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Foreign Literature and Science.1073 LIFE AND CHARACTER OF SAMUEL RICHARD SON.


[From Ballantyne's Novelist's Library.]
The Life of this excellent man, and ingenious author, has been
written, with equal spirit and candour, by Mrs. Barbauld, a name
long dear to elegant literature, and is prefixed to her publication of
the Author's Correspondence, published by Philips, in six volumes,
in 1804. The leading circumstances of these simple annals are
necessarily extracted from that performance, to which the present
Editor has no means of adding any thing of consequence.

Samuel RICHARDSON was born in Derbyshire, in the year 1689.
His father was one of many sons, sprung from a family of middling
note, which had been so far reduced, that the children were brought
up to mechanical trades. His mother was also decently descended,
but an orphan, left such in infancy by the death of her father and
mother, cut off within half an hour of each other by the great pes-
tilence in 1663. Her name is not mentioned. His father was a
joiner, and connected by employment with the unhappy Duke of
Monmouth, after whose execution he retired to Shrewsbury, ap-
prehensive, perhaps, of a fate similar to that of College, his brother
in trade, and well known in those times by the title of the Pro-
testant Joiner.

Having sustained severe losses in trade, the elder Richardson
was unable to give his son Samuel more than a very ordinary edu-
cation; and our author, who was to rise so high in one depart-
ment of literature, was left unacquainted with any language except-
ing his own. Under all these disadvantages, and perhaps in some
degree owing to their existence, young Richardson very early fol-
lowed, with a singular bias, the course which was most likely
render his name

We give his own words, for they can
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