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VII. The House of Assembly (hall have power to make such laws and regulations as may be conducive to the good order and wellbeing of the State; provided such iaws and regulations be not repugnant to the.true intent and meaning of any rule or regulation contained in this Constitution.

The House of Assembly shall also have power to repeal all laws and ordinances t^hey find injurious to the people: and the House (hall chuse its own Speaker, appoint its own officers, settle its own rules of proceeding, -ami direct Writs of election for supplying intermediate vacancies; and shall have power of adjournment to any time or times within the year-. -";

VIII. All laws and ordinances shall be"trRree times read, and each reading;-shall'be on dtfre-l rent and separate days, except in cafes of great necessity and danger -, and all Taws and ordinances shall be sent to the Executive Council> after the second reading, for their perusal and advice.

IX. Every male white inhabitant, of the age of twenty-one years, and possessed, in his own right, of ten pounds value, and liable to pay tax in this StateV'or beingof any mechanic trade, and who shall have been a resident six months in this


State, shall have a right to vote at all elections for Representatives, or any other officers herein agreed to be chosen by the people at large; and • every person having a right to vote at any election, shall vote by ballot personally.

X- No officer whatever shall serve any process, or give any other hindrance to any person entitled to vote, either in going to the place of election, or during the time of the said election, or on their returning home from such election; nor shall any military officer or soldier appear at any election in a military character, to the intent that all elections may be free and open.

XI. No person shall be entitled to more than one vote, which shall be given :in the county where such person resides, except as before excepted; nor shall any person who holds any title of nobility, be entitled to a vote, or be capable of serving as a Representative, or hold any post of honour, profit, or trust, in this State, whilst such person claims his title of nobility; but if the person shall give up such distinction, in the manner as may be directed by any future legislature, then, and in such cafe, he shall be entitled to a vote, and represent, as

before before directed, and enjoy all the other benefits of a free citizen.

XII. Every person absenting himself from an election, and who shall neglect to give in his or their ballot at such election, mall be subject to a penalty not exceeding five pounds; the mode of recovery, and also the appropriation thereof, to be pointed out and directed by Act of the legislature: provided nevertheless, that a reasonable excuse shall be admitted.

XIII. The manner of electing Representatives shall be by ballot, and shall be taken by two or more Justices of the Peace, in each county, who shall provide a convenient box for receiving the said ballots; and on closing the poll, the ballots shall be compared in public with the lists of voters that have been taken, and the majority immediately declared; a certificate of the same being given to the persons elected, and also a certificate returned to the House of Representatives.

XIV. Every person entitled to vote shall take the following oath or affirmation, if required, viz.

"I, A. B. do voluntarily and solemnly swear, or affirm (as the cafe may be), that I do owe

true true allegiance to this State, and will support the Constitution thereof. So help me, God."

XV. Any rive of the Representatives elected, as before directed, being met, shall have power to administer the following oath to each other; and they or any other Member, being so sworn, shall in the House administer the oath to arlF other Members that attend, in order to qualify them to take their feats, viz.T_.'. lo ^ ..; :. : .zAt

"I, A. B. do solemnly swear, that I will bear true allegiance to the Sta|e of Georgia* and will .truly perform the trust reposed in me; and• that I will execute the same to the best of my knowledge, for the benefit of this State, and the support of the Constitution thereof; ami• that I have obtained my election without fraud or bribe whatever. So help me, God." ,

XVI. The Continental Delegates shall "be appointed annually by ballot, and shall have a right to fit, debate, and vote, iq the House of Assembly, and be deemed, a part thereof; subject, however, to the regulations contained in the twelfth article of the Confederation of the United States, . .-.

XVII. No person bearing any post of profit under this State, Or any person bearing any military commission under this of any other State, or

A a States,

States, except Officers of the Militia, shall be elected a Representative. And if any Reprc tentative shall bp appointed to any place of profit, or military commission, which he shall accept, his feat, shall immediately become vacant, and he .shall-be incapable of re-election, whilst holding such office..

By this: article It is not to be understood, that the office of a Justice of the Peace is a post of profit, 'i ,::..'.;• ::.• .[.J. J. „ ./. ,'

XVIII. No person shall- hold more than one office of profit under this State, at one and the fame time.

XIX. The Governor shall,' with the advice pf the Executive Council, exercise the executive powers of government, according to the laws of this State, and the Constitution thereof; 'save ontyih the case of pardons and remission of fines, which he shall in no instance gtarit; but he may reprieve a criminal, or suspend a fine; iintil'the meeting'of the Assembly, who may Metetrstirie' therein as they shall judge

.XX. The Governor, with'"'the'advice of the Executive "Council, "shall have power to call the House1 of Assembly tagesh'e'ri upon, any emer

, & senc

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