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Página xli - Country Gentleman, who has not been prefent at the Reprefentation, wonders with what his London Friends have been fo highly entertained, and is as much perplexed at the Town-manner of Writing as Mr. Smith in The Rehearfal.
Página 122 - No, my dear lady, I could weary stars, And force the wakeful moon to lose her eyes By my late watching, but to wait on you. When at your prayers you kneel before the altar, Methinks I'm singing with some quire in heaven, So blest I hold me in your company...
Página 122 - Handfuls of gold but to behold thy parents. I would leave kingdoms, were I queen of some, To dwell with thy good father ; for, the son Bewitching me so deeply with his presence, He that begot him must do't ten times more.
Página lxxv - Playes they did write together; were great friends, And now one grave includes them in their ends. So whom on earth nothing did part, beneath Here (in their Fames) they lie, in spight of death.
Página 289 - I have heard That guilty creatures, sitting at a play, Have by the very cunning of the scene Been struck so to the soul that presently They have proclaim'd their malefactions; For murder, though it have no tongue, will speak With most miraculous organ.
Página xxiii - ... of real Characters, Characters acknowledged to abound in common life ; but may be extended alfo to the exhibition of imaginary Beings. To create, is to be a Poet indeed; to draw down Beings from another fphere, and endue them with fuitable Paffions, Affections, Difpofitions, allotting them at the fame time proper employment; " to body forth, by the Powers of Imagination, the forms of things unknown, and to give to airy Nothing a local Habitation and a Name...
Página xlv - I am lost In the ocean of her virtues and her graces, When I think of them ! Fran. Now I find the end Of all your conjurations; there's some service To be done for this sweet lady.
Página xx - Offence, begun and compleated in lefs than three Hours; and we are agreeably wafted by the Chorus, or oftener without fo much Ceremony, from one End of the World to another. It is very true, that it was the general Practice of our old Writers, to found their Pieces on fome foreign Novel; and it feemed to be their chief Aim to take the Story, as it flood, with all its appendant Incidents of every Complexion, and throw it into Scenes. This Method was, to be...
Página 280 - T' endure the frosts of danger, nay, of death, To be thought worthy the triumphal wreath By glorious undertakings, may deserve Reward or favour from the commonwealth, Actors may put in for as large a share As all the sects of the philosophers. They with cold precepts...
Página 175 - That, when she came into that blessed garden Whither she knew she went, and where, now happy, She feeds upon all joy, she would send to you Some of that garden fruit and flowers ; which here, To have her promise saved, are brought by me.

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