The Sporting review, ed. by 'Craven'., Volume 21

John William Carleton

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Página 399 - Nutrita faustis sub penetralibus Posset, quid Augusti paternus In pueros animus Nerones. Fortes creantur fortibus et bonis ; Est in juvencis, est in equis patrum Virtus...
Página 140 - For my part, when I behold a fashionable table set out in all its magnificence, I fancy that I see gouts and dropsies, fevers and lethargies, with other innumerable distempers lying in ambuscade among the dishes.
Página 76 - And thou opposed, being of no woman born, Yet I will try the last. Before my body I throw my warlike shield. Lay on, Macduff, And damned be him that first cries "Hold enough!
Página 219 - This senior-junior, giant-dwarf, Dan Cupid: Regent of love -rhymes, lord of folded arms, The anointed sovereign of sighs and groans...
Página 127 - The torch shall be extinguish'd which hath lit My midnight lamp— and what is writ, is writ; Would it were worthier; but I am not now That which I have been — and my visions flit Less palpably before me — and the glow Which in my spirit dwelt is fluttering, faint, and low.
Página 222 - That, viewing it, we seem almost to obtain Our innocent sweet simple years again. This fond attachment to the well-known place Whence first we started into life's long race, Maintains its hold with such unfailing sway, We feel it e'en in age, and at our latest day.
Página 254 - The rank is but the guinea stamp, The man's the gold for a' that," but because you will scarcely find his ditto in England.
Página 221 - Of manners gentle, of affection mild, In wit a man, simplicity a child ; With native humour, temp'ring virtuous rage, Form'd to delight at once, and lash the age ; Above temptation in a low estate, And uncorrupted...
Página 60 - I daily dooin'd to follow, she to fly ; No more a lover, but a mortal foe, I seek her life (for love is none below ;) As often as my dogs...
Página 85 - But he that shall consider the variety of baits for all seasons, and pretty devices which our anglers have invented, peculiar lines, false flies, several sleights, etc., will say that it deserves like commendation, requires as much study and perspicacity as the rest, and is to be preferred before many of them. Because hawking and hunting are very laborious, much riding, and many dangers accompany them; but this is...

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