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CAPITAL .$200,000.00

Guthrie, Oklahoma, November 1, 1908. Hon. C. N. Haskell, Governor of Oklahoma.

Sir:-1 transmit herewith my report of the office of bank commissioner for the period beginning November 16, 1907, and ending November 1, 1908.

On this date (November 1, 1908) there are in this state, operating under state laws, 534 banks and trust companies. Of this number four have charters and sufficient capital to be classed as trust companies under the law but as all of them transact a commercial banking business only they are included as, banks. The four referred to are:


Oklahoma Trust Company.. Oklahoma City Columnbia Bank & Trust Company

200,000.00 Union Trust Company..

100,000.00 International Bank & Trust Co...

100,000.00 On the date Oklahoma was admitted to statehood there were in operation in that part of the state formerly Oklahoma Territory, 294 banks. No statistics regarding Indian Territory banks were available but in response to a call for statement of condition at the close of business December 11, 1907, 174 banks and trust companies reported from that section. It was later found that several failed to report and these were placed upon our records as rapidly as they were located, examined and found to be solvent but are not classed in this report as new banks. The following is an abstract of the reports received showing the number and condition of all banks which reported to this office under call of December 11, 1907:

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