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" Show me a company's various compensation plans, and I'll show you how its people behave." Vision is an essential element of the leader's job. But no vision is worth the paper it's printed on unless it is communicated constantly and reinforced with rewards.... "
Winning - Página 73
de Jack Welch, Suzy Welch - 2005 - 384 páginas
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Effective Leadership Management: An Integration of Styles, Skills ...

Dr. Michael Adewale Adeniyi, Ph.D. - 2007 - 238 páginas
...with salary, bonus, or significant recognition of some sort. A company's compensation plans determine how its people behave. Vision is an essential element...reinforced with rewards. Only then will it leap off the page-and come to life. 3. Effective leadership management should get into everyone's skin, exuding...
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