The Mammalian Radiations: An Analysis of Trends in Evolution, Adaptation, and Behavior

University of Chicago Press, 1983 - 610 páginas
The historical perspective; The history of mammals; The early radiations; The edentata; The pholidota; conclusions concerning the early radiations; Madagascar as a refugium: the radiation of the tenrecidae and other madagascan mammals; The phylogeny of behavior: a mammalian baseline; Mammalian radiations on the contiguous continental land masses; The order macroscelidea; The order lagomorpha; The order rodentia; The order insectivora; The grandorder ferae; The grandorder archonta; The grandoder ungulata; Trends in the adaptation and distribution of the mammalia; Macrophysiology and adaptation; A consideration of mammalian size and metabolic rate; The influence of body size on life history; Feeding and foraging categories: some size constraints; Mammalian size-classes and their distribution according to niche and zoogeographic constraints; The relative size of the mammalian brain; Reproduction and development; Reproduction and life history strategies; Behavior as a subject for study; The genetic basis for behavior patterns; A consideration of biological rhythms and temporal patterning; Description and classification of the behavioral elements common to generalized terrestrial mammals; The interaction systems of generalized mammals; Reproductive failure, social pathology, and the special case of infanticide; The structure of social organizations; A classification of mammalian social organization; Toward a definition of the selective forces producing the different grades of sociality; Synthesis.

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John F. Eisenberg is the Katharine Ordway Professor of Ecosystem Conservation at the Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida. He is the author of "The Mammalian Radiations," also published by the University of Chicago Press, and a contributing editor of several books on animal behavior and ecology.

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