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2 Sold. How now, masters?

How now? How now? do you hear this?

[Several speaking together. 1 Sold.

Ay ; Is't not strange? 3 Sold. Do you hear, masters ? do you hear ?

1 Sold. Follow the noise so far as we have quarter; Let's see how't will give off. Sold. [Several speaking.] Content: 'Tis strange.


[blocks in formation]


and Others, attending. Ant. Eros ! mine armour, Eros ! Cleo.

Sleep a little. Ant. No, my chuck.--Eros, come; mine armour,

Eros !

Enter Eros, with Armour.

Come, my good fellow, put thine iron on :-
If fortune be not our's to-day, it is
Because we brave her.Come.

Nay, I'll help too.
What's this for?

Ah, let be, let be! thou art
The armourer of my heart :-False, false; this, this.

Cleo. „Sooth, la, l'll help : Thus it must be.

Well, well; We shall thrive now. See'st thou, my good fellow?

Go, put on thy defences.

Briefly,' sir.
Cleo. Is not this buckled well ?

Rarely, rarely:
He that unbuckles this, till we do please
To doff't' for our repose, shall hear a storm.-
Thou fumblest, Eros ; and my queen's a squire
More tight at this, than thou: Despatch.- love,
That thou could'st see my wars to-day, and knew'st
The royal occupation ! thou should'st see

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Enter an Officer, armed.
A workman in't.-Good morrow to thee; welcome :
Thou look’st like him that knows a warlike charge:
To business that we love, we rise betime,
And go to it with delight.
1 Off

A thousand, sir,
Early though it be, have on their riveted trim,3
And at the port expect you.

[Shout. Trumpets. Flourish.
Enter other Officers, and Soldiers.
2 Off. The morn is fair.—Good morrow, general.
All. Good morrow, general.

'Tis well blown, lads.
This morning, like the spirit of a youth
That means to be of note, begins betimes.-
So, so ; come, give me that : this way; well said,
Fare thee well, dame, whate'er becomes of me:
This is a soldier's kiss : rebukable, [Kisses her.

9 Shortly.

I Put off.

3 Riveted dress, armour.

2 Handy.



And worthy shameful check it were, to stand
On more mechanick compliment; I'll leave thee,
Now, like a man of steel..You, that will fight,
Follow me close ; I'll bring you to't.-Adieu.

[Exeunt ANTONY, EROS, Officers, and

Char. Please you, retire to your chamber?

He goes forth gallantly. That he and Cæsar might
Determine this great war in single fight!
Then, Antony,-But now,-Well, on. [Exeunt.

Lead me,


Antony's Camp near Alexandria.

Trumpets sound. Enter ANTONY and Eros; a

Soldier meeting them. Sold. The gods make this a happy day to Antony! Ant. 'Would, thou and those thy scars had once

prevail'd To make me fight at land ! Sold.

Had'st thou done so, The kings that have revolted, and the soldier That has this morning left thee, would have still Follow'd thy heels. Ant.

Who's gone

this morning ? Sold.

Who? One ever near thee : Call for Enobarbus, He shall not hear thee; or from Cæsar's camp Say, I am none of thine. Ant.

What say'st thou ? Sold.


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He is with Cæsar.

Sir, his chests and treasure
He has not with him.

Is he gone?

Most certain. Ant. Go, Eros, send his treasure after ; do it; Detain no jot, I charge thee : write to him (I will subscribe) gentle adieus, and greetings: Say, that I wish he never find more cause To change a master.-0, my fortunes have Corrupted honest men :-Eros, despatch. [Exeunt.


Cæsar's Camp before Alexandria,
Flourish. Enter CÆSAR with AGRIPPA, ENOBAR-

BUS, and Others.
Cæs. Go forth, Agrippa, and begin the fight :
Our will is, Antony be took alive ;
Make it so known.
Agr. Cæsar, I shall.

Cæs. The time of universal peace is near :
Prove this a prosperous day, the three-nook'd world
Shall bear the olive freely.

Enter a Messenger.

Is come into the field.

Go, charge Agrippa
Plant those that have revolted in the van,
That Antony may seem to spend his fury
Upon himself.

[Exeunt CÆJAR and his Train

Eno. Alexas did revolt; and went to Jewry,
On affairs of Antony; there did persuade
Great Herod to incline himself to Cæsar,
And leave his master Antony : for this pains,
Cæsar hath hang'd him. Canidius, and the rest
That fell away, have entertainment, but
No honourable trust. I have done ill ;
Of which I do accuse myself so-sorely,
That I will joy no more.

Enter a Soldier of Cæsar's.

Enobarbus, Antony
Hath after thee sent all thy treasure, with
His bounty overplus : The messenger
Came on my guard; and at thy tent is now,
Unloading of his mules,

Eno. I give it you.

Mock me not, Enobarbus.
I tell you true : Best that you saf'd the bringer
Out of the host; I must attend mine office,
Or would have done't myself. Your emperor
Continues still a Jove.

[Erit Soldier Eno. I am alone the villain of the earth, And feel I am so most. O Antony, Thou mine of bounty, how would'st thou have paid My better service, when my turpitude Thou dost so crown with gold! This blows 4 my

heart : If swift thought break it not, a swifter mean Shall outstrike thought : but thought will do't, I feel. I fight against thee!-No: I will go seek

4 Swells.

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