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" lack of candor" here, I'm not talking about malevolent dishonesty. I am talking about how too many people — too often — instinctively don't express themselves with frankness. They don't communicate straightforwardly or put forth ideas looking to stimulate... "
Winning - Página 29
de Jack Welch, Suzy Welch - 2005 - 384 páginas
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Uncommon Commonsense Steps to Super Wealth--Your (Hero's) Journey

Andrew Weeraratne - 2007 - 280 páginas Winning: I have always been a huge proponent of candor. In fact, I talked it up to GE audience for more than twenty years. But since retiring from...up. Instead they withhold comments or criticism... That's all lack of candor, and it's absolutely damaging. And yet, Lack of candor permeates almost every...
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Beyond Buzz: The Next Generation of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Lois KELLY - 2007 - 252 páginas
...laments that the pervasive lack of candor is "the biggest dirty little secret in business." He explains, "Too many people — too often — instinctively don't...put forth ideas looking to stimulate real debate. But when you've got candor, everything just operates faster and better."11 Former New York governor...
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