Not Another Teen Rally

Xulon Press, 2007 - 192 páginas
There is an exciting move of God coming where the youth will be used to bring a compelling reformation. Christ is looking for young warriors, armed and ready to wage war over this generation. Arise young soldier, and be prepared to have your heart changed, as well as the heart of your generation transformed! Not Another Teen Rally presents essential key elements in how to change your generation. Topics include: . What teen rallies do and don't do . How to be a Christian youth in a world gone wrong . Effective prayer . Lifestyle evangelism . Starting an effective campus club . Keeping your faith strong through college and into the workplace . Defending your values from a Biblical perspective Now is the time to change your world for Christ! Rise up and defend the truth by understanding biblical principles and effectively communicating them. Transformation must start on a individual level and that individual is you! Gabrielle Jackson is a college student in California majoring in public policy. After nine years of Christian school, she transferred to a public high school for the opportunity to stand for her faith. God moved on her heart to organize See You At The Pole at her school. She helped start a campus Christian club which effectively witnessed to their school by hosting interactive discussions, evangelism outreaches, and Bible distribution. God also put it on her heart to create an informational guide for students to witness to their peers. This project is known as Generation Truth and encompasses various topics teens face. Gabrielle is the assistant tennis coach at her former high school and enjoys interacting with the youth. God has impressed upon Gabrielle to effectively communicate her passion for this generation through a handbook which would train and equip students to stand for their faith. This is that book.

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