To Create Muscle Shoals Corporation of the United States: Hearings Before the Committee on Agriculture and Forestry, United States, Senate, Seventy-second Congress First Sesson on S.J. Res. 15, a Joint Resolution to Provide for the National Defense by the Creation of a Corporation for the Operation of the Government Properties at and Near Muscle Shoals in the State of Alabama, to Authorize the Letting of the Muscle Shoals Properties Under Certain Conditions and for the Disposal of the Muscle Shoals Properties by the United States. February 16, 19, and 24, 1932


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Página 1 - Shall have such powers as may be necessary or appropriate for the exercise of the powers herein specifically conferred upon the Corporation.
Página 1 - States, appoint such managers, assistant managers, officers, employees, attorneys, and agents, as are necessary for the transaction of its business, fix their compensation, define their duties, require bonds of such of them as the board may designate, and provide a system of organization to fix responsibility and promote Efficiency.
Página 2 - States, counties, municipalities, corporations, partnerships, or individuals, according to the policies hereinafter set forth; and to carry out said authority, the board is authorized to enter into contracts for such sale for a term not exceeding twenty years, and in the sale of such current by the board it shall give preference to States, counties, municipalities, and cooperative organizations of citizens or farmers, not organized or doing business for profit, but primarily for the purpose of supplying...
Página 1 - To cooperate with National, State, district, or county experimental stations or demonstration farms, for the use of new forms of fertilizer or fertilizer practices during the initial or experimental period of their introduction.
Página 1 - May purchase or lease and hold such real and personal property as it deems necessary or convenient in the transaction of its business...

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