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MAGAZINES for 1882.

The FANUARY Part, commencing NEW The January Part, commencing a New Volume, will be VOLUME, NOW READY.

ready on December 21st.




New Series, on Rolled Paper.

The following are amongst the subjects in preparation: Among the subjects in preparation are : Under the Old Roof By Heska STRETTON, author of

“Jessica's First Prayer," etc. By Hook or by Crook. New Serial Story. By the

Rev. T. S. MilliNGTON, author of "Nine-tenths of the Law." Saluting the Colours. By Mrs. PROSSER. Squire Lyell's Bequest. New Serial Story. By the Kathleen: A Story of Home Life. By AGNES

Author of "Idonea," etc. Sketches in the Malay Peninsula. By the Author of Right of Way: A Story of Shetland. By Mrs.

“Unbeaten Tracks in Japan," "A Lady's Life in the Rocky Saxby. Mountains," etc.

How to Enjoy Life. By the Author of “The Culture Kings of Laughter. By E. Paxton Hood.

of Pleasure. Dorset Folk. By the Rev. W. BARNES, Author of The Missionary Canoe in Australia. By the Rev. “Poems in the Dorset Dialect."

F. C. B. Fairey, of the Royal Canoe Club. English Thrift and Providence : their Helps, Hin- Sermons for Sunday Evenings, by well-known drances, and Hopes. By the Rev. W. L. BLACKLEY, M.A.

Preachers. Toilers by Land and Sea: their Habits, Customs, Religion of the Ancient Romans. By the Rev.

Superstitions, and Folk-Lore. By the Rev. THISELTON DYER, Canon RAWLINSON, M.A. author of "English Folk-Lore."

Proverb Lore. By the Rev. THISELTON DYER, M.A. American Notes : with Visits to some of the Chief

Roman Law in the Time of Christ and the Early Museums of the United States. By A. CRANE. Dutch Sketches : Dutch Etiquette ; Cookery, etc.

Incidents of Mission Work at Home and Abroad. My Residence in Finland.

Stories upon Texts. By F. C. ADAMS, author of Famous Violins and Violin Players.

“Sunday Evenings at Home." Electricity and its Popular Uses.

Contributions by the Rev. CANON FLEMING, the Rev.

GORDON CALTHROP, the Rev. Dr. EDERSHEIM, Miss E. J. English Houses Noted in History.

WHATELY, and others. Household and Domestic Papers.

Things New and Old : or, Varieties for Sunday Natural History Notes and Anecdotes.

Ancient Plate of the City Companies. By J. Grego. Pages for the Young. Scripture Exercises.
Biographies and Portraits. Varieties.

Poetry. Monthly Religious Record.
With numerous superior Wood Engravings and Monthly

Frontispieces in Colours or on Toned Paper.


1881. The First Volume of the New Series, containing “Will he no' come

1881. back again?" by Mrs. SAXBY ; “Memorable Scenes in the House of Commons," "Incidents of Travel and Adventure," "Sussex Folk and

Containing 824 pages of Stories for Family Reading, Incidents Sussex Ways," " Famous Painters," with numerous Illustrations, and

of Christian Experience. Biographical Sketches, Pages for the Young, a variety of miscellaneous Articles on subjects of popular interest.

The Invalid's Portion, Scripture Exercises, Religious Record of the The Volume is illustrated in the finest style of Wood Engraving, and

Year, and a great variety of interesting Sabbath Reading. The is printed on rolled paper.

Volume is illustrated with Ten Coloured Engravings and a profusion For a School Prize or for seasonable presentation it will be found most appropriate and useful

Price 75. in

of Woodcuts by the best artists and engravers. It forms a most suit cloth boards ; 8s. 6d. with gilt edges ; ios. 6d. half calf.

able book for a Christmas or New Year's Present. Price 7s. in cloth

boards, 8s. 6d. handsome gilt, or ros, 6d, half bound in call. LONDON : 56, PATERNOSTER ROW.



[blocks in formation]

By Rev. J. A. Seiss, D.D., Pastor of the First Lutheran Church, Philadelphia, U.S.

Three Separate Visions Defined-Human Dominion in its Broadest_View-The Solitary Ram with Two

Horns-The Goat-The Ram Destroyed by It-The Springing Up of a "Little Hora"--The Infamous Career of Antiochus Epiphanes-Sets the Image of His own Idol on God's Altar-His Miserable End-The Fulness of the Prophecy still Awaits Fulfilment-The Man of Sin," and the ** Great Beast" who is the Final Antichrist P-The Spirit of the Times-A solemn Warning to the Church-The Study of Unfulfilled Prophecy.

At the time of Daniel's second vision, as recorded in account what is given by the Holy Spirit in separate chapter viii., and which occurred two years subsequent accounts. People think to strengthen the record by to the one he previously described, the armies of Cyrus these harmonies; but for the most part they only were investing Babylon, and as Daniel was in Baby- weaken and mar it. It is like taking a number of lon when the city was captured, the probabilities are photographs of a thing from various points and disthat it was there he had this vision.

tances, and then trying to make one picture out of A glance at the particulars of the vision is enough them all by fitting together the several parts of each. to satisfy us that we have to do with some of the It is an absurdity. God never meant it so, and man same powers brought to view in chapter viii., as well can never succeed in it. What we need is each picas in Nebuchadnezzar's dream. And if any should ture by itself, from its own standpoint, and with its be disposed to think strange of this repeated travel- own individuality. And though we have ling over the same ground, they need only recur to

THREE SEVERAL VISIONS the existence of four Gospels, all devoted to the one covering the same general objects, and each of them subject of Christ's earthly life, or turn to the num- deals in part with precisely the same things, it still is ber of times Isaiah describes the Assyrian invasion, impossible to understand them rightly or to get a full or note how repetitive are the prophecies touching impression of them without viewing each by itself the destruction of Babylon, Tyre, Egypt, Moab, and entire, and apart from the weaving in of one with other cities, nations, and powers.

the other, as I find attempted by some. Nor is there Bat what, at first glance, we might be disposed to any difficulty in accounting for the differences of regard as mere repetitions are not such in reality. A these several visions. return to the same subject, besides serving to empha- Nebuchadnezzar's dream gives a general outline of sise that subject, nearly always develops some new the political history of the world as viewed by a circumstances, or puts it in some new light, attitude, world-ruler and estimated from external presentaor relation, or connects it with some special purpose, tions. Hence the splendid human figure, by the side 23sociation, duty, threatening, or promise. And of which the kingdom of God appears in humility as when the subject is a prophecy, there is always “a stone." Daniel's first vision gives a somewhat something connected with the repetition to adapt it more particular outline of the same world-power, to some altered position, end, or intent. For this but as viewed by a spiritual prophet, and estimated reason I am always suspicious of what are called with reference to moral properties. Hence ferocious

or attempts to combine in one single wild beasts take the place of excellent metals, whilst



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