Annual of Scientific Discovery: Or, Year-book of Facts in Science and Art, for [1850]-71, Exhibiting the Most Important Discoveries and Improvements in Mechanics, Useful Arts, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Astronomy, Geology, Biology, Botany, Mineralogy, Meteorology, Geography, Antiquities, Etc., Together with Notes on the Progress of Science ... a List of Recent Scientific Publications; Obituaries of Eminent Scientific Men, Etc. ...

Gould and Lincoln, 1867

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Página 293 - A glacier is an imperfect fluid, or viscous body, which is urged down slopes of certain inclination by the mutual pressure of its parts.
Página 328 - ... the species. If a dry season be gradually prolonged, the large mammal will suffer from the drought sooner than the small one ; if such alteration of climate affect the quantity of vegetable food, the bulky herbivore will first feel the effects of stinted nourishment...
Página 328 - ... of any gradual diminution of the size of such species, but is the result of circumstances, which may be illustrated by the fable of the ' Oak and the Reed ; ' the smaller and feebler animals have bent and accommodated themselves to changes which have destroyed the larger species.
Página 422 - The Geology of Pennsylvania. A Government survey, with a general view of the Geology of the United States, Essays on the Coal Formation and its Fossils, and a description of the Coal Fields of North America and Great Britain.
Página vi - Botany, and Geology, by which he has been led to the conclusion, that those powers of nature which give rise to races and permanent varieties in animals and plants, are the same as those which, in much longer periods, produce species, and, in a still longer series...
Página 327 - ... species has to maintain against the surrounding agencies that are ever tending to dissolve the vital bond and subjugate the living matter to the ordinary chemical and physical forces.
Página 342 - The case is different with the other two forms of implements, " of which numerous specimens were exhibited ; all indisputably worked by " the hand of man, and not indebted for their shape to any natural " configuration or peculiar fracture of the flint. They present no analogy in " form to the well-known implements of the so-called Celtic or stone period, " which, moreover, have for the most part some portion, if not the whole, of " their surface ground or polished, and are frequently made from other...
Página v - Somme, in an area fifteen miles in length. I infer that a tribe of savages to whom the use of iron was unknown made a long sojourn in this region ; and I am reminded of a large Indian mound which I saw in St.
Página 302 - When the nature of the sediments is such as to generate great amounts of elastic fluids by their fusion, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions may result, and these — other things being equal — will be most likely to occur under the more recent formation." (Canadian Journal, May 1858, vol. iii. p. 207.) The same views are insisted upon in a paper " On Some Points in Chemical Geology

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