The Technologist, Volume 2

Kent & Company, 1862

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Página 103 - ... mortar. To five pounds of this pulp, which ought to be as equal as possible, is added a pound of sour milk, and the necessary quantity of salt. The whole is kneaded together, and the mixture covered up and allowed to lie for three or four days, according to the season. At the end of this time it is kneaded anew, and the cheeses are placed in little baskets, where the superfluous moisture is allowed to escape.
Página 15 - ... and old poultry which are fed upon the leaves and fruit, however tough the meat they afford might otherwise be, are thus rendered perfectly tender, and good too, if eaten as soon as killed ; but that the flesh very soon passes into a state of putridity.
Página 141 - Ag. fusipes to pickle, in clusters under them ; Puffballs, which some of our friends have not inaptly compared to sweet-bread for the rich delicacy of their unassisted flavour ; Hydna as good as oysters, which they somewhat resemble in taste ; Agaricus deliciosus, reminding us of tender lamb-kidneys ; the beautiful yellow Chantarelle, that kalon kagathon of diet, growing by the bushel...
Página 4 - Great care must be taken in removing the pan from the fire the instant the whole of the water has evaporated (which may be known by the bubbles having ceased), for if allowed to remain longer, the oil, which has hitherto been of the temperature of boiling water, or 212°...
Página 258 - PENROSE'S (FC) Principles of Athenian Architecture, and the Optical Refinements exhibited in the Construction of the Ancient Buildings at Athens, from a Survey. With 40 Plates. Folio. 61. 5s. PERCY'S (Jons, MD) Metallurgy of Iron and Steel ; or, the Art of Extracting Metals from their Ores and adapting them to various purposes of Manufacture. Illustrations. Svo. 42s. PHILLIPP (CHARLES SPENCER MARCH) On Jurisprudence. Svo. 12s. PHILLIPS' (JOHN) Memoirs of William Smith, the Geologist.
Página 52 - forms the neverfailing resource of that most humble, patient, and despised of created beings, the Hindu widow, saved by law from the pile, but condemned by opinion and custom for the remainder of her days, literally to sackcloth and ashes, and the lowest domestic drudgery in the very household where once, perhaps, her will was law.
Página 444 - ... paper on the subject of the guano island of Sombrero, which I hope soon to present, it is proper for me, from my peculiar advantages, to point out some of the errors into which Dr. Phipson* has fallen in his proposal to distinguish the Sombrero guano as a new mineral species. He commences by saying: "This mineral forms a large portion of some small islands in the West Indies, especially of Sombrero Island.
Página 9 - The method sometimes adopted is that of throwing the fresh seeds, without any cleansing process, into the common mill, and expressing in the usual way. The oil thus becomes mixed with a large portion of the colouring matter of the epidermis of the seed, and is neither so pleasant to the eye nor so agreeable to the taste as that obtained by first repeatedly washing the seeds in cold water, or by boiling them for a short time, until the whole of the reddish-: brown colouring matter is removed and the...
Página 23 - Now let us view them at work. Every vessel carries about 12 contaj (a contaio being about 200 pounds) of hemp to make the nets, which are changed every week. They are about 7 or 10 palmi in width, and 100 or 120 palmi in length, — worked very loosely, and with large meshes. On being thrown into the sea, the vessel is put before the wind, or else propelled by oars, until these loosely-formed nets have fastened upon a rock. Then comes the tug of war. If they have great good fortune, they will take...
Página 65 - August, are beautifully contrasted and relieved by an exuberance of white flowers. It is remarkable that the leaves are equally fragrant with the fruit, and I am told will yield in distillation a delicate odoriferous oil, which is very commonly used in the medicinal dispensaries of Europe for oil of cloves.

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