Michelangelo's World

The Creative Company, 2007 - 38 páginas
In 15 sonnets, celebrated poet J. Patrick Lewis explores Michelangelos humble roots, moody genius, and, most of all, his timeless works. Includes footnoted interspersed through the book to provide historical background. Full color.

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Sobre o autor (2007)

J. Patrick Lewis spent years as an economics professor before finding his passion as a writer. Today he holds an esteemed reputation in children's publishing, having authored more than 70 picture books, including such acclaimed titles as Black Cat Bone and The House . In 2011, he was honored with the NCTE Poetry Award and chosen to serve as the Children's Poet Laureate.Gary Kelley is an internationally known artist who has illustrated numerous picture books, including Black Cat Bone . His artwork has appeared in such prominent periodicals as The New Yorker and Rolling Stone and can be seen in Barnes & Noble's bookstore murals.

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