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served ; and the terrible mansion was too securely adapted for its deeds of darkness to admit of an escape so easily. Himself and his charge escaped unscathed indeed from that host of fiends, but it was only to fall again into their meshes with more certain fatality. A crowd of infuriated enemies was soon around him; egress seemed impracticable; and, weakened by his vast exertions, the heroic young man soon fell bleeding and insensible beneath their blows.

Awful as was the scene and excitement through which Kaunitz passed, there was a deeper terror on his mind—a blacker cloud upon his feelingswhen he recovered his senses and found himself in his own room, surrounded by anxious and inquiring friends. The mysterious messengers had kept their oath. His wounds were not dangerous, nor even severe; but his instant perception of the absence of the lady, left a withering seeling in his heart, that darkened the future and extinguished hope.

His harrowing narrative caused an immediate and vivid commotion throughout Vienna. By the orders of administration—the officers of jus tice, commenced a vigorous and extensive scrutiny-public opinion was fearsully excited-a cloud of accumulating suspicion seemed to gather over one of the richest banking houses in the city. One of the wealthiest Jews was arrested on the unequivocal testimony of the minister ; but the financial embarrassment of the government, after the protracted war in which the empire had been involved, afforded the ample solution of state policy to the termination of the proceedings. Further official inquiry was dropped—the contractor was released-and, in a short time, the terrible narrative of the Proselyte ceased to be the topic of conversation. Kaunitz, however, was never after seen to smile. His pulpit was deserted, and he at length totally disappeared. Whether the threat consequent upon disclosure was fulfilled-or whether to hide the anguish of his spirit, he had removed to a foreign country, could not be ascertained.

Let us drop the curtain on this tragic story. The mind cannot presume to penetrate the undeveloped mystery of that unfortunate's fate, without recoiling on itself, and it is fitter for the honor of humanity, that that black transaction should repose for ever in the darkness which all the authorities of the time could not remove, than that curiosity or research should throw the light of certainty upon awful doings, of which the bare surmise gives a shudder to the heart, and which the finest sympathies of our nature would prefer shrouding in appropriate and impenetrable obscurity. ORCATIUS.

The only elucidation necessary to this extraordinary story, will be found in the following extract:

Burtz nach die Ermordung Bartjes, wurde allgemeine aufmerksamkeit auf sie (the Jews) gerichtet-wegen einige auserordentliche Entdeckungen eines lutherischen Predigers in hinsicht des Martyrerthums einer jungen Dame welche zum Christenthum bekehrt worden war. Tegen diesen Vers dacht wurde der Principal eines CV'echsel-Zauses in TVien in verhaft genommen, aber da er ein Staats-Glacubiger zu einer bedeutende Summe war, und da kein ausdruecklicher Beweis statt fand, so wurde gegen ihr nichts weiter verfahren.-Kasbach's Beschreibung. Stuttgard, 1802.

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