Five Television Plays

Grove Press, 1990 - 216 páginas
Five unique short plays for television by one of America's most celebrated playwrights. A 'Waitress in Yellowstone' (or: 'Always Tell the Truth') is a parable about an honest waitress and a corrupt congressman. In Bradford, a new police chief arriving in a small New England town is plunged into the midst of its cozy secrets and uncovers the truth behind his predeces-sor's mysterious fatal hunting accident. The Museum of Science and Industry Story is a fantasy about the adventures of a man locked in a museum overnight. A Wasted Weekend is a 1987 episode of Hill Street Blues focusing on four cops and their ill-fated hunting trip. In We Will Take You There, Danny and Mike, partners in an unusual "taxi service to the wilds," offer themselves as guides to the most remote areas of the world.
Displaying Mamet's characteristic ear for language and unsettling moral vision, these plays are among his darkest, funniest, and most entertaining.
'A Waitress in Yellowstone' (or: 'Always Tell the Truth')
'The Museum of Science and Industry Story'
'A Wasted Weekend'
'We Will Take You There'

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A Waitress in Yellowstone or Always Tell the Truth
The Museum of Science and Industry Story
A Wasted Weekend
We Will Take You There
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Mamet is the Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author and Director of numerous Plays and Films.

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