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deliverances, he was preparing us for it; that country. The purport of this mes. but the utmost stretch of my faith never sage has greatly alarmed our Chiefs and expected such a striking and palpable the people ; and a reference to those old interposition of his power and goodness. grievances, they look upon as being Though every hour brings some new nothing more than the beginning of information respecting the ill-intents of hostilities, or to give some sort of a reaour enemies towards us; although a son for their intended proceedings. No powerful tyrant, with hundreds of people, person will be sent from this place, as has been busily employed making they consider that to do so would only bullets, and preparing other instruments be furnishing the cruel Monarch with of destruction, with which to rise against another victim for his gods, and an addius, during the last month ; and though tional skull to stud the grinning walls of the enemy of God and man, the old ad

his palace. versary, in a thousand ways instigates The Port-Novians are also reported “evil doers ” to rise up against us ; yet, to be on their way hither; and, to finish with this additional, this striking, mercy the roll of bitter tidings for the day, before me, by the side of my companion Losoco has sent a peremptory message, in this holy war, truth against darkness, demanding the immediate return of all I will yield myself afresh to God, and to the Lagos people who have fled hither. his work. I beg your thanks to be These are fearful elements at work, and offered to the great Disposer of events I wonder not that the hearts of many for his goodness to us. We beg to around are quailing. God's way is in give our united thanks to Mrs. Hoole, the whirlwind, and he rideth upon the for the truly valuable parcel of articles storm, which this vessel brought from her for The materials' which the sovereign Mrs. Annear. It seemed doubly valu. Ruler of all things is now using to acable, inasmuch as it came at such a time, complish his purposes in this part, are when such tokens of kindness are so certainly of an extraordinary character, comforting and of such relief. In this and it requires great faith to sit recase it afforded pleasure in the time of signed on tumuli's busy wheels, and greatest suffering. We cannot speak mark the moving of events.

But never too highly of the prompt and active was any future event more certain, if kindness of Commander Yorke, of Her adequate means be used, than the ultiMajesty's ship “ Albatross,” in coming mate prevalency of peace and piety, to our assistance, in answer to the “ State- in these convulsed and awfully degraded ment,” a copy of which I sent you by regions. Never till now did I see the “ Jane." His coming was so well the full beauty of these words of the timed, too, that we were obliged to ac- Prophet, “ He that believeth shall not knowledge the hand of God in it. I make haste.” I feel a meaning in this, will give you an extract from my journal under our present circumstances, which I about the time.

cannot describe. God will keep that Sunday, August 31st.—The peaceful man in perfect peace « whose mind is hours of this blessed day have been stayed on him.' violated by misgivings and fears, and “ To him mine eye of faith I turn, of wars.

A messenger has And through the fire pursue my way; arrived here from Dahomy, 'the very The fire forgets its power to burn, name of which place strikes weakness The lambent flames around me play: through this people. One principal part

I own his power, accept the sign, of his message was, to rebuke the Chiefs And shout to prove the Saviour mine." for their continuing to withhold the tri. Sept. lst.-Early this morning the bute which their fathers had always men fetched our sea-canoe from the forwarded to the King. He also brought beach, as the Porto-Novians are close at up another old bone of contention. The hand. Within the last six days our King of Dahomy formerly had a person premises have twice been broken into living in this town as his representative, during the night. In the dead of last or messenger.

This person, it was said, night we were suddenly awoke by the had died, and information thereof had shouts of our watchmen : we thought the never been duly given, that another indi. house was on fire, as the party in front vidual might be put in his place. This of the piazza kept a torch burning ; but, was regarded as a great offence. He on running out, I found that two men further had to propose, that a person had come silently into the yard, when who was now on his way from Dahomy, they were discovered, and attacked by should live here, and that this place our people; but they succeeded in effect. should send another person to live in ing their escape through a hole which


they had made in the fence. With what him. This has brought him into many intent they came, we know not,—whe- troubles with some of the other Chiefs, ther to rob, or set fire to the house. But whom, as well as Wawu, we have often God is our defender.

censured for their deceit, and want of 2d.--The Dahomy messenger is still openness with us : and now they have here : our Chiefs will give him no defi- openly charged him with treachery, in nite answer.

not doing his duty to us as an “ English The number of persons who have fled Chief;” and at a Council-Meeting yesto this place from Lagos is very great; terday, they unitedly bound it on him to and not a man nor woman amongst them make everything connected with our poconsents to comply with the command sition amongst them known to us, or else of the usurper Losoco. It is stated they would supplant him, and do it that he already has two thousand people themselves. This has roused him; and, in chains belonging to Aketoge. How from his candour and sincerity to me long he will take to prepare himself this evening, I think we shall find him a for hostilities here, we know not. The different man in future. Addos, and a considerable part of the A messenger has come from Losoco Porto-Novian Chiefs, have enlisted to-day ; but we shall not know the purthemselves in his service.

port of his message until to.morrow. 3d.-Hostilities have again com- Wawu has just sent to request that I will menced. The Porto-Novians approached call all the English people together in to within about three miles of the town the morning : he has something to reveal to-day, and captured several of our trad- to them. No doubt it relates to the ing canoes. Information of this has just above message. reached us, and great excitement, conse- 6th.-This morning we all met, acquently, now prevails. Whether it is cording to appointment last evening, their intention to come and attack the when Wawu told us, first, that Losoco town, as before, or only to cut off all had sent to them. His message was to trading communications, we know not: assure them that he did not wish to we conjecture the latter, as Losoco can. have

any more disturbance with this not yet be ready to take his part in the place ; that, now he had captured Isetidu, proceedings.

that was all he wanted : and he begged It is very painful to witness such that they would help him to make the preparations for war as are now being country peaceful. He also sent them a made ; but it is not in my power to pre- great quantity of rum as a present, and vent them ; nor would it perhaps be requested again to have all the Lagos prudent for me to interfere. “ The way people sent back to him. of peace they have not known.”

The answer given was simply, that he 4th.-Being, I have pur- was to act just as he pleased : if he could chased a great quantity of corn, that our make the country peaceful, that was very people may have something to fall back good. This answer was given, Wawu upon in the expected time of scarcity. I said, from a full conviction of Losoco's thank God my own personal supplies real intention. No man, woman, or came in good time.

child, in this town, believes any other The Chiefs and people are greatly than that he is only waiting to increase enraged at the insult offered yesterday by his strength, to come and destroy this the Porto-Novians, and they are deter- place. Wawu further stated, that the mined to be avenged. One of the per- Chiefs had all agreed that we were to sons whom they captured was a little select two persons from amongst the boy, whose father is one of Wawu's emigrants, who were in future to be preprincipal men. They first shot him in sent at all their private Council Meetthe canoe ; and then, coming up to him, ings; that we might thereby be made they severed his head from the body, acquainted with all their secret consuland cut open his bowels, while the heart tations ; but we suspect treachery in was yet beating with warm blood.

this. He also stated that the Porto5th._I have paid a visit to Wawu Novians are now close at hand, and they this evening. I am happy to find that were preparing their canoes to go out he is at length beginning to see where and meet them. Some had already prohis real interest lies, and seems deter- ceeded to their station on the Lagoon, a mined to show his true colours. Of late short distance from the town. he has apparently been endeavouring to Just after this “palaver" ended, a deceive us, or blind our eyes ; and has messenger from Chief Matong, in comnot manifested that interest in our wel. pany with two or three of the head emi. Táre 'which we have all .espected from grants, came to me, and requested that I

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would make known to all the English to commence. The moment the firing what he stated. After Losoco's messen- thus begins on the other bank, the cager

had delivered his general message to noes are to go forth and attack the ene. all the Chiefs yesterday, he went to my on the water, and thus meet them Chiefs Akra, Possu, and Jingi, and deli- on both sides. vered in secret to them other information This is Saturday evening, “the prea which his master had sent. He said that paration of the Sabbath ; and thus there were three vessels now lying at are we situated ! Preparation for war Lagos, and there was a Portuguese mer- is being made on all sides ; every person chant who was willing to come here to around us either armed, or arming him. reside, if they could only cause the Eng- self; and as the silent midnight hour lish to leave. They were to come to us, closes in, when nature sleeps, and all and request us to go quietly away, stat- should be peaceful as death, our people ing that they were determined to have are surrounding the premises bearing their old trade again established; but if the weapons of war, while we lie down the English were too “ heavy” to be re- for a few moments to seek repose. We moved at present, they were to beg us to know not what the night may reveal : allow a Portuguese merchant to come, great silence prevails through the town; and he would send a vessel at any time nothing scarcely floats on the breeze, but to take slaves.

the occasional sounds of Fetish music Since receiving this information in the in the different idol-shrines around us morning, I have heard it from several and even this seems more suppressed other quarters; and there is no doubt as than usual. to its truth.

The partner of my joys and sorrows, About three o'clock in the afternoon, who is now verging on the time of nainformation reached us that the Oshoes ture's trouble, has just retired. May the and Porto-Novians would in all proba. Lord preserve her! He has brought us bility pass before the town to-night, that, through many conflicts and dangers in being on the Lagos side of us, they this place together ; but the elements might cut off all trading communications which now lour over us seem with the towns on both sides, and be at threatening than any former. These hand to aid in carrying out Losoco's are mysterious dispensations. But, purposes. This news was a signal for (cheering thought !) " As thy days, so such warlike preparations as we have shall thy strength be.” I believe it, o never before witnessed. Messengers were Lord, and will “stand still" and see at once started off to Aggido and Dally thy “ salvation.” with ammunition, and with a request to Little did I think, when enjoying the get all the canoes immediately ready, raptures of my “first love," (so called,) The people here were at once on the and feasting on the overwhelming manis look-out, and the fighting-men appointed festations of the divine glory, and dive to their stations,


ing into heavenly converse with God, Nine o'clock P. M. Wawu has just while living in the circle of my pious this minute left me. He came to make friends for the first few years after me acquainted with their arrangements, my conversion, little did I think then which are these :--The bank of the La. that the great Head of the church was goon, on the opposite side, is lined with thereby preparing and qualifying me to people in the jungle, from about half a fill the honourable and truly dignified mile above the town, to the same distance position which I now occupy, in thus below. These men took their station suffering in his cause, and bearing testiabout an hour since, being all armed, mony to his truth in this dark region. and ready for action. The canoes are But, on the contrary, sometimes, when all distributed at equal distances at the on the mount of transfiguration, holdwharfs, on this side ; those who are to ing sweet converse with the Saviour, I man them either sitting in them, or have thought that my work was done, lying quietly on the ground beside them, even before it was begun, and that God with their instruments of death already was just going to take me to heaven, charged. Their intended plan of opera. But now are my eyes opened to his de. tion is this : the persons in ambush fur. sign, and the way in which he has thest up on the other bank, are to remain brought me; and, o how do I admire perfectly silent until the last canoe of the his wisdom and goodness ! foe has passed : at that moment, when of the Lord is " indeed “perfect.” I the main part of the fleet, it is supposed, bless his name that I am where I am, will be just in front of the town, they and that I am what I am ! Though ere to fire, which is to be the signal for all myself and our little cause seem threats

" The way

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ened with destruction, yet a clear sense hold, he prayeth !” it may be my por. that God has sent me here, and that he tion to point the wrestling Jacob to the is my portion, a conviction that this is exalted Lamb. Then should I indeed the path of duty, is all I need : I feel feel more than paid for all my sufferings that I would not change my lot for any and conflicts. other. It is now when a reference to Sunday, 7th.-0) Lord, how inscrutafirst principles has its full weight, and ble are thy ways! How much above forms a source of true solid comfort. our thoughts! I remained up until This is a part of the redemption field, and after midnight last night, when, all conI am called by the Holy Ghost to bear tinuing peaceful, I lay down to rest, not the standard of the cross, and proclaim without the expectation of being roused salvation through faith in Christ. Here by the noise of war; but the silent I am! By what means I came here, or hours passed, and the sun had just risen by whom appointed, it matters not : the on the sacred day, when, sitting up in rightful Owner of the world has sent me, bed, I saw an English ship of war glidand the atoning Lamb has been here in ing into our roadstead. I could not his groans, his suffering, his blood, his help thinking at the moment that the death, before me; and in his interces- special interposition of God had brought sions at the right hand of God, this part her, so opportune was her visit. Not of the purchase of his blood is not for- doubting that she had come to our asgotten; Badagry, with all its crimes, sistance, in answer to the “Statement" is remembered. And, while the blessed which had been forwarded, and deeming Saviour thus prays for this people, shall it of the greatest importance that I I give them up as hopeless and beyond should myself see the Commander, and recovery ? While he prepares a spi. give him further information respecting ritual feast for those objects of his suf- our situation, though it was the halfering, shall I not stand and appoint lowed day of rest, I was prevailed upon unto each “his portion of meat in due to go off to her. The sea was not good ; season?” My people shall be will- but a propitious Providence brought us ing in the day of his power.” There is through the surf in safety, though I a day of

power coming, a time of got wet to the skin at the outset. On extraordinary effusion of the Spirit, a getting on board, I found her to be Her pentecost, a Wesley age, a weight of Majesty's brig “Albatross," Commander divine influence. A brighter era is at Yorke, and all the officers on board rehand; and I believe these very convul- ceived me with the greatest kindness. sions are but its prelude; the morning The Commander told me that he had draweth nigh : hence, for a short time, received our report from the “Ranger ; the darkness increases.

But the great

and, being the senior officer on the staOrb, even the “Sun of Righteousness,” tion, he had come to see what assistance shall soon arise, and by an influence, he could render us. I told him of the though not irresistible, he shall draw the expected attack on the town, and a few eyes of the people from their“ vain idols” other circumstances of a threatening to himself; and, adoring the glories of character, and suggested that his prehis face, they shall be changed into the sence on shore, and that of two or three same image," from glory to glory, as by of the officers on board, and a declarathe Spirit of the Lord !” Then shall tion from him to the Chiefs personally, the people” be “ willing ;” and, as

that we

are Her Majesty's subjects, Noah's dove, they shall return to the though in Badagry, and he had come to ark of their salvation, each bearing the protect us; and that whoever molested “ olive branch of peace," and together us unlawfully, would be called to an beating their “swords into plough- account for it by himself, that such a shares,” and learning “ war no more !” statement would be of great benefit, and Then shall these temples of devils be would for the time, perhaps, until more demolished ; then shall witchcraft and active measures be taken, deter our superstition give way to the simplicity enemies from carrying out their evil of the Gospel! Then shall the unhal

purposes toward us.

He at once coinlowed music of the Fetish, and the un- cided with my views, and kindly conmeaning cries of its deluded worship- sented

accompany me.

Having, pers, be drowned and lost in those of, therefore, remained on board an hour or 6. God be merciful to me a sinner!” two, the Commander, the first Lieuteand the soul-reviving accents, “ Abba, nant, (Mr. Rivers,) and the ship's DocFather!” “My Lord and my God !” tor, (Mr. Kinnear,) descended with me O that, while angels hover over and into the canoe, and were borne in safety say of the returning sinner here, “Be.. to the shore. The greatest excitentens



imaginable prevailed throughout the mander was greatly annoyed, as we all town on our crossing the Lagoon, and were, at his deceitful and disrespectful landing in the Mission-yard. The omi- conduct. Having taken our seats under nous silence of the night, which it was the branches of a large tree in the yard, thought would only be broken by the Commander Yorke proceeded to tell him noise of battle, was chased away by the his object in visiting him. He had congratulating shouts of the crowds that heard that certain parties in the country thronged our premises. But though were preparing to annoy the English this was the case with the many, some residents, and that some of the Chiefs in there were who manifested evident symp- the town were disaffected toward them ; toms of sorrow, being

” with our

and he had come to make known to all enemies in their hearts.

whom it concerned, that if we were mo. We were joined at dinner by our lested, he would forth with proceed to pufriends of the Church Missionary So- nish the parties causing it; and he ciety, and have spent a happy day, further stated, that, if the Chiefs in though not such a Sabbath as I would Badagry injured us while we were living like always to spend.

peaceably amongst them, he would bring The Commander and Doctor went on the other vessels on the coast under his board again toward the evening, leaving command, in front of the town, and Lieutenant Rivers behind, who has just would burn and destroy all the houses, retired to his room under our humble and capture their persons, if possible, roof, I must confess, my feelings are and take them with him to sea. This rather different to-night from what they excited great consternation in the old were last night. But why should they Chief, and gave him to see that we were be? God is always the same, and is not so helpless as he imagined. He proever with us. But we still our bodies ceeded to ask what we had done, that feel.”

there was such a desire on the part of The Commander has promised to land so many to drive us away. Akrah deagain to-morrow morning, for the pur- clared that we had done no injury. I had pose of visiting the Chiefs. He is anxi. been here a long time, he said, and had ous to do everything in his power to aid always been his friend ; but he was very and protect us.

poor and hungry, and wanted to have a 8th.—This morning, before breakfast, Portuguese ship here. We told him Lieutenant Rivers and myself rode out that he might have a Portuguese ship, into the town, and paid a visit to Mawu, and Portuguese merchants ; that it was Akrah, and Possu. He had no idea that our work to recapture slaves, or the town was so large and populous. About break up slave-vessels. We asked him if ten o'clock, the Commander, accompanied we had ever interfered with him, or taken by Mr. Belam, the sailing-master, again away any of his slaves. He said, No; visited us. During the forenoon, the but as long as we live here, no Portu. latter took a sketch of our house and guese merchant would attempt to do so. premises, the appearance of which far Thus, although we did nothing violently, surpassed everything which they ex- or physically, to put down the trade, our pected to see at Badagry. Early in the being here was the same as if we did. morning we had sent our messengers to I believe in this he told the truth. The the Chiefs, informing them that at ten Commander added, that we were men of o'clock the gentlemen from the ship, peace, and he was the man that took the Queen's representative more parti- away the slaves ; and if any one wished cularly, would like to see them, when to raise a disturbance on that account, it they all consented to come. They also should be with him. assured us the same on our visit a few We next proceeded to see Possu, minutes after the messengers had left whom we found lying on his mat, appathem. But they never intended to do rently asleep. He was greatly abashed so, Wawu and Mobi excepted. Hence, on our standing suddenly before him, as having sent messenger after messenger, he doubtless thought that by keeping and waited until one o'clock, we thought from us he should escape much trouit proper to adopt another method, ble. The Commander, finding what and determined on visiting them our. spirit he was of, spoke to him yet more selves in their own houses. We first sharply than to Akrah, and assured him proceeded to Akrah's residence at the what the consequences would be, if he other end of the town, and fell suddenly raised his hand against us. He said upon him. We found him lying down, but very little more than declare, as he without having made the slightest pre- always does, his attachment to the Engparation to come to The Com. lish; but the proceedings of the morn



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