Reports and Communications, Volume 7

Vol. 1-4 contain miscellaneous reports made to the Commission, 1907-1908.

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Página 295 - It is ordered that the selectmen of every town, in the several precincts and quarters where they dwell, shall have a vigilant eye over their brethren and neighbors, to see first that none of them shall suffer so much barbarism in any of their families, as not to endeavor to teach, by themselves or others, their children and apprentices, so much learning, as may enable them perfectly to read the English tongue, and knowledge of the capital laws: upon penalty of twenty shillings for each neglect therein.
Página 297 - ... a master of good morals, competent to instruct, in addition to the branches of learning aforesaid, the history of the United States, bookkeeping by single entry, geometry, surveying, and algebra ; and shall employ such master to instruct a school, in such city, town, or district, for the benefit of all the inhabitants thereof, at least ten months in each year...
Página 303 - Any city or town may, and every city and town having more than ten thousand inhabitants, shall annually make provision for giving free instruction in industrial or mechanical drawing to persons over fifteen years of age, either in day or evening schools, under the direction of the school committee.
Página 89 - The school committee of every city and town shall cause every child in the public schools to be separately and carefully tested and examined at least once in every school year to ascertain whether he is suffering from defective sight or hearing or from any other disability or defect tending to prevent his receiving the full benefit of his school work, or requiring a modification of the school work in order to pervent injury to the child or to secure the best educational results.
Página 207 - Whenever any city or town or any district, as provided in the preceding section, shall appropriate money for the establishment and equipment and maintenance of independent schools for industrial training, the Commonwealth, in order to aid in the maintenance of such schools, shall pay annually from the treasury to such cities, towns, or districts a sum proportionate to the amount raised by local taxation...
Página 199 - Hyannis was required to furnish the school site, and each was required to agree in writing "to hereafter furnish suitable and sufficient school buildings and model and practice schools in connection with the training departments of said Normal Schools.
Página 227 - Any laborer employed by the city of Boston who has reached the age of sixty years and who has been in the service of the city for a period of not less than twenty-five years, and who is physically incapacitated, shall, at his request and with the approval of the retirement board above provided for, be retired from service, and shall receive for the remainder of his life an annual pension equal to one half of the compensation to which he would have been entitled for full employment during the last...
Página 296 - Grammar Schools unless they shall have learned in some other school, or in some other way, to read the English language by spelling the same...
Página 4 - ... the Charge of supporting the several Publick Schools amounted the last Year to more than | part of the whole Sum drawn for by the Selectmen"; but the committee wisely added, "altho. this Charge is very Considerable & the number of Schools is greater than the Law requires, Yet as the Education of Children is of the greatest Importance to the Community; the Committee cannot be of Opinion that any Saving can be made to Advantage on that head.
Página 308 - Every person having under his control a child between the ages of eight and fourteen years, and in every city and town where opportunity is furnished, in connection with the regular work of the public schools, for gratuitous instruction in the use of tools or in manual training, or for industrial education in any form...

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