Works of the Camden Society, Edição 24

Camden Society, 1843 - 61 páginas

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Página 8 - WE, the Auditors appointed to audit the Accounts of the Camden Society, report to the Society, that the Treasurer has exhibited to us an Account of the Receipts and Expenditure...
Página 1 - April last, whereupon it was Resolved, That the said Report be received and adopted, and that the Thanks of the Society be given to the Council and Officers for their services.
Página 15 - Octavian Blewitt, Esq. Secretary to the Literary Fund Society. (c.) Rev. PHILIP BLISS, DCL, FSA, Registrar of the Univ. of Oxford. Local Secretary at Oxford. Bindon Blood, Esq. FRSE, FSA Scot., MRIA Edinburgh. Edward Blore, Esq. DCL, FSA B. Blundell, Esq. Temple. John Elijah Blunt, Esq. Rev. Wm. Blunt, BA Under Master of Merchant-Taylors
Página 12 - ... subscription shall receive a copy of every work published by the Society during the year, for each sum of One Pound subscribed, without any charge for the same; and that the number of copies printed in each year, shall be limited to the quantity required for the number actually subscribed for. VI. — That every member of the Society who shall intimate to the Council a desire to withdraw, or who shall not pay the subscription by the time appointed, shall cease to be a member of the Society ;...
Página 19 - William Dickson, Esq. Edinburgh. Count Maurice Dietrichstein, Prefect of the Imp. Library at Vienna, Associate of the Numismatic Soc. of London, &c. Charles Wentworth Dilke, Esq. LL.B. Joseph C. Dimsdale, Esq.
Página 20 - Andrew Dun, Esq. WS, MA, FAS Scot. Edinburgh. Philip Bury Duncan, Esq. MA Keeper of the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. David Dundas, Esq. MA Temple. William Pitt Dundas, Esq. Advocate, Edinburgh. James Dunlop, Esq. WS Edinburgh. John Dunn, Esq. Paisley. Enoch Durant, Esq. FSA Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Durham, FRS, FSA Mons.
Página 11 - Two Hundred Members, being Subscribers of One Pound annually ; such Subscription to be paid in advance, on or before the first day of May in every year. IV. That the management of the affairs of the Society shall be vested in a President and a Council consisting of fifteen Members, which President and Council shall be elected annually by the Society at large, at a General Meeting to be held on the 2nd day of May, being the Anniversary of Camden's birth ; or on the Monday following, when the 2nd of...
Página 10 - I. THAT the Society shall be entitled " THE CAMDEN SOCIETY, for the Publication of Early Historical and Literary Remains.
Página 17 - Clarke, Esq. Thomas Clarke, Esq. Knedlington, Yorkshire. Thomas Clarke, Esq. FRS, FSA Rev. Piers C. Claughton, MA Fellow of Univ. Coll. Oxford. Rev. Patrick Clason, DD Edinb.

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