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step towards the increase of Christian day is suggested as the time for that union, it is acknowledged as a duty purpose. And that it be farther recomincumbent on all its members carefully mended that the week beginning with to abstain from pronouncing any uncha- the Lord's day in January each year, be ritable judgment upon those who do not observed by the members and friends of feel themselves in a condition to give it the Alliance throughout the world as a their sanction.

season for concert in prayer on behalf of 7. That the members of this Alli- the great objects contemplated by the ance earnestly and affectionately recom- Alliance. mend to each other in their own con- 10. That, in seeking the correction duct, and particularly in their own use of what the members of this Alliance of the press, carefully to abstain from, believe to be wrong in others, they deand to put away all bitterness, and wrath, sire, in humble dependence on the grace and anger, and clamour, and evil-speak- of God, themselves to obey, and by their ing, with all malice ; and in all things practice and influence to impress upon in which they may yet differ from each others, the command of Christ, to consi. other, to be kind, tender-hearted, forbear- der first the beam that is in their own ing one another in love, forgiving one ano- eye: that they will therefore strive to ther, even as God, for Christ's sake, promote, each in his own communion, a hath forgiven them ; in everything seek- spirit of repentance and humiliation for ing to be followers of God, as dear chil- its peculiar sins; and to exercise a doudren, and to walk in love, as Christ also ble measure of forbearance in reproving, has loved them.

where reproof is needful, the faults of 8. That, in subserviency to the those Christian brethren who belong to same great object, the Alliance will other bodies than their own. endeavour to exert a beneficial influence 11. That, when required by conon the advancement of evangelical Pro- science to assert or defend any views or testantism, and on the counteraction of principles wherein they differ from Chrisinfidelity, of Romanism, and of such tian brethren who agree with them in other forms of superstition, error, and vital truths, the members of this Alliance profaneness as most prominently will aim earnestly, by the help of the opposed to it, especially the desecration Holy Spirit, to avoid all rash or groundof the Lord's day; it being understood less insinuations, personal imputations, that the different branches of the Alli. or irritating allusions, and to maintain ance be left to adopt such methods of the meekness and gentleness of Christ, prosecuting these great ends, as may to by speaking the truth only in love. them appear most in accordance with 12. That, while they believe it their respective circumstances, all at the highly desirable that Christians of difsame time pursuing them in the spirit of ferent bodies, holding the Head, should tender compassion and love.

own each other as brethren by some such moting these and similar objects, the means as the Evangelical Alliance afAlliance contemplates chiefly the stimu. fords, the members of the Alliance dis. lating of Christians to such efforts as the claim the thought, that those only who exigences of the case may demand, by openly join this Society are sincere publishing its views in regard to them, friends to the cause of Christian union ; rather than accomplishing these views that, on the contrary, they regard all by any general organization of its own. those as its true friends who solemnly That Reports, Minutes, and other docu- purpose in their hearts, and fulfil that ments in promotion of the above objects, purpose in their practice, to be more be published by the Alliance at the time watchful in future against occasions of of its meetings, or by its order after- strife, more tender and charitable towards ; and that similar documents may wards Christians from whom they differ, be issued from time to time by its vari. and more constant in prayer for the ous branches, on their own responsibi. union of all the true disciples of Christ.

13. That the members of this Al. 9. That, as the Christian union liance, therefore, would invite, humbly which this Alliance desires to promote and earnestly, all Ministers of the Goscan only be obtained through the blessed pel, all conductors of religious publicaenergy of the Holy Spirit, it be recom- tions, and others who have influence in mended to the members present, and various bodies of Christians, to watch absent brethren, to make this matter the more than ever against sins of the heart, subject of simultaneous weekly petition or the tongue, or the pen, towards Chrisat the throne of grace, in their closets tians of other denominations; and to and families; and the forenoon of Mon- promote more zealously than hitherto a

In pro




spirit of peace, unity, and godly love Alliance by consent of all the district among all true believers in the Lord

organizations, or by a vote of a general Jesus Christ,

Conference; and to membership of any 14. That, since all the disciples of district organization, by such mode as Christ are commanded by the Holy Spi- each district organization may determine. rit to add to brotherly kindness love, and (3.) That the members of the Alliare bound to pray that all who profess ance be recommended to form district and call themselves Christians should be organizations in such manner as shall be led into the way of truth, it is earnestly most in accordance with the peculiar cirrecommended to the members of the cumstances of each district. Provided, Evangelical Alliance to offer special however, first, that neither the Alliance, prayer for all merely nominal Christians, nor the respective district organizations, as well as for Jews and Gentiles, shall be held responsible for the proceedthroughout the world.

ings of any district organization ; se15. That this Conference, earnestly condly, that no member of any district longing for the universal spread of organization shall, as such, be a member Christ's kingdom, devoutly praises God of the Alliance; and, thirdly, that whenfor the grace whereby, in late years, a district organization shall be evangelical Christians have been moved formed, the members of the Alliance to manifold efforts to make the Saviour within that district shall act collectively known to both Jew and Gentile, and in its formation. That, in furtherance faithful men have been raised up to un- of the above plan, it be recommended, dertake the toil: they would offer to all for the present, that a district organizaevangelical Missionaries their most fra. tion be formed in each of the following ternal congratulations and sympathy; districts ; namely, would hail the flocks they have been The United Kingdom of Great Brihonoured to gather as welcome and be- tain and Ireland. loved members of the household of God; The United States of America. and, above all, would implore the Head France, Belgium, and French Switof the church to shield his servants, to zerland. edify his rising churches, and, by out- The North of Germany. pourings of his Holy Spirit, to enlighten The South of Germany, and GerIsrael with the knowledge of the true man Switzerland. Messiah, and to bring the Heathen out British North America. of darkness into light. They would The West Indies. also record their confident hope, that And that additional district organi. their beloved Missionary brethren will zations be from time to time recognised strive more and more to manifest, before as such by the concurrence of any three the Israelite and other classes who know previously-existing branches. not the Redeemer, that union in their (4.) That an official correspondence blessed Lord, the spirit of which, this be maintained between the several disConference would gratefully acknow- trict organizations, and that reports of ledge, they have generally cherished. their proceedings be interchanged, with

16. The Resolutions finally adopted, a view to co-operation and encouragein relation to the general organization of ment in their common object. the Alliance, are as follows :

(5.) That a general Conference be (1.) That whereas brethren from the held at such time and place, and consist continents of Europe and America, as of such members of the Alliance, as, by well as in this country, are unable, with- correspondence between the district orout consultation with their countrymen, ganizations, and under the guidance of to settle all the arrangements for their divine Providence, shall hereafter be respective countries, it is expedient to determined by their unanimous concurdefer the final and complete arrange

Provided, first, that any member ment of the details of the Evangelical of the Alliance who was entitled to Alliance, of which the foundation has attend this Conference, and shall retain now been laid, till another general Con- his membership, shall be entitled to ference.

attend the next also ; and, secondly, (2.) That the Alliance consist of all that all questions relating to the convensuch inembers of this Conference, and ing of it shall be determined by such members and corresponding members of members only of the district organizathe divisions of the Provisional Com. tions as shall also be members of the mittee, as shall adhere to the principles Alliance. A Conference of any two or and objects of the Alliance. Persons more of the district organizations may be may be admitted to membership of the held by mutual agreement.



On Tuesday, August 18th, 1846, a ham chapel to such a happy termination. small, but commodious, chapel in the Look at the balance-sheet : above town was opened by the late resident Wesleyan Ministers of the Wind.

£ s. d. sor Circuit, the Rev. James Rosser and Subscriptions, Collections, John Fletcher; and the Worshipful the


184 0 1 Mayor of Maidenhead, John Higgs, Total Cost of Chapel, Esq. The collections amounted to Ground, Writings, &c. 180 8 7 £21. 6s. 6d. We give insertion to the above, in order that our readers may Balance in the hands of the applaud and emulate the zeal which has Treasurers

3 11 6 brought the enterprise in behalf of Cook


FROM THE CONTINENTAL ECIO. Our readers are aware that, through readers may judge of our surprise on the kindness of a Christian friend, we seeing in the “ Record,” of August were enabled to invite Czerski to Lon- 13th, two letters, impugning Czerski's don. On Friday, August 14th, he motives and principles, one of them arrived, accompanied by the Rev. A. signed by the gentleman we have Post, of Posen, of whom mention has alluded to. The substance of the been several times made in the “ Echo.” charges made against Czerski in this We thought ourselves fortunate that we letter were : 1. That he had not, in any were enabled also to make preparations German publication, repudiated the for placing Czerski under the care of the Leipsic Confession ; 2. That he refused Rev. R. H. Herschell, who could con- to withdraw from the body of the Gerverse freely with him in his own lan- man Catholics ; and, 3. That he was a guage, and could from experience sym- weak and vacillating man. Besides pathize with the feelings of a stranger's these charges against Czerski, we were heart. Towards the latter end of Au- blamed for exaggerating the importance of gust we received two letters, containing this new Reformation, and especially for several charges against Czerski, impugn- stating, in our June Number, that “God, ing his doctrinal views and moral cha. we believe, is in the movement. In a racter. One of the letters was private; subsequent letter to the same paper, the the other we were urged by the writer to public are assured, by the same writer, publish, in order that he might “not be that “all Germany seems to feel little reduced to the necessity of addressing concern or interest in it." the Christian public through the medium With regard to Czerski and the Leipof some other journal.”

sic Confession, the charge is, that « Had not this letter arrived at too late deputation from Berlin had lately been a period of the month, we should have sent to Czerski, to seek to prevail on him published it, because it came to to renounce the Confession of the Counthrough the hands of a venerable and cil of Leipsic, to withdraw from the honoured servant of Christ, an Episco- body of the German Catholics, and to palian Clergyman,--who expressed his unite himself with a purer church ; but anxiety that “ Czerski should stand fair that he, after much vacillation, had in the eye of the public.” But coming refused.” Now, we assert that Czerski, too late, we were glad to be excused at the very first, repudiated the Leipsic uttering mere hearsay condemnation, and Confession, and that he has ever since to defer its publication till Czerski had continued to repudiate it in the face of arrived, and an investigation had taken all Germany. In proof of these asserplace. Subsequently, we saw the writer tions, we will first refer our readers to of this letter, and promised that he the testimony of Dr. Merle D'Aubigné. should have an opportunity of confront. When in England, at a public breakfast, ing Czerski immediately on his arrival, speaking of the German Catholic movewhen a full investigation should take ment, the celebrated historian of the place of all the charges made against Reformation said, “A friend of mine him. After this arrangement, asked me to give him my opinion on the




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movement which is now going forward full and entire apostolic symbol, in in Germany. In the new German aught else than in resolving, in the exerCatholic Church there are these two par- cise of Christian charity, to stand by and ties: there are some who are nothing with each other against the encroachelse but Rationalists, and among them I ments of Rome, and in opposing, with fear we must reckon the most prominent united effort, all human traditions. man of the movement. These persons Any adliesion to other articles of the have made, in a Council at Leipsic, in Leipsic faith could never be thought of; Saxony, a Confession of faith : they will as we had already come forward with our not have the old Confession, not even the Confession of Faith, (which is the ChrisApostles' Creed. But they have made a tian confession,) declaring before all the very short mutilated Confession, where world our resolution, by the grace of they say only of Jesus, that he is the

God, never to depart from it.” Son of God. Now, that is not enough What becomes of the first part of this in Germany, where the Rationalists say, accusation, put forth so prematurely on Jesus is one Son of God, it is true; the eve of Czerski's arrival ? Should but we, we are all, also, the sons of our readers wish for further evidence on God.' I cannot say, that the Lord will this point, we confidently refer them to not bring these new Catholics to a better the many documents bearing Czerski's state; but, at present, their Confession signature, which have from time to time is not a true Christian one. But there appeared in our pages, and lastly to his is another party of German Catholics, at letter to Mr. Herschell, which we subthe head of whom is Mr. Czerski, who join. have declared that they will hold to the As to his refusal to withdraw from the essential doctrines of Christianity, and body of the German Catholics, we think have made a protest against the poor our last extract places that charge on its Confession of Faith of the Council of right footing; and we need not stop to Leipsic."

inquire how it happens that, in EngThis was spoken in July, 1845. Let land, men, evangelical and anti-evangeus now refer to the Circular Letter lical, may unite in useful, benevolent, issued by Czerski in March last, and pube and, in some cases, Christian objects, lished in the Continental Echo. We may with impunity, while a convert from the premise that Czerski put forth this Cir- Romish Church, just emerging from cular in consequence of the assertion of its thickest darkness, is to be branded as his enemies, that he had apostatized a heretic for not practising a more rigid from the truth as it is in Jesus. He

system of social intercourse. says:

Next as to Czerski's “refusing. « God is our witness that we have not to unite himself with a purer church.” diverged a single step from our faith and Is it, indeed, true that Czerski's repudiaour confession; but that we are still, to tion of vital doctrinal error could not be the fullest extent, your Christian bre- reckoned valid unless accompanied by thren in the apostolic communion, the the adoption of a particular form of partners of your faith, and the sharers of church government? Having become your confession. No! The world has united to Christ by living faith, was he neither gold nor cross sufficiently heavy not to choose for himself in all minor to lead us astray, or tempt us to lay matters ? Was he to violate his conanother foundation, or to build on ano- science, and become again a slave ? ther corner-stone than that which is laid, Accusers of Czerski, on such grounds, even Jesus Christ, the only-begotton Son listen to the Master! « And John of God; 'for other foundation can no answered and said, Master, we saw one man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus casting out devils in thy name; and we Christ.” (1 Cor. iii. 11.)......... We have forbade him, because he followeth not been termed servile, because we have

with us.

And Jesus said unto him, submitted our spirits to Christ; because Forbid him not: for he that is not we could not bring ourselves to pass over against us is for us. any of his revealed doctrines in silence; And now as to our having exaggebecause we paid due honour to the uni- rated the importance of the movement. versal Christian symbol, as being essen- In the middle of last year, a document tially one with our own belief.”

issued from the Cabinet of the King of Again, speaking of the grounds on Prussia, in which is the following senwhich those charges were made, he tence :-" The movement now agitating says :

the bosom of the Roman Catholic “ Neither in Rawicz nor in Leipsic Church appeals justly to the public did I unite with those who rejected the interest, and claims the most serious


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attention, and the most prudent mea. Frankfort-on-the-Maine, stated at the sures, on the part of Government."

investigation, that he had always found Again : Austria has enacted penal Czerski bear a decided testimony against statutes against the German Catholics; infidelity and Popery, by distinctly conHanover, Saxony, and other States have fessing his faith in the divinity of Christ, officially recognised the importance of &c. ; and M. Bonnet stated, moreover, the movement; and are we now to be that Dr. Pinkerton visited Schneidetold that we have exaggerated it ? If a mühl, and found a number of truly conconnected chain of deceivers have scat- verted persons who were studying the tered themselves over all Germany, and Scriptures, and who were ready to give have combined to print, to publish, to up their lives for Czerski. organize churches and appoint Ministers, An interesting meeting was held on to promulgate false official returns, and the 26th inst., at Connaught-place, in draw up false maps, then we have exag- the house of Captain Trotter, of Dyrgerated the movement. But this is a ham-Park, for the purpose of giving matter of statistics, of which we may say Czerski the right hand of fellowship, and more hereafter.

of offering up earnest prayer on his Undoubtedly there is in the movement behalf. It was attended by about much of man; but we think we can seventy persons. therein trace above human instrumental- At the time we write, another meeting ity the finger of God; the providential has been announced to greet the Redealings of Him whose thoughts are not former of Schneidemühl, and afford him as our thoughts, but who worketh all an opportunity of giving an account of things according to the counsel of his the present state of the Reform movewill. We believe that it is one of those ment in Germany. events which will hereafter be promi. An instructive moral might be drawn nently seen in its appropriate place in from the circumstances connected with this world's history, and will be marked Czerski's reception in London. This we

an epoch in the struggle between shall not attempt, lest we should wound Christ and antichrist. But, here again, the heart of any brother, however erring, we are content to be in error with the at a season consecrated to the harmony historian of the Reformation, who said, of fraternal intercourse, and the charities when in England, “ We have come to a of Christian love.

There is now commencing a Before concluding this article, we new Reformation,—the Reformation of would offer two practical suggestions. the nineteenth century. We have seen 1. We understand Czerski is anxious to in the last year, and, indeed, within the take back with him a printing-press. A last month, events such as have not printing-press devoted Christian taken place for centuries.”

purposes in benighted Schneidemühl! Since the above remarks were written, Need we ask if this wish will be gratia most searching investigation has taken fied ? 2. Should not a deputation from place on the subject at the house of Sir the Evangelical Alliance accompany Culling Eardley Smith, Bart., and in Czerski on his return, and visit the the presence

several Ministers and infant churches ? They would be well gentlemen : the Rev. E. Bickersteth, at received, would be useful, and would the conclusion, addressed Czerski in an represent, not this or that sect, but the affectionate and touching manner, stat- entire church. ing, that, though, on one occasion, there appeared to have been some indecision and vacillation in his manner of dealing

TO THE REV. RIDLEY H. with Rongé, yet that he had distinctly

HERSCHELL. asserted, in trying circumstances, his cordial belief in the doctrine of the Tri- DEAR SIR,—As there have been nity. The charges against him ap- such strange reports spread in this counpeared greatly relieved and cleared up try relative to our views of Christian by the investigation, and it was heartily doctrine, and our efforts in Germany, trusted that his visit to this country you express a wish to receive from our would be much blessed to his increase own lips our opinions in regard to the of knowledge and greater stability, and, fundamental doctrines of Christianity. consequently, to his wider usefulness We feel the more bound to give you, in among his countrymen.

a few words, our Christian convictions, The charges against Czerski's moral because, at our coming to London as character have been most satisfactorily strangers, you received us with true disproved. The Rev. M. Bonnet, of Christian love, and have given us many

new era.


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