Nearer and Dearer: A Tale Out of School ... A Novelette

R. Bentley, 1857 - 182 páginas

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Página 90 - OFT, in the stilly night, Ere slumber's chain has bound me, Fond Memory brings the light Of other days around me ; The smiles, the tears, Of boyhood's years, The words of love then spoken ; The eyes that shone, Now dimmed and gone, The cheerful hearts now broken...
Página 113 - tis a service irksome more Than tugging at' the slavish oar ! Yet such his task — a dismal truth — Who watches o'er the bent of youth, And while, a paltry stipend earning, He sows the richest seeds of learning, And tills their minds with proper care, And sees them their due produce bear, No joys, alas ! his toil beguile ; His own lies fallow all the while. " Yet still he's on the road,
Página 45 - To bid me not to love, Is to forbid my pulse to move, My beard to grow, my ears to prick up, Or (when I'm in a fit) to hiccup.
Página 131 - Nay, you say true in that, it's but a folly to lie : for to speak one thing, and to think just the contrary way; is as it were, to look one way, and to row another.
Página 139 - Well, sir, I'm resolved at least to attend you. (Aside.) This may be modern modesty, but I never saw anything look so like old-fashioned impudence.
Página 38 - For my own part, I intend to hunt twice a week during my stay with Sir Roger ; and shall prescribe the moderate use of this exercise to all my country friends, as the best kind of physic for mending a bad constitution, and preserving a good one.
Página 122 - ... T is in my blood and brain. All things have something more than barren use ; There is a scent upon the brier, A tremulous splendour in the autumn dews, Cold morns are fringed with fire ; The clodded earth goes up in sweet-breathed flowers ; In music dies poor human speech, And into beauty blow those hearts of ours, When Love is born in each. Life is transfigured in the soft and tender Light of Love, as a volume dun Of rolling smoke becomes a wreathed splendour In the declining sun.
Página 101 - The sun and day shall sooner part, Than love or you shake off my heart ; The sun, that shall no more dispense His own, but your bright influence. I'll carve your name on barks of trees, With true-love knots and flourishes, That shall infuse eternal spring, And everlasting flourishing; Drink every letter on't in stum, And make it brisk champaign become.
Página 175 - While nothing else, but rem in re, Can set the proudest wretches free ; A slavery, beyond enduring, But that 'tis of their own procuring : As spiders never seek the fly But leave him, of himself, t...
Página 131 - I'm not for keeping anything under hatches, - so that if you ben't as willing as I, say so a God's name, there's no harm done; mayhap you may be shamefaced, some maidens tho'f they love a man well enough, yet they don't care to tell'n so to's face: if that's the case, why silence gives consent.

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