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ever disabled to hold any office under government, or removed from office pro tempore, or subjected to such pains and penalties as the laws shall direct. And all officers shall be removed on conviction of misbehaviour at common law, or on impeachment, or upon the address of the General Assembly.

XXIV. All Acts of Assembly in force in this State on the fifteenth day of May last (and not hereby altered, or contrary to the resolutions of Congress, or of the late House of Assembly of this State), shall so continue until altered or repealed by the legislature of this State, unless where they are temporary, in which cafe- they shall expire at the times respectively limited for their duration.

XXV. The common law of England, as well as so much of the statute law as have been heretofore adopted in practice in this State, shall remain in force, unless they shall be altered by a future law of the legislature; such parts only excepted as are repugnant to the rights and privileges contained in this Constitution, and the Declaration of Rights, &c. agreed to by this Convention.

XXVI. No person hereafter imported into this State from Africa ought to be held in

slavery slavery under any pretence whatever; and no negro, Indian, or mulatto slave, ought to be brought into this State for sale from any part ©f the world.

XXVII. The first election for the General Assembly of this State shall be held on the twenty-first day of October next, at the Court Houses in the several counties, in the manner heretofore used in the election of the Assembly, except as to choice of Inspectors and Assessors, where Assessors have not been chosen on the sixteenth day of September instant, which shall be made on the morning of the day of election, by the electors, inhabitants of the respective hundreds in each county; at which time the Sheriffs and Coroners for the said counties respectively are to be elected; and the present Sheriffs of the counties of Newcastle and Kent may be re-chosen to that office until the first day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy-nine, and the present Sheriff for the county of Sussex may be re-chosen to that office until the first day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventyeight, provided the freemen think proper to re-elect them, at every general election; Q^4 and

and the present Sheriffs and Coroners respee, 'tivelj shall continue to exercise their offices as heretofore, until the Sheriffs and Coroners to be elected on the said twenty-first day of Octo. ber shall be commissioned and sworn into office. The Members of the Legislative Council and Assembly shall meet for transacting the business of the State on the twenty-eighth day of October next, and continue in office until the first day of October which will be in the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy-seven; on which day, and on the first day of October in each year forever after, the Legislative Council, Assembly,Sheriffs, and Coroners,shall bechosen by ballot in manner directed by the several laws of this State for regulating elections of Members of Assembly, and Sheriffs and Coroners; and the General Assembly shall meet on the twentieth day of the same month, for transacting the business of the State; and if any of the said first and twentieth days of October should be Sunday, then, and in such case, the elections shall be held and the General Assem, bly meet the next day following.

XXVIII. To prevent any violence or force

being used at the said elections, no persons shall come armed to any of them; and no muster of she militia shall be made on that day, nor shall any battalion or company give in their votes immediately succeeding each other, if any other voter who offers to vote objects thereto; nor shall any battalion or company in the pay of the Continent, or of this or any other State, be suffered to remain at the time and place of holding the said elections, nor within one mile of the said places respectively, for twenty-four hours before the opening said elections, nor within twenty-four hours after the same arc closed, so as in any manner to impede the freely and conveniently carrying on the said election: provided always, that every elector may in a peaceable and orderly manner give in his vote on the said day of election.

XXIX. There shall be no establishment of anyone religious sect in this State in preference to another; and no Clergyman or Preacher of the Gospel of any denomination shall be capable of holding any civil office in this State, or of being a Member of either of the branches of the legislature, while they continue in the exercise of the pastoral function.

XXX. No article of the Declaration of

Rights Rights and Fundamental Rules of this State, agreed to by this Convention, nor the first, second, fifth (except that part thereof that relates to the right of suffrage), twenty-sixth and twenty-ninth articles of this Constitution, ought ever to be violated on any pretence whatever. No other part of this Constitution shall be altered, changed, or diminished, without the consent of five parts in seven of the Assembly, and seven Members of the Legislative Council. Friday, September 20,1776.


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