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at the realiff. And when they come agayne to ther owne watche, then two other, wherof one to have the watchworde and the other not, shall goo forthe in manner and forme as before is saide. And soo continually duering that night till the releef in the morning, and shall not depart the walles till the kayes of the Lanterne gate with the warde be come to the gate; and then they to come downe, and tarry till the warde be come to the gate.

The residue of the Counsailors' Banner Watches in the herring tyme.

The kinges deputie shall, the seconde night, kepe the saide watche in manner and forme as is bifore saide of the comptroller, and with the nombre of speres and souldiers to attend upon hym as bifore rehersid, and the same to be named by the treasurer or vice-treasurer in his absence; and soo every of the counsaillors shall kepe nightlie ther watches as ther courses shall come aboute, with the nomber of persons to attend upon them as bifore expressed, and to be named by the treasurer as aforesaid.

The ordre of the Mayor and Aldermen's Watche in herring tyme.

Wheras within our towne of Callice ys one mayor and certayne aldermen, it is ordeyned that is. of them by curse shall nightlie during the saide tyme kepe watche in ther counsaill chamber upon the Market, with a sufficient company of commenars to furnyshe the same watche in manner and forme following; that is to saye, that ij. aldermen appointed shall have the watchworde for that night, and at viij. of the clock in the night shalbe in the counsaill chamber with ther company, and shall cause one cresset to be hanged forthe out of ther chamber into the Market with sufficient light to be mayntened therin for that night; and at ix. of the clok the saide aldermen shall call iiij. of the watchmen, and shall gyve ij. of them the watchworde, and the other ij. shall not have it; and then the saide watchmen shall devide themselves, and goo forthe, ij. one waie, and ij. the other waie, to serche the stretes rounde aboute the towne to see that good rule be kept; and if they finde any mysdemeanours, suspect persons or straungers stirring in the strets, they shall bring them to the aldermen of the watche, or els to the marshalles pryson, as the case requireth; and when they have made due serche by the space of one howre, then they shall retorne againe and make reaport to the aldermen what they have herd and seen; and that done, shall goo forthe iiij. moo of the saide watche, which shall use themselves in lyke manner, and soo they shall doo from tyme to tyme all [th]at night, till they be realived in the morning by the daye watche.

The ordre of the ty. Counsaillors' Watches in the Cristmas season.

It is ordeymed that the vi. counsaillors bifore named in the Banner watche shall, by lyke order, kepe severall watches in ther houses, with like nombre of officers, speres, and souldiers, as to them assigned bifore in the Banner watche in manner and forme following, that is to saye : the comptroller for tyme being shall commaunde the tipstaff appointed to gyve hym attendaunce upon Christmas daye, to warne all his companie appointed to watche with hym that night, to be at his lodging at viij. of the clok; at which hower, when they be assembled, the said tipstaff shall call the bill of ther names, and if any of them make defaulte, the comptroller shall furnyshe the saide rome at the coste of hym that lackethe, and of the said defaultes the tipstaff shall make reaport the nexte daye to the kinges deputie, that he or they soo lacking may be punyshed accordingly; and when the rowmes be furnyshed, the saide comptroller shall give the watchworde with the bill of the names that watchithe that night, to one of the speres that attendithe that night for the king, commaunding hym to see that good watche be kept, and that due serche be made in the stretes that night; and that done the comptroller may take his rest; and then the spere having the watchworde, shall send forthe ij. of the saide watche to the Castell strete, geving one of them the castell to our Lady in the walle, and shall serche the bak stretes on bothe sydes of the saide Castell strete; and he shall sende other ii. of the watche, geving one of them the watchworde, to the Westhouse; and they shall serche the saide strete till they come to the Mylkgate, and shall serch the crosse stretes on bothe the sydes of the Mylkgate street; and if any of the said serchers mete with any person or persons in the stretes mysordering themselves, they shall bring them to hym that hathe the charge of the watche for that night, or else to the marshalles prison, as the case requireth ; and when the iiij. serche watche hathe so ordered themselves by the space of one howre, then they shall retorne againe to the comptroller's lodging, and ther shall make reaport what they have herd, sene, and done unto hym that hathe the charge of the watche for that night; and thenne he that soo hathe the charge of the serche watche shall sende furthe other iiij. which shall order themselves as bifore ys saide, and soo shall use themselves from hower to hower during the hole night, till the watche be releived in the morning by the daye watche. And in like manner and forme every of the saide vi. counsaillors, with ther companions assigned to them by the treasurer as ys abovesaid in the Banner watche, shall kepe ther watche by lyke ordering in ther houses, with lyk seremonies as the comptroller bifore hathe done during the saide xij. nightes.

The ordre of the Mayor and Aldermen's Watches in the Christmas Season.

The mayor and aldermen, during the said Cristmas season, shall kepe ther watches in ther counsell chamber upon the Market, in lyke manner and forme with like seremonies as before expressed in ther watche made in herring tyme.

The Warde at the Gate.

First, whereas it ys before ordered, that one vintener with his hole vinteney shall kepe the stand watche, and two constables with the constableries shall kepe the serche watches upon the est and west howses upon the walle, it is ordeyned, that the saide vintener and constables shall kepe ther wardes in ther owne persons, except they or any of them have a lawfull excuse. And he or they that so shall have lawfull excuse, shall put in his or ther places suche able person or other persons as shalbe thought mete by the kinges deputie marshall, or under-marshall, or some other of the counsaill in ther absence, in manner and forme following ; that is to saye, the seconde next after the night watche, as soone as the daye watche shall strike doune, the saide vintener and constables, with ther saide companies, shall come to the Market, and remayne till the porters of the gate shall come to the Market, and from thens they shall accompany the saide porters to the kinges deputies lodging, wher the saide porters shall receyve the kayes of the gates; and from thens they shall accompany the saide kayes unto the gates that for that daye shalbe opened. And the saide vintener and constables, with ther hole felowship, after the firste opening of the saide gate and gates, during the tyme they shalbe opened, shall not depart more than fyve of the vinteney and iij. of the constables at one tyme, and that by licence of the saide vintener and constables; and they that so shall have licence, shall not tarry but reasonable tyme, so that other of ther fellowship maye have reasonable libertie, and the warde at all tymes sufficiently furnyshed. And so they shall use them contynually till the saide gate or gates be shit at night, upon peyne, every one offending contrarie to the premisses shall lose his dayes wages for the first default, and for the seconde defaulte xijd. to our sovereign lord the king, and for the thirde defaulte to be punished at the discrecion of the kinges deputie, or of his deputie in his absence. And if the saide vintener or constables do licence any moo of ther saide companies otherwise then before ys rehersed, they and eyther of them that soo offendithe shall runne in peyne and penaltes bifore specified. And the saide vintener and constables, with ther hole companies, shall accompany the saide kayes to and from all places whersoever they shall be come for that daye apon [pain] of imprysonment and further punyshment at the discrecion of the deputie, marshall, and under-marshall, or other of the counsaill in ther absence. And if any of the saide counsaill disdayne and will not followe the saide ordynaunces, they and every of them soo offending shall runne in the saide paymes bifore rehersed. And that no man make any affraye, debate, or take any parte within the saide warde howses one with another, or within any of the towne gates, upon payne of losing his lief; and that no man rebell against his vintener or constable upon payne of xl. daies imprisonement. Also, it is ordeyned, that in the hering tyme the saide hole warde shall in ther hermes * kepe ther wardes during daylye the saide herring tyme. And also, every of the vi. counsailors, as ther courses commyth abowte, the seconde daye nexte after this Banner watche, shalbe ther in his and ther proper persons, at the firste opening of the gates, with suche nombre of speres, archers on horsback, and souldiers as were appointed to watche with them in the saide Banner watche. And he and they to have in like case ther f and ther hernes and axes by them within the saide warde, and they to accompany the kayes for that daye with the warde aforesaid.

* harness. + So in the MS.

The ordre of the Warde in the Market Place every daye.

First, the vintener and his companie, as courses shall come aboute, the seconde daye next after they have made the scoutwatche without the gate, shall, at the stryking downe of the watche bell, be in the Market with his ix. companions, and ther to remayne in the somer tyme till vij. of the clok, and in winter till ix. of the clock. And if any of the saide companie be not ther, the marshall or under-marshall finding the saide defaulte shall commaunde a tipstaff to bring hym or them soo being absent to prison. And if he that kepethe the daye watche come downe and shewe to the marshall or under-marshall that the myste ys soo grete that he cannot see his mark, the saide marshall or under-marshall [shall] commaunde the saide vintener, with his saide companions that is soo in the Market, incontinent to repaier to the walles, and ther to walke aboute the saide walles till it be a xj. of the clok, and then they to be relevied with the ij. daies watches of the walles, that is to saye, the kepers of the west and est houses of the walles, and they to remayne and walke aboute the saide walles till the opening of the gates, at which tyme if the daye prove not cleare, then the saide vintener, with his ix. companions, shall repaire agayne to the walles, and ther to remayne till the daye be cleare, or els to the shitting of the gates; and if the saide vintener, or any of his companions, make any defaulte, and be not presented to the marshall or under-marshall, the saide marshall or undermarshall shall commaunde a tipstaff to bring hym or them soo being absent to warde. And upon the market daye, all the constables and vinteners, with ther companions, except those that warde the gates, shalbe in the Market at viij. of the clok; and the speres, with ther pages after them, with ther axes, and archers on horsback, at ix. of the clok, to furnysh the market, till the gates be shutt at xj. of the clok.

The Warde of the Councell in the Passion Wieke.

It is ordeyned, that apon the Maunde thursdaye the kinges deputie, with his speres, archers on horsback, and souldiers that be to hym assigned for the Banner watche, and the maister porter, with his companie of the Banner watche, shalbe in the Market place at the first opening of the gates, and ther shall contynue with their saide companie till the shitting of the gate

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