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M.C.P., Senior French Master in the Edinburgh High School, the Merchant Com

pany's Educational Institution for Young Ladies, the School of Arts and Watt Institution, etc.; French Examiner to the Educational Institute of

Scotland, etc.
Schneider's First Year's French Course. 1s. 6d.

** This work forms a Complete Course of French for Beginners, and comprehends Grammatical Exercises, with Rules; Reading Lessons, with Notes: Dictation; Exercises in Conversation; and a Vocabulary of all the Words in the Book. The Edinburgh High School French ConversationGRAMMAR, arranged on an entirely New Plan, with Questions and Answers. Dedicated, by permission, to Professor Max Müller.

3s. 6d. Key, 2s.6d. The Edinburgh High School New Practical French

READER: Being a Collection of Pieces from the best French Authors. With Questions and Notes, enabling both Master and

Pupil to converse in French. 38. 6d. The Edinburgh High School French Manual of

CONVERSATION and COMMERCIAL CORRESPONDENCE. 2s. 6d. In this work, Phrases and Idiomatic Expressions which are used most frequently in the intercourse of every-day life have been carefully collected. Care has been taken to avoid what is trivial and obsolete, and to introduce all the modern terms relative to railways, steamboats, and travelling in general. Écrin Littéraire: Being a Collection of LIVELY ANEC

DOTES, JEUX DE MOTS, ENIGMAS, CHARADES, POETRY, etc., to serve as Readings, Dictation, and Recitation. 38. 6d.

Letter from PROFESSOR MAX MÜLLER, University of Oxford, May 1867. “MY DEAR SIR, I am very happy to find that my anticipations as to the success of your Grammar have been fully realized. Your book does not require any longer a godfather, but if you wish me to act as such, I shall be most happy to have my name connected with your prosperous child.-Yours very truly,

MAX MÜLLER. “ To Mons. C. H. Schneider, Edinburgh High School."

The French New Testament. The most approved

PROTESTANT VERSION, and the one in general use in the FRENCH

REFORMED CHURCHES. Pocket Edition, roan, gilt edges, 1s. 6d. Chambaud's Fables Choisies. With a Vocabulary

containing the meaning of all the Words. By Scot and WELLS. 2s. Le Petit Fablier. With Vocabulary. For Junior Classes.

By G. M. GIBSON, late Rector of the Bathgate Academy. 1s. 6d.

Standard Pronouncing Dictionary of the French and

ENGLISH LANGUAGES. In Two PARTS. Part I. French and English.- Part II. English and French. By GABRIEL SURENNE, late Professor in the Scottish Naval and Military Academy, etc. The First Part comprehends Words in Common Use, Terms connected with Science and the Fine Arts, Historical, Geographical, and Biographical Names, with the Pronunciation according to the French Academy and the most eminent Lexicographers and Grammarians. The Second Part is an ample Dictionary of English words, with the Pronunciation according to the best Authorities. The whole is preceded by a Practical and Comprehensive System of French Pronunciation. 78. 6d., strongly bound.

The Pronunciation is shown by a different spelling of the Words. Surenne's French - English and English-French

DICTIONARY, without the Pronunciation. 3s. 6d. strongly bound. Surenne's Fenelon's Telemaque. 2 vols, 1s. each, stiff

wrapper; or bound together, 2s. 6d. Surenne's Voltaire's Histoire de Charles XII.

15. stiff wrapper; or 1s. 6d. bound. Surenne's Voltaire's Histoire de Russie sous Pierre

LE GRAND. 2 vols, 1s. each, stiff wrapper; or bound together,

2s. 60. Surenne's Voltaire's la Henriade. 1s. stiff wrapper ;

or 1s. 6d. bound. Surenne's New French Dialogues ; With an Introduc

tion to French Pronunciation, a Copious Vocabulary, and Models of Epistolary Correspondence. Pronunciation marked throughout. 2s. Surenne's New French Manual and Traveller's

COMPANION. Containing an Introduction to French Pronunciation; a Copious Vocabulary; a very complete Series of Dialogues on Topics of Every-day Life; Dialogues on the Principal Continental Tours, and on the Objects of Interest in Paris; with Models of Epistolary Correspondence. Intended as a Class-book for the Student and a Guide to the Tourist. Map. Pronunciation marked

throughout. 3s. 6d. Surenne's Pronouncing French Primer. Containing

the Principles of French Pronunciation, a Vocabulary of easy and

familiar Words, and a selection of Phrases. 1s. 6d. stiff wrapper. Surenne's Moliere's l'Avare: Comédie. 1s. stiff wrap

per; or 1s. 6d. bound. Surenne’s Moliere's le Bourgeois Gentilhomme :

Comédie. ls. stiff wrapper; or 1s. 60. bound.

Surenne's Moliere's Le Misanthrope: Comédie. Le

MARIAGE FORCE: Comédie. ls. stiff wrapper; or 1s. 6d. bound. Surenne's French Reading Instructor, Reduced to 2s. 6d. Hallard's French Grammar. 3s. 6d. Key, 3s. 6d. Grammar of the French Language. By AUGUSTE

BELJAME, B.A., LL.B., Vice-Principal of the Paris International

College. 2s. Beljame's Four Hundred Practical Exercises. Being a Sequel to Beljame's French Grammar. 2s.

*** Both Books bound together, 38. 6d. The whole work has been composed with a view to conversation, a great number of the Exercises being in the form of questions and answers. First French Class-book, or a Practical and Easy Method

of learning the FRENCH LANGUAGE, consisting of a series of FRENCH and ENGLISH EXERCISES, progressively and grammatically arranged. By JULES CARON, F.E.I.S., French Teacher, Edin. 15. KEY, 1s.

This work follows the natural mode in which a child learns to speak its own language, by repeating the same words and phrases in a great variety of forms until the pupil becomes familiar with their use. Caron's First French Reading-book: Being Easy and

Interesting Lessons, progressively arranged. With a copious Vocabulary of the Words and Idioms in the text. 1s. Caron's Principles of French Grammar. With numerous

Exercises. 2s. KEY, 2s. Spectator.—“May be recommended for clearness of exposition, gradual progression, and a distinct exhibition to the mind through the eye by means of typographical display: the last an important point where the subject admits of it.” An Easy Grammar of the French Language. With


Modern Languages. 1s. 4d. KEY, 8d. Christison's Recueil de Fables et Contes Choisis,

à l'Usage de la Jeunesse. ls. 4d. Christison's Fleury's Histoire de France, Racontée

à la Jeunesse. With Translations of the difficult Passages. 2s. 6d. French Extracts for Beginners. With a Vocabulary

and an Introduction. By F. A. WOLSKI, Master of the Foreign

Language Department in the High School of Glasgow. 23. 6d. Wolski's New French Grammar. With Exercises. 3s.6d.

EDINBURGH ACADEMY CLASS-BOOKS. TAE acknowledged merit of these school-books, and the high reputation of the seminary from which they emanate, almost supersede the necessity of any recommendation. The “Latin" and “Greek Rudiments" form an introduction to these languages at once simple, perspicuous, and comprehensive. The “ Latin Rudiments" contain an Appendix, which renders the use of a separate work on Grammar quite unnecessary; and the list of anomalous verbs in the “Greek Rudiments" is believed to be more extensive and complete than any that has yet appeared in School Grammars of the language. In the “ Latin Delectus" and “Greek Extracts" the sentences have been arranged strictly on the progressive principle, increasing in difficulty with the advancement of the Pupil's knowledge; while the Vocabularies contain an explanation not only of every word, but also of every difficult expression which is found in the works,-thus rendering the acquisition of the Latin and Greek languages both easy and agreeable. The Selections from Cicero embrace the portions of his works which are best adapted for Scholastic tuition.

1. Rudiments of the Latin Language. 2s. *** This work forms an introduction to the language, at once simple, perspicuous,

and comprehensive. 2. Latin Delectus; with a Vocabulary containing an

Explanation of every Word and Difficult Expression which occurs

in the Text. 3s. 6d. 3. Rudiments of the Greek Language; with the Syntax

entirely re-written, and with Accent and Quantity treated of accord

ing to their mutual relations. 3s. 6d. 4. Greek Extracts; with a Vocabulary containing an

Explanation of every Word and of the more Difficult Passages in the Text. 3s. 6d. 5. Selections from Cicero, 3s. 6. Selecta e Poetis Latinis. 35.

Greek Syntax; with a Rationale of the Constructions, by

Jas. CLYDE, LL.D., one of the Classical Masters of the Edinburgh Academy. With Prefatory Notice by John S. BLACKIE, Professor of Greek in the University of Edinburgh. 4th Edition, entirely re-written, and enlarged by a Summary for the use of Learners and

a chapter on Accents. 4s. 6d. Greek Grammar for the Use of Colleges and Schools. By

Professor GEDDES, University of Aberdeen. 4s.

The author has endeavoured to combine the clearness and conciseness of the older Greek Grammars with the accuracy and fulness of more recent ones.

IZE NIBES CLASSICS. 1. Euta's Buttman's Batiment.. ls. 60. 2. Enter's Sailust; vith Footnotes and Translations.

2. Enter's Tirgi: rih Notes and other Illustrations.

5. Hunter's Liry. Bock XXI. to XX. With Critical

and Espiandury Kates. Raised 3

Latin Prose Composition: The Construction of Clauses, w stros Sun Cirert a CESIT; Vocabulary containing

Erinatio efetery and in the Text; and an Index Verborum. By Joan MASSE 41. 35. 63 Dymock's Cæsar; with illustrative Notes, a Historical and

Geograpdical Iaden and a Map of Ancient Gaal. 4. Dymock's Sallust; with Esplanatory Footnotes and a

Historical and Geographical Inder. 25 Cæsar; with Vocabulary explaining every Word in the Text,

Xotes, Map. and Historical Memoir. By WILLIAN M.DOWALL,

late Inspector of the Heriot Foundation Schools, Edinburgh. 35. M Dowall's Virgil; with Memoir, Notes, and Vocabulary

explaining every Word in the Text. 35. Neilson's Entropias et Aurelius Victor; with Vocabu

lary containing the meaning of every Word that occurs in the Text.

Revised by Wu. M.DOWALL. 2s. Lectiones Selectae: or, Select Latin Lessons in Morality,

History, and Biography: for the use of Beginners. With a Vocabulary explaining every Word in the Text. By C. MELVILLE, late

of the Grammar School, Kirkcaldy, 1s. 6d. Macgowan's Lessons in Latin Reading. In Two Parts.

Part I., Improved by H. FRASER HALLE, LL.D. 25. 17th Edition. Part II. 25.6d. The Two Courses furnish a complete Latin Library of Reading, Grammar, and Composition for Beginners, consisting of Lessons which advance in difficulty by easy gradations, accompanied by Exercises in English to be turned into Latin. Each volume contains a complete Dictionary adapted to itself.

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