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A few Introductory Words, 1
“ A Little Child shall lead them.” By

Mrs. H. B. Stowe, 17
A Life-cherished Revenge; or, Better to

be sinned against than to sin, 95, 131 The Rev. Dr. Beaumont; a Sketch, 44 The Citizen, 41, 86, 129, 167, 213, 251,

291, 331
Domestic Tyranny, 377
Earnestness, 94
Euthanasy,-a Tale for the Young, 372
Glimpses of Life among the Arab Tribes

of Mesopotamia, 363, 412
Hints to Promote Harmony in a Family,

Indelible Marks, 304
Methodism in America, 418
“ Let not the Sun go down on your

Wrath :" a Sketch, 13
Little Things: a Few Fragmentary

Thoughts, 58
Luther and Wesley compared, 135
Let the Home be Happy, 361
Lilis and Eve: a Legend of the Talmud, 378
Sir Isaac Newton, 461
The Physical Education of Children, 52
Personal Recognition in Heaven, 121
Professor Lee, his Struggles and Success,

Popery ; its Aspects and Prospects, 255
Papacy at the Font, 281

Sympathy with Rightness, 50
Sincerity. By the Rev.Samuel Waddy, 170
Sketches of Jamaica, by a Returned

Missionary, 321, 406
Thoughts Retrospective and Introspec-

tive, 3 The Slave's New Home, 6 To Sea Again, 11 The Bond of Union among Christians,

14, 56, 91, 176, 209, 248, 301 The Eternity of Character, 18 The Pulpit of Methodism, and the Rev.

Robert Newton, D.D., 81 The Doctrine of Election, 89 The Pulpit and the People, 161 The Eclipse of Faith, 201 The Population of the Globe, 215 The Disinterred City of the East, 241,

284, 325 The Gospel a Source of Political Strength,

254 The Ishmaelites of London, 295 The Fatal Step; a Sketch for the Young,

335 The Sabbath-school System, 369 The Vision of a Godless World.-From

the German of Jean Paul Richter, 375 The Revolutionary Movement in China :

its Origin, 401, 441 Stewart on the Reform Movement, 447 Dr. Dixon on the late Conference, 457

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Extract from Barnes's Notes, 181, 220,

262, 307, 343, 383, 423, 462

Gethsemane, 261

He would not Believe, 217

Lord Hailes and the New Testament, 101

Maxims of Solomon, 179

Notes of the Douay Bible, 24

Noah's Ark: its Build, 264

Our Father, 182

On the Tenderness of Jesus, 262

Premonitions of Judgment, 342

Sins of Omission, 260
Scriptural Authority for the Use of

Musical Iustruments in Church Music,


The Widow's Son, 22

The Lepers in Jerusalem, 64


Action independent of Animal Will, 221 Mountain Rambles, 308

Anecdotes of Ostriches, 267

Solid Gas, 144

Animals the Servants of Man, 463

Sagacity of the Elephant, 269

A Curious Instinct, 428

Supply and Demand, 286, 346

Death from the Want of Sleep, 348

Singular Geological Fact, 428

Interesting Discovery, 67

The Snake and the Crocodile, 186
Involuntary Motion, 183

The Supply and the Demand, 265
Minuteness of Animal Organizations, Texas Reptiles, 388
25, 65

The Localities of Animals an Arrange-
Muscular Action : a Series of Wonders, ment of Providence, 425
103, 141

Value of a Spring, 365


Isis: an Egyptian Pilgrimage—The

Mayflower — The Boy Hunters — A

Manual of Homeopathy and Hydro-

pathy -- Select English Poetry - A

School Geography-A School Atlas-

The Sunday Picture-book-The Rose-

bud—The Book of Almanacs—A Few

Thoughts on the latest Legislation,

&c.—A Pulpit Estimate of Wellington

- The Duke - Iron and Clay – The

Case of the Manchester Educationists
-The Sunshine of our Home-Uncle
Tom's Cabin - Hymns Oratorio

Songs, 31-38
The Martyrs, Heroes, and Bards of the

Scottish Covenant-The Life of Daniel
Webster-The Infant System, for De-
veloping the Intellectual and Moral
Powers of Children—The History of
English Literature—The Congrega-
tional Year-book-Agnes, the Pos-
sessed – The British and Foreign
Pulpit - How to make Money - The
Youthful Thinker-A Letter to the
Rev. G. C. Taylor-On Procrastina-
tion, 72–78
Phæthop-Ten Sermons of Religion-
Erastus—The Chronological New Tes-
tament–The Wide, Wide World—Spe-
culation, The Future The Way to

God— The History of the United King-

dom-The Boyhood of Great Men-

An Essay on the Local Ministry, The

Local Ministry—The Family Medical

Guide-Autographs for Freedom-

The Ladies' Work Book-The Illus-

trated Magazine of Art-Bible Find.

ings - The Bible Reader's Friend-

Simple Poems for National and Sunday.

schools-Books received, 111-118

Is it possible to make the best of both

Worlds ?-An Essay upon Life Assu-
rance - The Unclaimed Daughter
Mr. G.J. Holyoake Refuted in his own
Words—Lives of the Illustrious—The
People's Service of Song—The Young
Wife's Guide during Pregnancy and
Childbirth, and in the Management of
her Infant-Freedom National ; Sla-
very Sectional-Lays of the Future-
The Bible Story Book — Wellington
and Uncle Tom-Sunday Reading for
Christian Families—The Lentiad-The
Realities of Eternity-The Hive, and its

Wonders-Books received, 150-157
Sights and Sounds—Wilson's Notes on

the Bible-The Working Man's Way
in the World-Christian Ethics- The
Causes of the Corruption of Chris-
tianity- The Christian Atonement


Divine Inspiration–The Lord's Day from Sicily-The Marvels of Science,

- Monachologia—Home Thoughts- and their Testimony to Holy Writ-

Sunday Readings-Books received, Books received, 315—317


The Christian Ministry of the New Tes-

Priestly Despotism Rampant in the Wes- tament Infidelity; its Cause and

leyan Conference-A Treatise on the Cure – The History of the Sunday-

Peculiarities of the Bible--The Temple school Union-Female Piety; or, the

of Education—" Peace or War!"-

Young Woman's Friend and Guide

Memoir of the Rev. Joseph Roberts through Life to Immortality - Leila

Dr. Cumming's Genesis and Geology Ada, the Jewish Convert-Mesmerism

Examined—The Poetry of Home- Solved - The Revivalist, Nos. 1 and 2,

The Sceptic-A Selection from the 355-358

Correspondence of the late Thomas Money! Money! Money! or, Men and

Chalmers, D.D., LL.D.-The Museum Methodism in Difficulties—I've been

of Classical Antiquities--Report of Thinking: or, the Secret of Success-

the Proceedings at the Third Annual The Philosophy of Atheism examined

General Meeting of the Kent Mutual and compared with Christianity—The

Life-Assurance Society, on May 12th, Principles of Geology, 397

1853–Endowed Parish Schools and How Wars are got up in India : the

High Church Vicars-Books received, Origin of the Burmese War- The Pil-


grim's Progress from this World to

The Female Jesuit Abroad-The History that which is to come -Australia and

of the Church of Rome, to the end of its Settlements-Australia; its Scenery,
the Episcopate of Damascus, A.D. 384 Natural History, and Resources—The
-Christianity and Secularism—The Life of Alexander the Great - The
Dial of Love-Sacred Symbology; or, Fountain of Living Waters—The Mar.
an Inquiry into the Principles of In- tyrs, Heroes, and Bards of the Scottish
terpreta:ion of the Prophetic Symbols Covenant-The Juvenile Year-Book-
-The Sensibility of Separate Souls My Sunday-school Class—The Prin-
Considered - The Scripture Teacher's ciples of Church Government, and their
Assistant-Night Thoughts on Life, Application to Wesleyan Methodism,
Death, and Immortality ; and a Para- 435-438
phrase on Part of the Book of Job- Palissy, the Potter—What I Heard, Saw,
The Universal Library-Uncle Tom's and Did at the Australian Gold Fields
Companions ; a Supplement to Uncle -Wesleyan Methodist Penny Maga-
Tom's Cabin-The Life of our Lord zine, January to November—Publica-
and Saviour Jesus Christ-Books re- tions of the Religious Tract Society-
ceived, 275-278

Jacob Abbott's Histories—The Wes-
History of the Reformation of the Six- leyan Almanac for 1854—The Genius

teenth Century. Volume Fifth. The and Mission of the Protestant Episcopal
Reformation in England-Notes and Church in the United States of Ame-
Narratives of a Six Years' Mission, rica—The Temperance Movement ; its
principally among the Dens of London Rise, Progress, and Results-Rambles
-The Million-Peopled City; or, One amoung Mountains-Sunday Reading
Half of the People of London made for Christian Families and Individuals,

known to the Other Half-Pictures 466-471

INTELLIGENCE: 38, 79, 118, 159, 198, 234, 279, 359, 439

CORRESPONDENCE: 158, 358, 399

OBITUARY: 32, 199, 317

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