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LIN. All civil officers in each county shall be annually elected on the day of the general election, except Justices of the Peace, and Registers of Probates, who shall be appointed by the House of Assembly,

LIV. Schools erected in each county, and supported at the general expence of the. StSte, as l.he legislature shall hereafter point.

LV. Acourt-house and gaol shall be erected sit the public expence in each county, where the present Convention, or the future legislature, shall point out and direct. ![ o.v .~r:.:;5ii

LVI. All persons whatever shall have the free exercise of their religion, provided it be not repugnant to the peace and safety of the §tate; and shall not, unless by consent, support any teacher or teachers, except those of their own profession. p r.oh..

LVN. The,CJreat Seal of the State shall have the following device: on one side a scroll, whereon shall be engraved, 'the. Conjlitution of the State of Georgia, and the motto, Pro bono tublko; on the other side an elegant house and

other other buildings, fields of corn, and meadows covered with sheep and cattle; a river running thro' the same, with a ihip under full sail, and the motto, Deus nobis hcec otia fecit. ^ r

LVIII. No person shall be allowed to plead In the courts of law in this State, except those who are authorised so to do by the House of Assembly; and if any person so authorised shall be found guilty of mal-practice before the House of Assembly, they mall have power to suspend them. This is not intended to exclude any person from that inherent privilege 6f every freeman, the liberty to plead his own cause, -' \\i [

LIX. Exceffive sines shall rfot be levied, nor, excessive bail demanded. ;;

LX. The principles of the Habeas Corpus Act: shall be part of this Constitution;

LXI. Freedom of the press, and trial by jury, to remain inviolate forever.

'LXII. No Clergyman, of any denomination, shall be allowed a seat in the legislature.

LXIII. No alteration shall be made in this Constitution without petitions from a majority

of of the counties, and the voters in each county within this State; at which time the Assembly shall order a Convention to be called for that purpose, specifying the alterations to be made, according to the petitions preferred to the Assembly by the majority of the counties as aforesaid.



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TREATY of Amity Wcommerce.

LOUIS, by the Grace of God, King of France and Navarre, to all who shall see these "presents, Greeting:

tjsflE Congress of the Thirteen United States of North-America having, by their Plenipotentiaries refiding at Paris, notified their desire to establish with us and our States a good understanding and perfect correspondence, and having for that purpose proposed to conclude with us a Treaty of Amity and Commerce: We having thought it our duty to give to the said States a sensible proof of our affection, determining us to accept of their proposals: For these causes, and other good considerations us thereunto moving, we, reposing entire confidence in the abilities and experience, zeal and fidelity for our service, of our dear and beloved Conrad Alexander Gerard, Royal Syndic of the City of Strasbourg, and Secretary of our Council of State, D d have

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