Beethoven and His Forerunners

Macmillan, 1904 - 352 páginas

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Página 336 - Beyond this place of wrath and tears Looms but the Horror of the shade, And yet the menace of the years Finds and shall find me unafraid. It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.
Página 292 - I foresee a new mechanic power:" no, but he finds himself in the river of the thoughts and events, forced onward by the ideas and necessities of his contemporaries. He stands where all the eyes of men look one way, and their hands all point in the direction in which he should go. The church has reared him amidst rites and pomps, and he carries out the advice which her music gave him, and builds a cathedral needed by her chants and processions.
Página 98 - Yet painting had to omit the very pith and kernel of Christianity as conceived by devout, uncompromising purists. Nor did it do what the Church would have desired. Instead of riveting the fetters of ecclesiastical authority, instead of enforcing mysticism and asceticism, it really restored to humanity the sense of its own dignity and beauty, and helped to prove the untenability of the mediaeval standpoint ; for art is essentially and uncontrollably free, and, what is more, is free precisely in that...
Página 277 - Speak louder, shout ! for I am deaf! Alas ! how could I proclaim the deficiency of a sense which ought to have been more perfect with me than with other men — a sense which I once possessed in the highest perfection, to an extent, indeed, that few of my profession ever enjoyed ! Alas ! I cannot do this ! Forgive me therefore when you see me withdraw from you with whom I would so gladly mingle. My misfortune is doubly severe from causing me to be misunderstood. No longer can I enjoy recreation in...
Página 74 - It is as far as possible removed from profane suggestion; in its ineffable calmness, and an indescribable tone of chastened exultation, pure from every trace of struggle, with which it vibrates, it is the most adequate emblem of that eternal repose toward which the believer yearns.
Página 189 - MD I am so truly anxious about you. I must write to beg to know how you do ? I was very sorry I had not the pleasure of Seeing you this Evening, my thoughts have been constantly with you and indeed my DL no words can express half the tenderness and affection I feel for you. I thought you seemed out of Spirits this morning. I wish I could always remove every trouble from your mind, be assured my D : I partake with the most perfect sympathy in all your sensations and my regard for you is Stronger every...
Página 277 - I joyfully hasten to meet Death. If he comes before I have had the opportunity of developing all my artistic powers, then, notwithstanding my cruel fate, he will come too early for me, and I should wish for him at a more distant period; but even then I shall be content, for his advent will release me from a state of endless suffering. Come when he may, I shall meet him with courage. Farewell! Do not quite forget me, even in death: I deserve this from you, because during my life I so often thought...
Página 270 - I, come together, even the high and mighty perceive what is to be considered great in men like us. Yesterday, on our way home, we met the whole Imperial Family. We saw them coming from a distance, and Goethe separated from me to stand aside: say what I would, I could not make him advance another step.
Página 276 - O ! you who think or declare me to be hostile, morose, and misanthropical, how unjust you are, and how little you know the secret cause of what appears thus to you...
Página 248 - ... Greek, and Beethoven more Christian. One is serene, the other serious. The first is stronger than destiny, because he takes life less profoundly ; the second is less strong, because he has dared to measure himself against deeper sorrows. His talent is not always equal to his genius, and pathos is his dominant feature, as perfection is that of Mozart. In Mozart the balance of the whole is perfect, and art triumphs ; in Beethoven feeling governs everything, and emotion troubles his art in proportion...

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