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Coloring-For brandy, wine, beer or other liquors..... 50%
Barks, beans, berries, balsams, buds, bulbs and

bulbous roots and excrescences, such as nut galls,
fruits, flowers, dried fibers, grains, gums and gum
rosins, herbs, leaves, lichens, mosses, nuts,
roots and stems, spices, vegetables, seeds
(aromatic, not garden) and seeds of morbid
growth, woods used expressly for dyeing, and
dried insects, any of the foregoing which are not
edible but which have been advanced in value
or condition by refining or by grinding or by
other process of manufacture.

10% Ether-Sulphuric.....

400 lb. Of all kinds, n. s. p. f....

$1 lb. Fruit ethers, oils or essences.

$2.50 lb. Logwood and other dyewoods, extracts and decoctions of....

70 lb. Sumac-Extract of.

180 lb. Bark for dyeing or tanning, extracts of-Other than hemlock, n. s. p. f.

do... Fish Glue or Isinglass-Value at not above 70 lb. 1 c lb.

Value at above 7c and not above 30c lb.
Value at above 30c lb....

30% Gelatine-Valued at not above 7c lb.

1%c lb. Valued at above 7c and not above 30c lb.

125% Valued at above 300 lb....

30% Glue-Valued at not above 7c lb.

1%c lb. Valued at above 7c and not above 300

| 25% Valued at above 30c.... Glycerine-Crude, not purified.

1340 lb. Řefined...

440 lb. Ink of all kinds and ink powders.

30% lodoform..

$1.501b Licorice-Extracts of, in paste, rolls, or other form. 55c 10.. Magnesia-Calcined..

8c lb. Carbonate of, medicinal..

40 lb. Sulphate of

3-10c lb. Morphia, or morphine, and all salts thereof.. Oils-Alizarine Assistant, Soluble Oil, or Oleate of

Soda, or Turkey Red Oil-Containing 50% or more of castor oil..

80c gal. All other..

30%. Castor

800 gal. Cod-liver

150 gal. Flaxseed, or linseed, raw, boiled or oxidized. 32c gal. Poppyseed oil, raw, boiled or oxidized.

do... Fusel oil, or amylic alcohol.

10%. Hempseed and rapeseed...

10c gal. Olive, fit for salad purposes.

350 gal. Peppermint.

800 lb. Seal..

8c gal. Fish, n. s. p. f.

do.... Whale, n. s. p. f..

do... Opium-Aqueous, extract of, for medicinal uses, and

tincture of, as laudanum, and all other liquid preparations of, n. s. p. f

40%... Crude or manufactured, and not adulterated, con

taining 9 per cent and over of morphia.... Free.. Prepared for smoking, and opium containing less than 9 per cent of morphia

$12 lb

le lb.
30 lb
81 lb
50 lb.
170 lb.
3c lb
1-50 lb.
500 oz..

25 25
30 25
32.62 19.64

35.03 30 25 40.45] 26.97 46.32 42.10 40.71 35.62 53.12 39.84 38.34 25.51 47.09 47.09

500 oz..

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The Chicago Daily
News Almanac and Year-Book

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