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Dr White's Elements of Universal History, on a New and Systematic Plan. In THREE PARTS. Part I. Ancient History; Part II. History of the Middle Ages; Part III., Modern History. With a Map of the World. 7s.; or in Parts, 2s. 6d. each. This work contains numerous synoptical and other tables, to guide the researches of the student, with sketches of literature, antiquities, and manners during each of the great chronological epochs. Outlines of the History of Rome; with Questions for

Examination. Edited by Dr WHITE. 1s. 6d.

London Review._"This abridgment is admirably adapted for the use of schools,- the best book that a teacher could place in the hand of a youthful student." Sacred History, from the Creation of the World to the

Destruction of Jerusalem. With Questions for Examination. Edited by Dr WAITE. 1s. 60.

Baptist Magazine.—"An interesting epitome of sacred history, calculated to inspire the young with a love of the divine records, as well as to store the mind with knowledge." Elements of General History, Ancient and Modern. To

which are added, a Comparative View of Ancient and Modern Geography, and a Table of Chronology. By ALEXANDER FRASER TYTLER, Lord Woodhouselee, formerly Professor of History in the University of Edinburgh. New Edition, with the History continued.

With two large Maps, etc. 35. 6d. Watts' Catechism of Scripture History, and of the

Condition of the Jews from the Close of the Old Testament to the Time of Christ. With INTRODUCTION by W. K. TWEEDIE,

D.D. 2s. Simpson's History of Scotland; with an Outline of the

British Constitution, and Questions for Examination at the end of

each Section. 3s. 63. Simpson's Goldsmith's History of England; with the Narrative brought down to the Middle of the Nineteenth Century. To which is added an Outline of the British Constitution. With

Questions for Examination at the end of each Section. 3s. 6d. Simpson's Goldsmith's History of Greece. With

Questions for Examination at the end of each Section. 3s. 6d. Simpson's Goldsmith's History of Rome. With Questions

for Examination at the end of each Section. 3s. 6d.

14 Writing, Arithmetic, and Book-keeping.


This section will be found to contain works in extensive use in many of the best schools in the United Kingdom, The successive editions have been carefully revised and amended. Arithmetic adapted to the New Code, in Three Parts.

By ALEXANDER TROTTER, Teacher of Mathematics, Edinburgh. Parts I. and II., embracing the first four Standards, are now Ready. Each containing 36 pages, 2d., stiff wrapper. Answers to Parts

I. and II., price 3d. each. Part III. in Preparation. Practical Arithmetic for Junior Classes. By HENRY

G. C. Smith, Teacher of Arithmetic and Mathematics in George

Heriot's Hospital. 64 pages, 6d. stift wrapper. Answers, 6d. From the Rev. Philip KELLAND, A.M., F.R.SS. L. & E., late Fellow of Queens' College, Cambridge, Professor of Mathematics in the University of Edinburgh.

“I am glad to learn that Mr Smith's Manual for Junior Classes, the MS. of which I have examined, is nearly ready for publication. Trusting that the Illustrative Processes which he has exhibited may prove as efficient in other hands as they have proved in his own, I have great pleasure in recommending the work, being satisfied that a better Arithmetician and a more judicious Teacher than Mr Smith is not to be found."

Practical Arithmetic for Senior Classes; being a Can

tinuation of the above. By HENRY G. C. SMITH. 2s. Answers, 6d. KEY, 2s. 6d.

** The Exercises in both works, which are copious and original, have been constructed so as to combine interest with utility. They are accompanied by illustrative processes. Lessons in Arithmetic for Junior Classes. By JAMES

TROTTER. 66 pages, 6d. stiff wrapper; or 8d. cloth. Answers, 6d.

This book was carefully revised, and enlarged by the introduction of Simple Examples of the various rules, worked out at length and fully explained, and of Practical Exercises, by the Author's son, Mr Alexander Trotter, Teacher of Mathematics, etc., Edinburgh; and to the present edition Exercises on the proposed Decimal Coinage have been added. Lessons in Arithmetic for Advanced Classes; being a Continuation of the Lessons in Arithmetic for Junior Classes. Containing Vulgar and Decimal Fractions; Simple and Compound Proportion, with their Applications; Simple and Compound Interest; Involution and Evolution, etc. By ALEXANDER TROTTER. New Edition, with Exercises on the proposed Decimal Coinage. 76 pages, 6d. in stiff wrapper; or 8d. cloth. Answers, 6d.

Each subject is also accompanied by an example fully worked out and minutely explained. The Exercises are numerous and practical.

Writing, Arithmetic, and Book-keeping. 15

A Complete System of Arithmetic, Theoretical and

Practical; containing the Fundamental Rules, and their Application to Mercantile Computations; Vulgar and Decimal Fractions; Involution and Evolution; Series; Annuities, Certain and Contingent. By Mr TROTTER. 35. KEY, 4s. 6d. ** All the 3400 Exercises in this work are new. They are applicable to the business of real life, and are framed in such a way as to lead the pupil to reason on the matter. There are upwards of 200 Examples wrought out at length and minutely explained. Ingram's Principles of Arithmetic, and their Application

to Business explained in a Popular Manner, and clearly Illustrated by Simple Rules and Numerous Examples. Remodelled and greatly Enlarged, with Exercises on the proposed Decimal Coinage. By ALEXANDER TROTTER, Teacher of Mathematics, etc., Edinburgh. 1s. KEY, 2s.

Each rule is followed by an example wrought out at length, and is illustrated by a great variety of practical questions applicable to business. Melrose's Concise System of Practical Arithmetic;

containing the Fundamental Rules and their Application to Mercantile Calculations; Vulgar and Decimal Fractions; Exchanges; Involution and Evolution; Progressions ; Annuities, Certain and Contingent, etc. Re-arranged, Improved, and Enlarged, with Exercises on the proposed Decimal Coinage. By ALEXANDER TROTTER, Teacher of Mathematics, etc., in Edinburgh. 1s. 60. KEY, 28. 6d. Each Rule is followed by an example worked out at length, and minutely explained, and by numerous practical Exercises. Hutton's Arithmetic and Book-keeping. 2s. 6d. Hatton's Book-keeping, by TROTTER. 2s.

Sets of Ruled Writing Books,-Single Entry, per set, 1s. 64.; Double Entry, per set, 1s. 60. Stewart's First Lessons in Arithmetic, for Junior Classes;

containing Exercises in Simple and Compound Quantities arranged so as to enable the Pupil to perform the Operations with the greatest facility and correctness. With Exercises on the Proposed Decimal

Coinage. 6d. stiff wrapper. Answers, 6d. Stewart's Practical Treatise on Arithmetic, Arranged

for Pupils in Classes. With Exercises on the proposed Decimal Coinage. ls. 6d. This work includes the Answers; with Questions

for Examination. KEY, 28. Gray's Introduction to Arithmetic; with Exercises on

the proposed Decimal Coinage. 10d. bound in leather. KEY, 28.

Lessons in Arithmetic for Junior Classes. By JAMES MACLAREN, Master of the Classical and Mercantile Academy, Hamilton Place, Edinburgh. 6d. stiff wrapper.

The Answers are annexed to the several Exercises. Maclaren's Improved System of Practical Book.

KEEPING, arranged according to Single Entry, and adapted to General Business. Exemplified in one set of Books. 1s. 6d.

A Set of Ruled Writing Books, expressly adapted for this work, 18. 6d. Scott's First Lessons in Arithmetic. 6d. stiff wrapper.

Answers, 62. Scott's Mental Calculation Text-book. Pupil's Copy, 6d.

Teacher's Copy, 6d.
Copy Books, in a Progressive Series. By R. Scott, late
Writing-Master, Edinburgh. Each containing 24 pages. Price :

Medium paper, 3d; Post paper, 4d.
Scott's Copy Lines, in a Progressive Series, 4d. each.

The Principles of Gaelic Grammar; with the Definitions,

Rules, and Examples, clearly expressed in English and Gaelic; containing copious Exercises for Reading the Language, and for Parsing and Correction. By the Rev. John FORBES, late Minister of Sleat. 3s. 60.

MATHEMATICS, NATURAL PHILOSOPHY, ETC. Ingram's Concise System of Mathematics, Theoretical and Practical, for Schools and Private Students. Improved by

JAMES TROTTER. With 340 Woodcuts. 4s. 6d. KEY, 3s 6d. Trotter's Manual of Logarithms and Practical Mathe

MATICS, for Students, Engineers, Navigators, and Surveyors. 3s. A Complete System of Mensuration; for Schools, Private Students, and Practical Men. By Alex. INGRAM. Improved by JAMES TROTTER. 25. Ingram and Trotter's Euclid. 1s. 6d. Ingram and Trotter's Elements of Algebra, Theoretical

and Practical, for Schools and Private Students. 38.

Music, Drawing, School Registers.


Introductory Book of the Sciences. By James Nicol,

F.R.S.E., F.G.S., Professor of Natural History in the University of Aberdeen. With 106 Woodcuts. 1s. 6d.

SCHOOL SONGS WITH MUSIC, By T. M. HUNTER, Director to the Association for the Revival of

Sacred Music in Scotland. Elements of Vocal Music: An Introduction to the Art of

Reading Music at Sight. Price 6d. ** This Work has been prepared with great care, and is the result of long practical experience in teaching. It is adapted to all ages and classes, and will be found considerably to lighten the labour of both teacher and pupil. The exercises are printed in the standard notation, and the notes are named as in the original Sol-fa System.

CONTENTS.--Music Scales.Exercises in Time.-Syncopation. The Chromatic Scale.-Transposition of Scale.-The Minor Scale.- Part Singing.Explanation of Musical Terms. Hunter's School Songs. With Preface by Rev. JAMES

CURRIE, Training College, Edinburgh. FOR JUNIOR CLASSES : 60 Songs, principally set for two

voices. 4d.-Second Series: 63 Songs. 4d. FOR ADVANCED CLASSES : 44 Songs, principally set for three

voices. 6d.- Second Series: 46 Songs.6d.

School Psalmody; containing 58 Pieces arranged for three voices. 4d.

GEOMETRICAL DRAWING. The First Grade Practical Geometry. Intended chiefly

for the use of Drawing Classes in Elementary Schools taught in connexion with the Department of Science and Art. By JOHN KENNEDY, Head Master of Dundee School of Art. 6d.


Improved Edition. Containing Spaces for 48 Weeks; to which are added, Spaces for a Summary and Order of Merit for each Month, for each Quarter, and for the Year. For Schools in general, and

constructed to furnish information required by Government. 2d. School Register of Attendance, Absence, and Fees :

adapted to the Provisions of the Revised Code, by MORRIS F. Myron. Each folio will serve 50 pupils for a Quarter. 1s.

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