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no further visitation, but all visitation or search shall be made before-hand, and all prohibited goods shall be stopped on the spot before the fame be put on board, unless there are manifest tokens.or proofs of fraudulent practice; nor shall either the persons or goods of the subjects of his Most Christian Majesty, or the United States, be put under any arrest or molested by any other kind of embargo for that cause, and only the subject of that State to whom the said goods have been or shall be prohibited, and who shall presume to sell or alienate such sort of goods, fhall be duly punished for the offence.

ARTICLE XXIX. The two contracting parties grant mutually the liberty of having each in the ports of the other consuls, vice-consuls, agents and commiffaries, whose functions shall be reguJated by a particular agreement.

ARTICLE XXX. And the more to favour and facilitate the commerce which the subjects of the United States may have with France, the most Christian King will grant them in Europe one or more free ports, where they may bring and dispose of al] the produce and merchandize of the Thir


teen United States; and his Majeity will also continue to the subjects of the said States, the free ports which have been and are open in the French islands of America, of all which free ports the said - subjects of the United States shall enjoy the use, agreeable to the regulations which relate to them.

ARTICLE XXXI. The present Treaty shall be ratified on both fides, and the ratifications shall be exchanged in the space of six months, or sooner, if poffible. In Faith WHEREOF the respective Plenipo

tentiaries have signed the above articles both in the French and English languages ; declaring, nevertheless, that the present Treaty was originally composed and concluded in the French language, and

they have thereto affixed their seals, DO NE at Paris, this Sixth Day of

February, One Thousand Şeven Hundred

and Seventy-Eight. - (L. S.) C. A. GERARD. .. (L.S.) B. FRANKLIN.




nxed their seals,

Form of the Pasports and Letters which are

to be given to the Ships and Barques according to the Twenty-fifth Article of this Treaty. To all who shall see these presents, Greeting,

IT is hereby made known, that leave and permission has been given to master and commander of the ship called

of the town of burthen tons or thereabouts, lying at present in the port and haven of and bound for

and laden with

after that this ship has been visited, and before failing, he shall make oath before the officers who have the jurisdiction of maritime affairs, that the said tip belongs to one or more of the subjects

the act whereof shall be put at the end of these presents ; 2s likewise that he will keep and cause to be kept by his crew on board, the marine ordinances and regulations, and enter in the proper office a list, figned and witnessed, containing the names and firnames, the places of birth and abode of the crew of his ship, and of all who





Thall embark on board her, whom he hall not take on board without the knowledge and permission of the Officers of the Marine ; and in every port or haven where he shall enter with his ship, he shall shew his present leave to the Officers and Judges of the Marine; and shall give a faithful account to them of what paffed and was done during his voyage; and he thall carry the colours, arms and ensign of the King or United States during his voyage. In witness whereof we have signed these presents, and put the seal of our arms thereunto, and caused the same to be countersigned by

at day of

Anno Domini






LOUIS, by the Grace of God, King of France

and Navarre,

To all who shall see these presents, Greeting : THE Congress of the United States of North-Ame

rica having by their. Plenipotentiaries residing in France, proposed to form with us a defensive and eventual alliance : Willing to give the said States an efficacious proof of the interest we take in their profperity, we have determined to conclude the said alliance. For these causes, and other good considerations thereto moving, We, reposing entire confidence in the capacity and experience, zeal and fidelity for our service, of our dear and beloved. Conrad Alexander Gerard, Royal Syndic of the City of Strasbourg, Secretary of our Council of State, have nominated, commiffioned and deputed, and by these presents, signed with our band, do nominate, commission and depute him our Plenipotentiary, giving him power and special command to ačt in this quality, and confer, negociate, treat and agree conjointly with the abovementioned Plenipotentiaries of the United States, invested in the

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