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ing proved to the Commander that such fair sample of their character as a whole. pretensions were all “moonshine,” and Hence arises the danger of being in any were not grounded in truth. This hy-' way connected with them, or dependent pocrisy and deceit is a peculiar charac. upon them. The Commander requested teristic of the Chiefs here ; and their the two Chiefs to publish to all what he conduct this morning may be taken as a had said, as it was intended for all.



BARBADOES.—Extract of a Letter from the Rev. William Ritchie,

dated Bridgetown, March 9th, 1846. THE painful task of communicating February last; on which occasion it was the mournful intelligence of the death of evident to the crowded congregation, our highly.esteemed Chairman, the Rev. whilst he evinced much firmness and John Cullingford, devolves on me. I self-possession, that his physical energies therefore haste to the discharge of the were almost prostrated. Yet the true melancholy duty.

spirit of the faithful Minister shone Mr. Cullingford was taken very ill in forth conspicuously in the very excellent the island of Trinidad immediately after address he then gave to the parents and his return from Demerara in August, heads of families who were present. On last year, where he had been to assist the day following, our Annual District. in the services connected with laying the Meeting commenced, when he took his foundation-stone of their new chapel. proper place among his brethren. It was The best medical skill that could be a truly distressing sight to behold him obtained was employed; but he con- coming in and going out, day after day, tinued to sink under bis affliction. He supported by two of the brethren. This still endeavoured, in much weakness, he continued to do until two days before occasionally to preach the Gospel and all the business terminated. Then, at administer the ordinances, until the first his own request, the District-Meeting Sabbath in December, when he preached was closed in his own bed-room. From his last sermon, and gave the sacrament that period he never quitted the sick of the Lord's supper.

It then being chamber, but gradually wasted away, the opinion of the medical men that a with scarcely any pain of body, until voyage to England was absolutely neces- Wednesday morning, March 14th, when sary, he immediately left Trinidad, and his disembodied spirit escaped to the came thus far, hoping that he should paradise of God, in the forty-sixth year have strength to preside at our District- of his age, and the twenty-first of his Meeting. His emaciated, debilitated ministry. He died as he had lived, appearance caused considerable alarm; firmly resting upon the atonement of but the calmness of his mind, the buoy- Christ, the only foundation of the be. ancy of his spirits, and the firmness of liever's hope. In his death, the Conhis nervous system, were truly astonish- nexion has lost a valuable Missionary, ing; and the brethren were led to in- his brethren a warm and affectionate dulge in the hope, that their much- friend, and the Committee a zealous, beloved Chairman would rally, and still cautious, indefatigable agent. May the continue to preside over them. But, great Head of the church direct you in no ! life was fast ebbing out; the weary

the choice of a successor ! wheels were soon to stand still.

Mr. Cullingford has left a widow and last and only ministerial duty he per- five children to deplore their loss. The formed in Barbadoes, was to baptize, in eldest is at Sheffield Proprietary GramJames-street chapel, the infanc son of mar-school, and the youngest is an infant the Rev, E. Branston, on the 8th of of three months old.



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