School Experience of a Fag at a Private and Public School

Smith, Elder, and Company, 1854 - 311 Seiten

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Seite 88 - A stranger yet to pain! I feel the gales that from ye blow A momentary bliss bestow, As waving fresh their gladsome wing My weary soul they seem to soothe, And, redolent of joy and youth, To breathe a second spring.
Seite 293 - Still o'er these scenes my mem'ry wakes, And fondly broods with miser care! Time but the impression deeper makes, As streams their channels deeper wear.
Seite 56 - Though thy slumber may be deep Yet thy spirit shall not sleep; There are shades which will not vanish, There are thoughts thou canst not banish...
Seite 152 - Be it a weakness, it deserves some praise, We love the play-place of our early days. The scene is touching, and the heart is stone That feels not at that sight, and feels at none.
Seite 294 - The stronger features of the soul to paint, And make distinct the latent and the faint ; Man as he is, to place in all men's view, Yet none with rancour, none with scorn pursue : Nor be it ever of my portraits told — " Here the strong lines of malice we behold." — THIS let me hope, that when in public view I bring my pictures, men may feel them true ;
Seite 215 - But Och ! mankind are unco weak, An' little to be trusted ; If self the wavering balance shake, It's rarely right adjusted ! Yet they wha fa...
Seite 137 - ... re-echoes from three hundred lungs; and every member of either side is thronging to the conflict. Then comes the tug of war. The hapless and too adventurous hero who first grasped the ball, and he who first dared to stay his course by a rough embrace, both roll on the ground, locked in each others arms, the foundation of a pyramid of human flesh giving vent to screams, yells, and groans unutterable. But no soldier ever grasped his colours more strenuously on the field of battle, than does this...
Seite 133 - ... Ah ! what avail the largest gifts of heaven, When drooping health and spirits go amiss ? How tasteless, then, whatever can be given ! Health is the vital principle of bliss, And exercise of health. In proof of this, Behold the wretch who slugs his life away, Soon swallowed in disease's sad abyss ; While he whom toil has braced, or manly play, Has light as air each limb, each thought as clear as day.
Seite 242 - And when the sun begins to fling His flaring beams, me, Goddess, bring To arched walks of twilight groves, And shadows brown that Sylvan loves...
Seite 70 - When first, a little one, I left my home, I can remember the first grief I felt, And the first painful smile that clothed my front With feelings not its own : sadly at night I sat me down beside a stranger's hearth, And, when the lingering hour of rest was come, First wet with tears my pillow.

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