Reports to the General Assembly of Illinois, Volume 2


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Página 17 - ... receiving state aid, and ascertain whether the moneys appropriated for their aid are or have been economically and judiciously expended; whether the objects of the several institutions ar.e accomplished; whether the laws in relation to them are fully complied with...
Página 11 - ... shall be appointed for one year, one for two years, one for three years, one for four years, and one for five years.
Página 201 - The clothing to be furnished each patient, upon being sent to the hospital, shall not be less than the following: For a male, three new shirts, a new and substantial coat. vest, and two pairs of pantaloons of woolen cloth, three pairs of woolen socks, a black or dark stock or cravat...
Página 201 - If the insane person be a pauper, it shall be the duty of the judge of the county court to see that he is furnished with the necessary amount of substantial clothing at the time he is sent to the hospital, and from time to time while he remains a patient in the hospital, and that he be removed therefrom when required by the trustees ; the expense of such clothing and removal shall be paid out of the county treasury, upon the certificate of the judge of the county court.
Página 40 - In 1871, the people of the state, by their representatives, granted it an independent existence and a charter. But it still occupies leased property in the city of Jacksonville, for which it pays an annual rental of one thousand dollars.
Página 152 - An Act to enable counties, cities, townships, school districts, and other municipal corporations to take up and cancel outstanding bonds and other evidences of indebtedness, and fund the same," ' approved and in force March 26, 1872, all provisions of which act have been duly complied with.
Página 139 - The success of the experiment was instrumental two years later in the passage of " an act to establish the Illinois Institution for the Education of the Blind.
Página 17 - The appropriation made at the last session of the Legislature for the erection of a suitable building, was found to be inadequate for the purpose ; and although the trustees have procured a site, they have very properly abstained from entering into further engagements that would involve expenditures beyond the amount directed by the Legislature. In their annual report they will...
Página 11 - ... of the same ; the condition of the buildings, grounds and other property connected therewith, and into all other matters pertaining to their usefulness and good management ; and for these purposes they shall have free access to the grounds, buildings and all books and papers relating to said institutions; and all persons now or hereafter...
Página 141 - Each general assembly shall provide for all the appropriations necessary for the ordinary and contingent expenses of the government until the adjournment of the next regular session, the aggregate amount of which shall not be increased without a vote of two-thirds of each house, nor...

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