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selves. He has given a piece of land was, this person had come to see me, and without the walls of the town, and per- I had nothing to give her.” His' Ma. mission to cut wood.

jesty ordered his people three times to They are a very ignorant and self- seize and tie his son ; but they as often willed people; know nothing of common refused. Being vexed at this, the King decency; but think they are to come into seized him, in order to bind and flog your house, and even into your private him : he resisted; when the King, in room, whenever they please, stay as long a rage, threatened to shoot two of bis as they like, and that the King may slaves if they did not bind him. They take what he pleases. He has thus taken bound him, and the King proceeded to several benches, and cut them up for his inflict the punishment; which William own use. His wives, (he has only Sallah hearing, he went and remonstrated twenty-six !) I found, had appropriated with the King, and set the son at liberty. part of the Mission-house to themselves, Some time after this, the King had him and used it as a cook-house. His peo- again seized, carried into the bush, and ple have lounged and laboured, writing so severely flogged, that in a short time charms, &c., under the verandahs. I he sickened and died. Such is Paganhave attempted to reform some of these ism and Mahommedanism, among which things.

I now dwell! O may God arise, and We had service in the evening. Many make bare his holy arm in the conver. persons were present, and listened atten- sion of these souls ! tively whilst I addressed them. May 13th.-Some time ago, walking in the God the Holy Ghost accompany what bush, I saw the dress of Mumbo Jumbo was said with his blessing! When I hanging upon the branch of a tree. It had ceased, a Marabu commenced pray- is made of long strips of bark gathered ing for the King. They do this, because into a tuft at one end, which is beauti. they know he loves flattery, and will give fully ornamented, and fits, on the head them something.

of the wearer, the other part hanging 12th.—Last evening, after preaching, down to the ground, covering the entire I walked to Nyanimārū, for the purpose person. This formidable man is in the of having my tool-chest brought here. I town this evening. The King's wives, arrived there about ten P.M. Returning who are Mandingoes, are obliged to be by the light of the moon, I heard a wolf; there on pain of being punished by flogbut was conducted in safety by my gra- ging or death. I had an opportunity of cious God, and reached Ngabantang speaking of the folly of such practices to about two A.M.

one of the King's wives. At first she About ten A. M. the King sent a man said, (as all Mahommedans do,) “God with me, to show me where we were to has taught us these things: therefore they cut wood.

must be good.” Before we left her, I This evening the King killed a large trust she was convinced these things bullock, and sent a piece to me, and were not taught of God, but of Satan. another to the native Teacher. This Sunday, 15th.—This morning my spihe usually does when he kills one, which rits were ready to sink.

Work was is not very often.

going on as usual. The King was busy The King is a sanguinary being. Be- superintending the erection of a mudfore he left off drinking rum, he killed walled house for one of his wives, and three persons in bursts of anger; and said he could not come to the service. last year he killed another. Some time However, about an hour and a half after, since one of his sons had a woman, with to my great surprise, he came, accompawhom he cohabited, come to see him. nied by a number of his people. I emHe sent his people first to steal goats, braced the opportunity, and preached to and afterwards corn. The person from them ; after which I spoke to them on whom the corn was stolen traced it to the duty of observing the Sabbath. The the King's son, and went and informed King does not love plain dealing ; but His Majesty of the circumstance. The I hope, by divine help, to be enabled at latter summoned his people together, all times to be plain and pointed, but and inquired who had done this thing. prudent. They denied all knowledge of it. He Some time after, a Marabū came into then summoned the people of his son. my room, accompanied by a great number They acknowledged having stolen the of people. With him I discussed the claims things ; but said, their master had or- of Christianity and Mahommedanism, dered them to do so. The King then In the end, the Lord enabled me to concalled his son, and asked if this was fute him, and he was ashamed. I gave him

He said, “ Yes; and the reason an Arabic Bible. O that God may shine


upon the minds of all who were present; much of the sin committed may be and bless what was said to the salvation traced to rum-drinking. of their souls !

A Marabū, from Bambarra, who had 18th.-Letters from Macarthy's Island drunk freely of the rum, went to the inform me that Mr. Chapman has had a King, and said, “I am going to the severe attack of sickness; but, thank Minister to ask him for some rum. God, he is better. With the letters, I The King said, “Let no person hear you received a supply of food, which was say that word. When did you see the very acceptable, as I knew not whence Minister drink or sell rum ? and, my supper was to come. The Lord sending one of his attendants for a piece does provide !

of native cloth, he gave it to the MaEvening.-A native dancer is in the rabū, saying, “ Go where you can, and King's yard, dancing, &c. His dress is get rum ; but do not talk that word most grotesque, and the movements are here.” At first the King seemed to be nothing but exciting stampings, shout- ashamed; for he came, and called Wil. ings, and the most indecent gestures. liam Sallah out of the house, and asked I was afraid we should have no service; if I had heard the quarrelling, and said but the King came, as he said, to have anything about it; but to-day he called conversation with the Minister. I em- to converse with me on the subject, when braced the opportunity, and commenced it appeared to be pride rather than service. The drummer and dancer were shame; for when I mentioned to him left with few attendants, while we had a how he might prevent these baneful good congregation, and I felt the power effects, he was quite offended, and said, of the Lord of the harvest.

“ I am an old man,

and you are but a After the service the King came in little boy ; and yet you presume to teach and said he could not drive the dancers me. In the midst of these things, my from his yard; for, if he did, they would soul is kept in peace; for which I am “carry his name. As these persons

thankful to my gracious God. are like the bards of old, they would I have just been to the east end of the speak disrespectfully of him to other town. Over the gate the dress of MumChieftains and people: this he dreads. bo Jumbo is suspended. Without the How many, with far more light, for fear gate there was a native mill placed upon of the scoffs of the wicked, act upon no a low scaffold. It is covered with sen. better principles !

tences from the Koran, and is placed 19th. I do not understand the King. there as a charm to prevent war.

While Last night he promised to give me wood standing near this gate I saw, at a short to build a house. The wood, he well distance, several large and densely-popuknew, (I think,) was not to be procured, lated villages, which forcibly reminded as I have walked several miles through me of the eligibility of this place as a the bush to-day, during which I met Mission-station. I could not help rewith but a single tree. I now leave it, flecting that Mahommedanism, with all and wait to see how I am to proceed. its fatal errors, reigns there. May God I have committed my ways unto the Lord, arise, give energy to his truth, and save and I am sure he will direct my steps. these blood-bought souls from such

His Majesty is now sitting beneath delusions ! the verandah of our present dwelling. Evening.-Mumbo Jumbo is in the My interpreter says, “Santigiba is tell.

town. I hear the women singing; but ing his people you want him to build you I do not understand the words, nor does a large house; but if he is to buy hea- William Sallah ; and he says none know ven at that price, he will never have it. them but those who have to engage in He is a double-tongued man, saying one the dance. The singing is not unmusical. thing to you, and quite the reverse be- Some of the poor women, who are comhind your back.”

pelled to be there, have very good voices. 21st.-Last night there was a great I wish they were engaged in singing the disturbance at the town-well, where the high praises of God. I hope they will people were preparing mud for the walls be ere long, though at present they are of some houses. The King had re- scarcely ever seen in the house of prayer. ceived some rum as a present from a It is contrary to the customs of Matrader: this he gave to the workmen ; hommedans for the women to attend ; and the effects were, intoxication, quar- or, if they do, it must not be at the same relling, fighting, &c. So much for the time with the men. · influence of traders ! I am sorry to Sunday, 22d.— The King is displeased say, they are the most active agents the at what was said to him about rum. devil has in this part of the world ; for When William Sallah went to ask him ancestors. I found Mr. Chapman much better 3. If I do so, my parents will say I than I expected; but the medical gentle- have done wrong. man says he must not remain on the 4. If a person does not drink rum, Coast. He is in the Lord's hands, to steal, commit adultery, &c., but looks to whom the labourers, the field, and the the way of God and his own head, God fruits belong.



to come to the service, he said, " I wish have recourse to the ordeal of a red-hot to refuse ; and, further, one of my sons iron; and if any person is burnt in the has said a word that has pleased me very ordeal, he is accounted guilty, and usumuch; that is, ' If strangers come, and ally shot. will not walk in your way, but want to Singular mode of procuring a wife.change it, it would be best to drive them When a man wishes to take a wife, he out of the country.' Whether he will goes to some neighbouring town, and act upon this principle or not, I cannot observes the females. Having made his tell. I leave it with God, whose I am, selection, he mounts his horse, and, and whom I serve.

accompanied by several of his friends, Another Sabbath is gone! My mind well mounted, he lies in wait near the was much exercised before preaching town, and, on the appearance of the this evening. The King and people female, she is seized, and placed behind had gone to the east side of the town to the intended husband, who rides off, amuse themselves with feats of horse- as fast as possible, followed by the manship. On their return into the other horsemen. In this manner town, the drums commenced beating, female was brought into the town during and the people dancing. I was afraid my stay. we should have no service, and needed Foulah method of taking revenge.encouragement. God gave it. The King When one Foulah thinks himself incame, attended by a goodly company, to jured by another, he goes to the King, whom I spoke on the depravity of our and says, “Such a person has done so nature, &c.

and so :” (naming the person and A female, of the class of persons crime :) “I give him to you." called Ngelowāri, and considered higher King sends his people, and fixes the in rank than Kings, was present at the price of the supposed criminal at several service, both morning and evening. Af. slaves, or ten or twelve head of cattle. ter the evening service I had a long con. If the person refuses to pay this amount, versation with her on the nature of the he, and his wife and children, are either Christian religion, which afforded me an shot, or sold for slaves. Should the peropportunity of preaching Christ to her. son consent to pay the fine, the King

To-day I read ten or eleven chapters will allow him some time for this purof St. Matthew's Gospel to a Mandingo pose; but while the matter is pending, Marabū. He was very much pleased he is obliged to kill a bullock per day, with what he heard. May these truths to support the King's people. In this sink into his heart, and bring forth fruit manner are these timid people oppressed. to the glory of God!

A Mahommedan's reasons for not be25th.—Yesterday, to my great surprise, coming a Christian.-In a conversation two messengers arrived at Ngabantang, I had with a very aged Mahommedan, bringing the painful intelligence of Mr. he gave several reasons why he did not Chapman's severe illness. I was sorry embrace Christianity, of which the folto leave this degraded people, hard as it lowing is the substance :is to live among them : still, I trust, I 1. My father and mother taught me bowed in submission to the will of my to walk in the way of the Koran. I divine Master. I left last evening about sucked my religion with my mother's six o'clock, travelled all night, and ar- milk. rived at Macarthy's Island about seven 2. It is wrong to leave the way of our o'clock this morning.

must save him.

5. If, when I was young, I do wicked, CUSTOMS OF THE JALOOFS AND

but, when I am old, I hide my sins, FOULAHS.

and try to walk in the way of God and During my short residence at Nga- of his Prophet, I must go to heaven. bantang, I became acquainted with the (When shown the fallacy of these following circumstances illustrative of things, he said,) the customs of this people.

6. If my ancestors lead me wrong, Fiery ordeal.- In case of doubt, they they will bear the blame.


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