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Página 232 - Writings of the Apostle Paul. By the same Author. Cheaper Edition. 8s. Essays on Errors of Romanism. By the same. Cheaper Edition. 7s, 6d. Essays on Dangers to Christian Faith from the Teaching or the Conduct of its Professors.
Página 226 - Varronianus ; a Critical and Historical Introduction to the Study of the Latin Language. By JW DONALDSON, DD 14s. The New Cratylus; Contributions towards a more accurate Knowledge of the Greek Language.
Página 228 - BECKER'S GALLUS ; or, Roman Scenes of the Time of Augustus : with Notes and Excursuses illustrative of the Manners and Customs of the Ancient Romans.
Página 6 - Then came the soldiers, and brake the legs of the first, and of the other which was crucified with him. 33 But when they came to Jesus, and saw that he was dead already, they brake not his legs...
Página 12 - Rubens left it, it must have appeared very different ; but it is mortifying to see to what degree it has suffered by cleaning and mending: that brilliant effect, which it undoubtedly once had, is lost in a mist of varnish, which appears to be chilled or mildewed.
Página 13 - The great altar of the choir, is the first public work which Rubens executed after he returned from Italy. In the centre is Christ nailed to the Cross, with a number of figures exerting themselves in different ways to raise it. One of the figures appears flushed, all the blood rising into his face from his violent efforts; others in intricate attitudes, which, at the same time that they show the great energy with which the business is done, give that opportunity which painters desire, of encountering...
Página 133 - Bacchus, young Bacchus ! good or ill betide, We dance before him thorough kingdoms wide: — Come hither, lady fair, and joined be To our wild minstrelsy ! ' Whence came ye, jolly Satyrs!
Página 14 - Rubens with himself; they might be thought excellent even in this respect, were they the work of almost any other painter. The flesh, as well as the rest of the picture, seems to want grey tints, which is not a general defect of Rubens ; on the contrary, his mezzotints are often too grey. The blue drapery, about the middle of the figure at the bottom of the Cross, and the grey colour of some armour, are nearly all the cold colours in the picture ; which are certainly not enough to qualify so large...
Página 231 - Professor DANIELL. With Plates. Two Volumes. Octavo. 32s. On Thunder Storms, and on the Means of Protecting Buildings and Shipping against the Effects of Lightning. By Sir W. SNOW HAEEIS, FRS 10s. 6d. Connexion of Natural and Divine Truth. By BADEN POWELL, MA, FRS, Professor of Geometry, Oxford. 9s. Undulatory Theory as applied to the Dispersion of Light.
Página 7 - The genius of Rubens no where appears to more advantage than here: it is the most carefully finished picture of all his works. The whole is conducted with the most consummate art; the composition is bold and uncommon, with circumstances which no other painter had ever before thought of; such as the breaking of the limbs, and the expression of the Magdalen, to which we may add the disposition of the three crosses, which are placed prospectively in an uncommon picturesque manner...

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