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DEAR Sir, Pall Mall, May 29, 1801. THIS, the anniversary of that happy day, which drove rebellion, republicanism, and tyranny from England; which restored the King to the throne, the Prelates to the church, the Nobles to their titles, the People to their liberties, and which brought the Regicides to the gibbet; this auspicious day I have chosen for dedicating to you my humble labours in that cause, of which you have long been the moft diftinguished and most successful champion. I have selected you, on-this occasion, for inany reasons, but chiefly, because you are the known enemy of republicans and levellers, because you B 2.

have man

Day, John, Esq. a

Lane, Rev. Mr... Dalrymple, Hon. Gen.'

Latham, Dr. Eveleigh, Rev. Dr.

Lawrance, Miss Eden, Sir Frederick M. Bart. Larcome, Captain, Royal NaErikine, David, Esq.

- vy Frere, Edward, Esq.

Legge, Hon. and Rev. Edward Freeliug, Francis, Esq.

Le Mesurier, Rev. Thomas Francis, Rev. Charles

Legg, H. Esq. Frere, J. H. Efq. Ambassador Lefevre, C. Shaw, Esq. to Portugal

Levison, Lord Grenville Frankiand, William, Esq. Leighton, Sir Thomas, Bart. Fraucis, Charles, Esq.

Lees, John, Esq. Franklin, William, Esq. . Le Mesurier, Paul, Esq. AlderFolkestone, Lord: Findley, Robert, Erg.

Lyman, Captain Foljambe, F. F. Efq.

Le Melurier, Peter, Esq. Go. Glenbervie, Right Hon. Lord · vernor of Alderney Guriike, Benj. Liq. .

Moore, bis Grace the Most Guillemard, —-, Eig.

Rev. Jobi, Archbishop of Grenville, Right lion. Lord Canterbury Gret, Sir Henry, Bart. Moore, Rev. George Glasie, Rev. George Henry Mildmay, Sir H. Saint John, Gifford, William, Esq.

M. P. Gifford, John, Elg.

Maimesbury, Lord Gillbee, Williair, Eig.

Maleres, Baron Grove, John, Esq.

More, Mrs. Hannah. Hammond, George, Esq. Mardenbrough, - Esg. Hawkesbury, Right Hon. Lordi Morgan, Colonel James Harvey, Robert, Esq.

Murray, Captain, Royal Navy Hume, Sir Abraham, Bart. Macdonald,' Thomas, Esq. Hutkillon, Willia, Esq. Mortlock, John C. Esq. Hemmin, Rev. Mr.

Malcolm, Col. H. Home, Patrick, Efa. : Machacklan, Col. Homer, Rev. Dr. Arthur. Macdonald, Lord Horneck. Mr. Gen.

Mathias, Thomas James, Esq. Horne, Rev. Thomas

Noble, William, Esq. Harford, Joshua, Ela,

Nesfield, Rev. Mr. Hatchard, Mr. John, 2 copies , Nicholls, Nathaniel, Esq. Innis, James, Líq.. . . Ogle, Edward, Elg. Trenmonger, Mrs. . . . Ottice of Foreign Affairs Inchiquin, Lari of

Ogilvie, Lieutenant General Fories, jur. Edward, 3 copies jaines Kilwarden, the Hon. Lord, Porieus, Doctor Beilby, Lord

Chief Juftice K. B. Ireland Bishop of London Kere T. Esq.

Tellew, Samuel, Esq. Knox, Alexander, Efa.

Provost of Oriel College, OxLangion, Benneit, Era. . ford. Lewis, Rev. Dr.


Pellew, Captain Israel, Royal Shaw, Alderman

Spencer, Earl :
Pellew, Captain Sir Edward, Spencer, Countess
Bart. Royal Navy

Scott, Right Hon. Sir WilPenn, Richard, Esq.

ljam Penn, John, Esq.

Stuart, Hon. Frederick, M. P.', Pearson, Mr. for the Birming Simcoe, M. General ham Book Society

Sheffield Book Society Palmer, Thomas, Esq.

Shedden, Robert, jun. Esq. Petit, Lewis Hayes, Esq. Symmons, J. Efq. Perkins, Henry, Esq.

Sykes, Captain, Royal Navy Perkins, Dr.

Shugars, Mr. Royal Navy Pollock, John, Esq.

Sykes, James, Esq. Price, William, Esq.

Scott, Samuel, Esq. Preston, Captain D'Arcy, Thornton, Henry, Esq. M. P. Royal Navy

Temple, Sir Grenville, Bart. Roinney, Lord

Townsend, Charles, Esq. Roxburgh, his Grace the Duke Trelawny, John, Esq. Royal

Navy Raikes, Thomas, Esq.

Trelawny, William Lewis, Reeves, John, Esq. .

Esq.' Rich, H. P. Esq.

Tyghe, S. Efq. Rose, George, Esq. M. P. 5 co Vanfittart, N. Esq. M. P. pies

Venner, Mr. C.M. Rose, G. H. Efq. M. P. 3.Co Vincent, Earl of St. . pies

Voller, Thomas, Esq. Rose, William, Esq. M.P. Whitfield, Robert, Esq. Rennell, Rev. Dr. Master of Windham, Right Hon. Wilthe Temple

liam Rose, Rev. J.

Winchelsea, Earl of Suffield, Lord

Wight, Rev. Mr. Olborne Stephens, Sir Philip, Bart. Wickham, William, Esq. .

M. P.



Bavel, Mr. Thomas Cantee Abercrombie, Rev. James Bulgin, James, Esq. Andrews, Rev. Doctor

Bird, Thompson, Erg. Achmuty, Robert N. Esq. : Burgwin, John, Esq. Anderson, William P. Esq. Bulkley, Mr. R. F. Anthony, Joseph, Esq.

Bradbury, Mr. M. R. Arndt, Philip, Esq.

Bruce, Mr. James Anderson, Mr. William

Barnes, Mr. Absalom Ashley, John, E?q.

Burke, Mr. Tomkins Allen, George, Esq.

Bradley, Mr. Jasper Anderson, J. Efq.

Bunnehill, Mr. James
Allen, Mr. William

Brookes, Mr. Thomas
E 4


Butler, Mr. Allen
Burwell, N. Esq.
Banks, Timothy, Esq.
Black, Mr. Henry
Bailey, Sampfon, Esq..
Baker, Mr. Anthony
Badcock, Daniel, Esq.
Bond, Phineas, Esq. Consul-

general of his Britannic Ma

jesty Beggs, Thenas, Esq. Beacon, Edmund, Efq. Blount, Mr. Peter Brown, Mr. William Beercroft, Samuel, Esq. . Blake, Mrs. Martha Bailey, Thomas, Esq. Carey, Mr. Thomas Coleman, William, Esq. Cortelyon, P. S. Efq. Corbin, Francis, Efq. Corner, Peter, Esq.. Correll, Peter, Esq. Cotesworthy, Mr. Philip Cartwright, Mr. Allen Campbell, Mr. Allen Canby, Mr. Richard Cobb, Mr. Strangeways Churchill, Mr. V. S. Conway, Mr. Robert Coates, Mr. Samuel Cuyler, Jerry, Lía. Cain, George, Erg. Coates, William, Esq.. Corrie, John, Esq. Dyckman, S. M. Efq. Drinker, Mr. William Decatur, Captain Stephen,

Davidson, Mr. John
Dykes, Mr Peter
Easton, David, etq.
Elliot, Simuei, big.
Edwards, dward, Esq.
Fitch, Jofcph, Esq.
Fenno, Mr. John Ward
Fenwick, Theodore, Esq.
Fletcher, Mr. John
Fisher, Robert, Esq..
Farley, Mr. F. B.
Freeman, Mr. Nathan
Gatliff, Samuel, Esq.
Griffin, John, Erg.
Giles, Mr. Brien
Gairdner, Edwin, Esq.
Gairdner, James, Esq.
Gaskill, John, Esq.
Grover, Mr. Ezra
Gates, Jonathan, Esq.
Godsworthy, Aaron, Erq.
Giles, Mr. Matthew
Guthery, Mr. George
George, Mr. Edward
Giles, Mr. David
Gennevray, Mr. James
Gairdner and Mitchell
Gilbert, Felix H. Eig.
Gibbons, Thomas, 119.
Gibbons, William, Efq.
Hamilton, Mr. Edward
Hodge, John, Esq.
Henry, Robert, Esq.
Heard, Mr. James
Hamilton, Mr. J. B.
Hurdis, Mr. Simeon
Howe, Mr. James
Hastic, Mr. Henry
Hobby, W. J. Esq.
Houndsfield, Ezra, Esq.
Hurd, Mr. Bradley
Hughes, Mr. Join
James, Mr. Geo. I copies
James, Mr. Thomas
Jackson, Job, E1.
Jacks, Mr. David
Johnson, Mr. Samuel
Jenkinson, Davis, Esq.
Jones, Allen, Esq.



Daniel, Mr. Matthew Davies, Mr. Isaac' Devereux, John, Esq. Davy, Alexander, Eig. Danby, Mr. Graves · Darbun, James, Esq. Davies, Mr. George Davies, Mr. Benjamin Dickinson, J. D. Erg. Dickinton, Mr. Athinwold

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