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OF the papers collected in this volume the “Commencement Address at Wellesley College” has been printed in pamphlet form; the “Address to the School Children of Concord ” appears in the memorial volume issued by The Social Circle in Concord and is reprinted with the permission of John Shepard Keyes, Esq.; “The Mistakes of College Life” belongs in a volume of Belmont (California) School Talks and is printed here with the permission of Mr. William T. Reid; “Harvard and the Individual” is reprinted from the Boston Transcript with the permission of Mr. E. H. Clement; and “Mater Fortissima" has appeared in the Harvard Graduates' Magazine. The book, like its predecessor, “School, College, and Character,” contains no new ideas and only a few old ones. In this respect it is much like other collections of sermons—for that the addresses are sermons there is no denying. Sermons or a single sermon ; and the text is twofold: “Be thou faithful unto death,” and “Where there is no vision the peo

ple perish.” L. B. R. BRIGGS.

CAMBRIDGE, September, 1904.


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