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Published by the fame Author,
Printed for T. Cadell, in the Strand.
Review of the principal Questions and Diffi-

culties in Morals; particularly, those relating to the Original of our Ideas of Virtue, its Nature, Foundation, Reference to the Deity, Obligation, Subject-matter and Sanctions. In One Volume Octavo, Price 6 s.

Observations on REVERSIONARY PAYMENTS, on Schemes for providing Annuities for Widows, and for Persons in old Age: on the Method of calculating the Values of Assurances on Lives; and on the National Debt. . To which are added, four Essays on different Subjects in the Doctrine of Life-Annuities and political Arithmetic. Also an Appendix, containing a compleat Set of TABLES; particularly four new Tables shewing the PropaBILITIES of Life, in London, Norwich, and Northampton; and the Values of Joint Lives, Second Edition, 6 s.





THE Author has bestowed

5-25-55 MFP

THe much pains on the Firge

of the following Dissertations, that he hopes it will be found worthy of careful attention. His view in the Second and Third Differtations is in a great measure Practical; and he begs this may be remembered, and that suitable allowances may be made when they are read. He wishes earnestly to be able to contribute towards advancing the interest of virtue and rational religion in the world ; and he will think that his life has been spent to a A 2


valuable purpose, should he ever fucceed in this in the smallest degree.

The Fourth Differtation is designed chiefly in answer to an objection against Christianity, on which confiderable ftress has been laid. It is, perhaps, too foreign to the main end of this work. There cannot, however, be any great impropriety in giving it a place here.

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HE principal corrections and addi

tions in this Edition are the following. In Page 136 a Note is added to explain an assertion which has been misunderstood.--The latter partof the Second Section of the Fourth Dissertation, the long Note from Page 442 to 453, and the three last Pages are also additions.Every expression likewise in that Differtation which had any appearance of an undue severity with respect to Unbelievers has been altered.---The Author is fensible that there are few or no controversies in which it is right to charge an adversary with want of candour and disingenuity. Such charges give no strength to an argument. They always irritate instead of doing good, and it seldom happens that they are not capable of being retorted.

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