. Dignity of Human Nature


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