Some Things Matter, Some Things Don't: 30 Chats About Life

Rich Brott, 2007 - 192 páginas
In the big picture of life, some things really matter and some things really don't matter. Try to keep everything in perspective and live for what matters in the end. It matters that you learn to let God be your best friend in the world. Other people may fail you, but He never will. It matters that you keep the Ten Commandments. God gave you these rules to follow because He loves you and wants you to have the best life possible. It matters that you learn to view yourself as God views you. He absolutely thinks the world of you and He made you the way that you are for a special reason. It matters that you learn to resist the lies of compromise. What have you gained if you've enjoyed everything the world has to offer, but have lost your soul in the process? If you've lost your soul you have lost all that there is to lose. It matters that you learn to fight the enemy! Live with your armor on. Be a warrior and not a wimp. Give it all you've got and do damage to the devil's camp. Bottom line, having God say Well done good and faithful servant is what matters in the end!

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Driven By the God Obsession 17
Love Rules 51
View Yourself As God Views You 81
Resist the Lies of Compromise 115
Kick the Devil to the Curb 149
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