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In the initiatory department of instruction a valuable series of works has been prepared by Dr M'CULLOCH, formerly Head Master of the Circus Place School, Edinburgh, now Minister of the West Church, Greenock.


These Books are intended for the use of Schools where the general mental culture of the pupil, as well as his proficiency in the art of reading, is studiously and systematically aimed at.

They form, collectively, a progressional Series, so constructed and graduated as to conduct the pupil, by regular stages, from the elementary sounds of the language to its highest and most complex forms of speech; and each separate Book is also progressively arranged, the lessons which are more easily read and understood always taking the lead, and preparing the way for those of greater difficulty.

The subject matter of the Books is purposely miscellaneous. Yet it is always of a character to excite the interest and enlarge the knowledge of the reader. And with the design of more effectually promoting his mental growth and nurture, the various topics are introduced in an order conformable to that in which the chief faculties of the juvenile mind are usually developed.

That the moral feelings of the pupil may not be without their proper stimulus and nutriment, the lessons are pervaded throughout by the religious and Christian element.

NEW AND GREATLY IMPROVED EDITIONS. Dr M Culloch's First Reading-Book. 11d.

Do. Large Type Edition, in two parts, price 2d. each.

Do. in a series of Sheets for hanging on the Wall, 1s. ; or on Roller, 1s. 8d. Dr M Culloch’s Second Reading-Book. 3d. Dr M Culloch's Third Reading-Book, containing simple

Pieces in Prose and Verse, with Exercises. 103. Now printed in

larger type. Dr M Culloch's Fourth Reading-Book, containing only

Lessons likely to interest. With Synopsis of SPELLING. 1s. 6d. Dr M Culloch's Series of Lessons in Prose and Verse. 2s. Dr M‘Culloch's Course of Elementary Reading in

SCIENCE and LITERATURE, compiled from popular Writers. 3s. Dr M‘Culloch's Manual of English Grammar, Philo

sophical and Practical; with Exercises ; adapted to the Analytical mode of Tuition. 13. 6d.

Oliver & Boyd's New Code Class-Books.

STANDARD READING-BOOKS, By JAMES Colville, M.A., English Master, Glasgow Academy; late English Master, George Watson's College-Schools, Lauriston, Edinburgh, one

of the Educational Institutions of the Merchant Company. PRIMER: Being Spelling and Reading Lessons Introductory to

Standard I. (Illustrated.) 36 pages. 11d. FIRST STANDARD READING-BOOK; with Easy Lessons in

Script. (Illustrated.) 95 pages. 4d. in stiff wrapper, or 6d. cloth. SECOND STANDARD READING-BOOK; with Dictation Exer.

cises, partly in Script. (Illustrated.) 108 pages. 4d. in stiff wrapper, or 6d. cloth. THIRD STANDARD READING-BOOK; with Dictation Exercises, partly in Script. 144 pages, strongly bound. 8d. *.* The Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Standard Reading-Books, completing the Series, will shortly be published.

By Alex. TROTTER, Teacher of Mathematics, etc., Edinburgh;

Author of " Arithmetic for Advanced Classes," etc.
Part I., embracing Standards 1 and 2. 36 pages. 20.- Answers, 3d.

„ Il., embracing Standards 3 and 4. 36 pages. 20.-Answers, 3d. ... III., embracing Standards 5 and 6.

By W. LAWSON, F.R.G.S., St Mark's College, Chelsea; Author of

“Geography of the British Empire," etc. GEOGRAPHICAL PRIMER, embracing an Outline of the Chief

Divisions of the World. Adapted to Standard IV. 36 pages. 2d. GEOGRAPHY of ENGLAND and WALES; with a Chapter on

Railways. Adapted to Standard V. 36 pages. 2d. GEOGRAPHY of SCOTLAND and IRELAND; with Notes on

Railways. 36 pages. 2d. GEOGRAPHY of EUROPE. Adapted to Standard VI. 48 pages. 3d.

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Adapted to the Requirements of the New Code. 90 pages. 60.

The following Works, included in the present Catalogue, will also be

found adapted to the Requirements of the New Code:REID'S RUDIMENTS OF MODERN GEOGRAPHY, with

36 pages of information on Counties and Railways, Catalogue, p. 10 DOUGLAS’S PROGRESSIVE GEOGRAPHY, a New Work, 10 LENNIE'S GRAMMAR, with Analysis of Sentences, . . 6 DOUGLAS’S GRAMMAR, with Analysis of Sentences, . . 5 REID'S GRAMMAR, with Analysis of Sentences, , . . 7 HUNTER'S SCHOOL SONGS, with Music, . . . . 17

The Principles of English Grammar; with a Series of

Progressive Exercises, and a Supplementary Treatise on Analysis of Sentences. By Dr JAMES Douglas, lately Teacher of English, Great King Street, Edinburgh. 1s. 6d. Douglas's Initiatory Grammar, for JUNIOR CLASSES.

Printed in larger type, and containing a Supplementary Treatise

on Analysis of Sentences. 6d. Douglas's Progressive English Reader. A New Series

of English Reading-Books. The Earlier Books are illustrated with numerous Engravings.

First Book. 20. THIRD Book. 1s. FIFTA Book, 2s.

SECOND Book. 4d. FOURTH BOOK. 1s. 6d. Sixth Book. 2s.6d. Douglas's Selections for Recitation, with Introductory

and Explanatory Notes; for Schools. 1s. 6d. Douglas's Spelling and Dictation Exercises. 144 pages,

price 1s.

Athenæum._"A good practical book, from which correct spelling and pronunciation may be acquired." Douglas's English Etymology: A Text-Book of Deriv

atives, with numerous Exercises. 168 pages, price 2s.

Scotsman.—“An especially excellent book of derivatives.” Shakespeare's King Richard II. With Historical and

Critical Introductions ; Grammatical, Philological, and other Notes, etc. Adapted for Training Colleges. By Rev. Canon ROBINSON,

M.A., late Principal of the Diocesan Training College, York. 25. Wordsworth's Excursion. The Wanderer, With Notes

to aid in Analysis and Paraphrasing. By Canon ROBINSON. 8d.

Lennie's Principles of English Grammar. Comprising

the Substance of all the most approved English Grammars, briefly defined, and neatly arranged; with Copious Exercises in Parsing and Syntax. New Edition; with the author's latest improvements, and an Appendix in which Analysis of Sentences is fully treated.

1s. 60. The Author's Key, containing, besides Additional Exercises

in Parsing and Syntax, many useful Critical Remarks, Hints, and Observations, and explicit and detailed instructions as to the best method of teaching Grammar. 3s. 6d. Analysis of Sentences; Being the Appendix to Lennie's

Grammar adapted for General Use. Price 3d.—KEY, 6d. Outlines of English Grammar and Analysis, for

ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS, with EXERCISES. By WALTER SCOTT DALGLEISH, M.A. Edin., lately one of the Masters in the London

International College. 8d. KEY, Is. Dalgleish's Progressive English Grammar, with EXER

CISES. 25. KEY, 2s. 6d. From Dr JOSEPH BOSWORTH, Professor of Anglo-Saxon in the University of

Oxford ; Author of the Anglo-Saxon Dictionary, etc., etc. "Quite a practical work, and contains a vast quantity of important information, well arranged, and brought up to the present improved state of philology. I have never seen so much matter brought together in so short a space.” Dalgleish's Grammatical Analysis, with PROGRESSIVE

EXERCISES. 9d. KEY, 2s. Dalgleish's Outlines of English Composition, for

ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS, with EXERCISES. 60. KEY, 4d. Dalgleish's Introductory Text-Book of English


Sentences, Paragraphs, and Short Essays. 1s. Dalgleish's Advanced Text-Book of English Com

POSITION, treating of Style, Prose Themes, and Versification.

2s. Both Books bound together, 2s. 6d. KEY, 2s. 6d. English Grammar, founded on the Philosophy of Language and the Practice of the best Authors. With Copious Exercises, Constructive and Analytical. By C. W. CONNON, LL.D. 2s. 6d.

Spectator." It exhibits great ability, combining practical skill with philo. sophical views.” Connon's First Spelling-Book6d.

A Dictionary of the English Language, containing the Pronunciation, Etymology, and Explanation of all Words authorized by Eminent Writers. By ALEXANDER REID, LL.D., late

Head Master of the Edinburgh Institution. Reduced to 5s. Dr Reid's Rudiments of English Grammar. Greatly

Improved. Copious Exercises have been introduced throughout; together with a new Chapter on the Analysis of Sentences; while

the whole work has been revised and printed in a larger type. 6d. Dr Reid's Rudiments of English Composition, with

Copious Exercises. 2s. Thoroughly Revised and Enlarged.

The work has been entirely remodelled. It now includes Systematic Exercises in Sentence-making. A distinct division has been devoted to the Structure of Paragraphs. The sections on Descriptive and Narrative Essays have been entirely rewritten. Key To THE IMPROVED EDITION, including Directions for

teaching the Work. 2s. 6d. History of English Literature; with an OUTLINE of the

Origin and GROWTH of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Illustrated by EXTRACTS. For Schools and Private Students. By WILLIAM SPALDING, A.M., Professor of Logic, Rhetoric, and Metaphysics, in the University of St Andrews. Continued to 1870. 3s. 6d. Spectator.--"A compilation and text-book of a very superior kind. .. The volume is the best introduction to the subject we have met with.” Poetical Reading-Book, with Aids for Grammatical

Analysis, Paraphrase, and Criticism ; and an Appendix on English Versification. By J. D. MORELL, A.M., LL.D., Author of Gram. mar of the English Language, etc.; and W. IHNE, Ph.D. 2s. 6d. Studies in Composition: A Text-Book for Advanced

Classes. By David PRYDE, M.A., Head Master of the Edinburgh Merchant Company's Educational Institution for Young Ladies.

2s. Recently published. English Composition for the Use of Schools. By ROBERT ARMSTRONG, Madras College, St Andrews; and Thomas ARMSTRONG, Heriot Foundation School, Edinburgh. Part I.,

1s. 6d. Part II., 2s. Both Parts bound together, 3s. Key, 2s. Armstrong's English Etymology. 2s. Armstrong's Etymology for Junior Classes. 4d.

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