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J. Almon, 1771

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Página 249 - RESOLVED, that the thanks of this court be given to the Right Hon.
Página 150 - It is now no crime for a man, who is within the description of that act, to say he is a Dissenter; nor is it any crime for him not to take the sacrament according to the rites of the Church of England; nay, the crime is, if he does it contrary to the dictates of his conscience.
Página 152 - When it was said, therefore, that "a man cannot plead his crime in excuse for not doing what he is by law required to do...
Página 363 - Paris in 1767, I held no communication with you of any kind whatever; nor did I upon your arrival in England in 1768 even pay you a visit, till it was very evident you lost your election in the City. Then, indeed...
Página 248 - I observe," said Wilkes, in a letter to the speaker, " that no notice is taken of me in your order as a member of the House, and that I am not required to attend in my place: both these circumstances ought to have been, mentioned in my case, and I hold them absolutely indispensable.
Página 100 - Majesty and his subjects which were at that place the day above named, agreeable to the inventory which has been made of them.
Página 155 - Conscience is not controllable by human laws, nor amenable to human tribunals. Persecution, or attempts to force conscience, will never produce conviction, and are only calculated to make hypocrites or martyrs.
Página 157 - No; it was impossible. But they had a mind to continue the former mayor a year longer, and to have a pretence for setting aside him who was now chosen, on all future occasions, as having been elected before.
Página 141 - Islands at a considerable distance from the Continent, may be supposed, from their latitude, to lie in a climate sufficiently temperate. It is true, they are too little known to be at present recommended for proper places of refreshment for ships bound to the southward : But if the Admiralty should think it...
Página 149 - But as the law then stood, no man could have pleaded this disability, resulting from the Corporation Act, in bar of such an action as is now brought against the defendant, because this disability was owing to what was then, in the eye of the law, a crime ; every man being required by the...

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