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Boston Daily Advertiser. These Sermons were listened to with great interest when delivered, and the following opinion of them, from a distant country, will, we doubt not, be responded to by many :

Extract of a letter from Rev. James Hamilton, D. D., London, to a gentleman in Boston, February 8, 1853.

56 Many thanks do I owe you for your valuable present of Dr. Adams's Discourses. They are at once so sound and so fresh, so solid and so lively, so full of instruction and so practical, that I am sure they will be very popular and useful. Even outwardly it is a noble book. A London publisher, to whom I showed it, was quite struck with its beautiful typography.”

New York Evangelist. The beauty of style, tenderness of feeling, and richness of doctrinal and experimental truth which the Discourses display, are of high order. Some of the portraitures of character are exquisite, and the hand of the artist is visible in all.

New York Journal of Commerce. They enrich and adorn our Christian literature. We have to ascribe it to the fine creative talent of the preacher that these examples of faith and love toward Christ are reproduced in the full power of their actual life and beauty.

New York Observer. Greatly refreshed and strengthened have we been by the perusal of these Sermons. Fragrant with the gentle spirit of the gospel, they are eminently fitted to mould and improve the character, while they inspire thé earnest sentiments of devotion in the heart.

New York Independent. This beautiful volume will become a favorite in very many Christian families.

We can suggest no book more appropriate than this to those who would supply themselves with a choice and fragrant alabaster box of religious instruction, or who would give such to their friends.

Portland Christian Mirror. A happy conception, this series of Discourses, and as happily executed. Without affectation or bluster, they quietly find their way to the conscience and the heart. You find within you meltings of spirit, yearnings of heart. without any forewarnings of such effects. It is a precious family book; a treasure to any member of the family of Christ.

New York Correspondent of Puritan Recorder. Through the kindness of a friend in Boston, your correspondent has enjoyed the privilege of reading the “Friends of Christ in the New Testament.” A book so rich in evangelical truth, so full of graphic descriptions of Scripture scenes, and so admirable in its tone of Christian feeling, must be, sooner or later, widely read.

Philadelphia Christian Observer. A beautiful book in every respect — able, rich in thought, eloquent in the best sense of the term, commending the truth in holy beauty. Those who dare not encounter the reading of a volume of sermons will not be likely to lay this book aside unread.

Western Christian Advocate, (Cincinnati, O.) The work is possessed of superior merit.

Bibliotheca Sacra, (Andover.) These themes have the charm of novelty. They are treated with an originality, an unction, an inwardness of spirit, which in these days of common. place and outwardness make one's soul to come again.

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