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perilous exigencies of war. In answer to the equity, not to our fear, and equity ought Rt Hon. Gentleman's obs rvation on the ever to be the firft principle of a great, z knowledge governnient had of these affairs powerful, and a gallant nation. prior to the Budget, he declared that they Mr Fox next moved an address to his Ma. were in possession of nothing but from runour jefty, for copies of the information received until after the budget, and until within a few of the capture of the British vellels at Nootka days of the nieslage He replied to the other Sound. Ordered. points of the Rt Hon. Gentleman's speech, He next moved for accounts of the armaand concluded by saying, that he felt no dif- ments going on in the ports of Spain, with ficulty in declaring that he thould consider the dates of the reecipt of such accounts. every thing inacequate that did not finally put This notion was objected to by Mr Pitt, an end to similar disputes.

Lord Mulgrave, Mr Dundas, anu Mr Byr. Mr Fox replied.

gefs, as nazarding the discovery of the chanMr Pulteney was for the motion ; resting nel by which fuch information had been rewholly upon the necessity of preparing in cou ceived. sequence of the preparations of Spain.

Mr Fox and Mr Pulteney saw no such Mr Grey concurred fully in what had fal. danger. len from Mr Pitt and Mr Fox, on the pro- The question was put and negatived. priety of a vigorous armament; he declared The House, May 10. went into a comnithis conviction to have been, at the time of tee of supply, Mr Gilbert in the chair. the budget, that the miniker had held out the Mr Pitt acquainted the House, chat, accorprospect of peace, which he was not war. ding to the notice he had given on Friday, ranted in doing. He concluded for the address. he would move, “ That the fum of one mil

M. Montague rose merely to declare a con- lion be granted to his Majesty, for the purtrary impreffion on his mind, on a former posc of supplying that armament which the day, from the words of Mr Pitt, which did not exigency of the present ficuation of affairs go to the aflurance of a continuance of peace. with Spain requires.” Carried.

The motion for the addre's was then put, He then moved, “That, in addition to the and carried nemine contradicente.

product of the Florida lands given for the reMr Pitt rese to move, “ That the address lief of the American loyalitts, the sum of he carried up by such of the House as are of 49,556 1. be added.” Carried. his Majesty's Most Hon. Privy Council.” Mr Sheridan hoped, that a judicious and

A general cry from all parts of the House honourable negotiation would preclude the took place, ef « By the whole House! By neccflity of draining the funds of the nation; the whole House !"""

and that, previous to the palling of another The Chancellor of the Exchequer said, that vote of credit, the public should have inforwas fully implied by the motiin having been mation of the necessity of it. carried neminc contradicente ; the going up by Mr M. Angelo Taylor observed, that there the whole House would be productive there was a great neceffity for sending out an Adtore oniy of delay; he wished rather thc un miral to Newfoundland as fpeedily as poflible, sual mode to be adopted.

and who may take under convoy the vefels The motion was then put and agreed to. bound for that place; as also that the issue of Mr Fox moved for an account of the trade the negotiation with Spain should be comcarried on from England and Ireland to the municated to that country, as many veffels north-western coast of South America. traded from thence to Spain with fish.

This motion caused a short conversation, in Mr Rolle made a few observations on this which Mr Pitt, Mr Secretary Grenville, and head. Mr Grenville, were of opinion, that it wouid M r Pitt said, he did not consider the prenot bring the informatii n defired. Mr Fox fent time as fit for the discuition of that subtherefore, upon the suggeition of Mr Pitt, jeet. withdrew his motion, for the purpose of fra Mr Fox renewed some former observations ming another to obtain the detiredinirmation. made on the neceflity of declaring the dates

Mr Burke took an opportunity, in the a- of the Spanith intelligences. He laid, it had bove conversation, to express his hearty ap- been rumoured abroad, that the earliest one crobation of the firm, prudent, and maniy reccived by the Rt Hon. Gentleman (Mr address just voted. He said, it was his opi. Pitt) was on the roth of February latt; he nion that prudence would lead Spain to an wished to be ascertained of the truth of that amicable termination of the difz ute; if she report ; as it was only from the dates of avoided such tcrmination, we must hazard these pieces of information that the public the consequences of hoftility wish her. In could poflibly judge whether or not the proour present comparative situation with that per iteps had been taken by the servants of of other nationis, if we act with moderation his Majelty to prevent the unfortunate event and temper, it rrud redound highly to our of a war; and whether such a calamitous kofour; it could only be attributed to our circumttance, if it took place, fould be at


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